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Ilya Shambat

Sep 20, 2021, 6:22:00 PMSep 20
There is tenderness
In your heart
It is daisies and clovers on a bright summer day
Sharing emanations from their warm soft petals with heaven.
There is tenderness
In your mind
Waves that envelop and lap and froth over
Glaciers that touch the mountains and hide them from the heat.
All this tenderness
All this tenderness
That you give
Is like clouds on a summer day
Is like meadows in which flowers blossom
Is like wings of butterflies on a fressia
Is like cloud-white lilies in a country pond.
This is tenderness.
That you give to me in your eyes
That you impress on me with your fingers
That you touch to my face with your soft and bounteous lips.
In your breasts
Is eternal tenderness
That will call of itself to me
Until I can bear no longer
Until I can be no longer
Until I shout out to you
In ecstasy
For your love.
There is tenderness
In your eyes
That is skies hanging over
And holding the earth in their soft blue embrace.
In your soul
There is endless tenderness
Spilling over like a symphony
And enveloping the earth.
So much tenderness
So much tenderness
That it reaches the stars
And takes them away from their self-satisfaction
And says, look at us, heal us, enrich us, give us your love.
I don't know how much tenderness
Can a single heart carry
It must be overflowing
And shattering against the ribcage
Breaking against the self.
Your tenderness
Is a natural force
That intensifies for as long as we exist
And lives forever.
In your tenderness
In all of your tenderness
Is the essence of nature
Is the secret of all eternity
Is the incarnation of life.
And for all of your tenderness
For all of this tenderness
I will kiss the ground you walk on
I will fall on my knees before you
I will tremble before you
Like a tree shivering in the wind.

Ilya Shambat
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