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Disbasing Zen Stories

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Toxic Zen Story #21: Nuremberg Zen, Green Dragon Zen and Physical Zen in Israel, from David Ben Gurion to Ariel Sharon.

| 'in 1953 the IDF created a new elite unit
| known as Unit 101 commanded by Major Ariel Sharon,
| the current Prime Minister of Israel (Unit 101 was
| also the unit of co-author Avi Nardia's father).
| The unit was tasked with infiltrating enemy lines
| and launching devastating raids. Since the unit
| was closely modeled after Pal'mach, the hand-to-
| hand combat training continued to be referred to
| as Kapap.' - Jim Wagner and Major Avi Nardia

But now we see what their very first mission was ...

. 'October 1953 - IDF paratrooper unit 101 under
. Ariel Sharon killed 69 civilians and destroyed a
. great deal of property in a raid on the Jordanian
. village of Qibieh. The raid was a reprisal for a
. raid on Tirat Yehuda. ' - Mideast Timeline

____ Background for Toxic Zen Stories _____________________

____ Introduction ________________________________________

In an article about the evolution of Zen in Europe:

| 'Prof. Eugen Herrigel, who had been in close
| contact with Ohasama in Heidelberg, approached Zen
| via kyudo during his stay in Japan (1924 - 1929)
| and wrote "Die ritterliche Kunst des
| Bogenschiessens", (The gallant Art of Archery) in
| 1936. His famous book "Zen in the Art of Archery"
| was edited in 1953. Herrigel tended towards Nazism
| (cf. his inaugural lecture at Erlangen University,
| 1935) and wasn't overly interested in setting up a
| religious practice group. '

In the article "Varieties of Moral Aestheticism" on the Friesian website:

. 'Note the coincidence of German and Japanese
. moral aestheticism in Eugen Herrigel's Zen in the
. Art of Archery, a classic of Zen and martial arts
. by a philosophy professor who would shortly return
. to Germany and become a supporter of Hitler. Thus,
. R.J. Zwi Werblowsky points out:
. "And the man who wrote one of the best-
. sellers on Zen (Zen in the Art of Archery)
. which was eagerly gobbled up all Zen-
. enthusiasts, Eugen Herrigel, was a convinced
. Nazi and follower of Hitler. Can you be a
. genuine Zen disciple, or claim to have
. experienced enlightenment, and at the same
. time follow a 'leader' who murdered millions
. of human beings in gas chambers? [The Center
. Magazine, March/April 1975]" '

| 'The answer to Werblowsky's question is
| definitely "yes," as D.T. Suzuki himself wrote in
| 1938:
| "Zen has no special doctrine or
| philosophy, no set of concepts or intellectual
| formulas, except that it tries to release one
| from the bondage of birth and death, by means
| of certain intuitive modes of understanding
| peculiar to itself. It is, therefore,
| extremely flexible in adapting itself to
| almost any philosophy and moral doctrine as
| long as its intuitive teaching is not
| interfered with. It may be found wedded to
| anarchism or fascism, communism or democracy,
| atheism or idealism, or any political or
| economic dogmatism. It is, however, generally
| animated with a certain revolutionary spirit,
| and when things come to a deadlock -- as they
| do when we are overloaded with
| conventionalism, formalism, or other cognate
| isms -- Zen asserts itself and proves to be a
| destructive force." [Zen and Japanese Culture,
| Princeton, 1973, p. 63]'
| 'In this description, Heidegger's moral
| aestheticism meets that of bushido, and there is
| absolutely nothing to suggest that Eugen Herrigel
| should not find an appropriate "destructive force"
| in the "revolutionary spirit" of Hitler's National
| Socialism.. '

In Toxic Zen Story #19, we saw how Eugen Herrigel created an astonishing hoax in relating his story of enlightenment with Awa, the Kyujutsu (his variant of Kyudo Archery) master, in Japan. All of it turned out to be based on misunderstandings, and out and out lying by Herrigel (who even lied about which University he taught at in Japan).

In Toxic Zen Story #20, we see Eugen Herrigel lighting the match for the Holocaust at the Philosophy Department at Erlangen University near Nuremberg, along with his alter ego, Julius Streicher and his friends in the Theology Department: Werner Elert and Paul Althaus. The "Erlangen Report" produced by those bright lights was the source of the Nuremberg Laws, which led to Kristallnacht, which led to Auschwitz.

Julius Streicher was hung at the Nuremberg War Crime Trials, and the Nazis of Academia walked free, including Eugen(ics) Herrigel, to publish his incredibly erroneous slander of Buddhism, "Zen in the Art of Archery", first in 1948, and then infecting the entire world.

____ Toxic Zen Story ______________________________

Nuremberg Zen, Green Dragon Zen and Physical Zen were to find a new home, as well as other variants of Zen, in Israel.

The founder of the State of Israel was David Ben Gurion, who had many grave responsibilities to deal with during his career. These responsibilities created tension, which required a ... certain release ...

David was an avid student of Zen. He was constantly reading popular Zen books of the times, which included Shuei Ohasama's book "Zen. Der lebende Buddhismus in Japan" (Zen. The living Buddhism in Japan), published in 1925, in academic circles, D.T. Suzuki's many books, Martin Heidegger, the publications in German by Paul Carus in the early 1900s. and of course, Eugen Herrigel's 1948 book in German, "Zen in der Kunst des Bogenschiessens", Zen in the Art of Archery. He was only seeking a way to release the stresses and strains of starting a new county ...

From "David Ben Gurion in Jewish History" by Adele Grubart:

| 'While accomplishing all these tasks, the
| dynamic Ben Gurion still found time to devote to
| various studies ranging from languages, botany,
| agriculture, animal husbandry, and Zen Buddhism in
| addition to other disciplines. '

From "What Draws Christians and Jews to Buddhism?", a talk with Donna Denman on October 12, 1997, at Alumni Hall, University of Dayton:

| 'Eric replied that David Ben Gurion was
| attracted to Buddhism and engaged in some Buddhist
| practices. He felt no conflict between Judaism and
| Buddhism. '

The reasons that Zen Buddhism is not felt to conflict with other disciplines and traditions is that although it appears to be utterly irrelevant to your life, Zen basically undermines all other disciplines and traditions over time at such a basic level, that no one really sees it. But your life notices, and every other life around you notices.

The purpose of Zen in the world is to caustically work away at reducing everything it touches to emptiness, with the exception of those things that cannot be undermined, or corrupted, like the Buddha's compassion. Everything else will ultimately be reduced to rubble, if the effects of toxic Zen infection are left unchecked. All that is false is corrupted, and evils revealed, and amplified incredibly by the presence of the void, in the mind of Bodhidharma and the Zen disciple.

Examples are: the Catholic Priesthood and abuse (Father Thomas Merton and Christian Zen), the Jesuits and the Inquisition (Frances Xavier and the Japanese Jesuits), the Lutherans and Tolerance (Elert and Althaus and the Erlangen Report), Germany and order (Haushofer, Hitler, Streicher, Herrigel), every martial arts discipline, every modern military, paramilitary and terrorist force, police forces, prison guards, gangs ... the list goes on and on. Now every movie and television show has a Physical Zen stunt and fight coordinator, or a Zen twist of some kind. It's everywhere, undermining everything.

Zen crept into Israel initially with the Kibbutzes. The Kibbutz movement was started in the late 1800's by European Jews (Ashkenazim), who although they had a mostly closed culture in European societies, were highly academic in the sciences, music, mathematics and philosophy. In this same academic manner, they contacted Zen in Europe through the same works listed above that Ben Gurion read, particularly those that existed in the early 1900s (D.T. Suzuki and Paul Carus). There was also the ever-present martial arts training, for the self-protection that is the responsibility of every kibbutznik. The martial arts are all based on Physical Zen (see Toxic Zen Story #7, 8, 9 and 10 for details).

As in this web article on life in the Kibbutz ...

| 'Living Quarters'
| 'The kibbutz had a gymnasium -- which was
| actually the first dining hall of the kibbutz, put
| up at the time of its founding, with tin roof and
| walls -- and I used to practice karate there which
| I had learnt at the University. Other members got
| interested in it, and a person called Dan, who
| taught karate in Jerusalem, and who knew one of
| the members, was invited to come and teach it,
| which he agreed to do. He belonged to a school of
| karate which did not accept any money for
| teaching, and that was more in keeping with the
| philosophy of the kibbutz. He said his teacher,
| who was in England, and who was, according to him,
| the best proponent of the art he had ever known,
| would come and give lessons if his air fare to
| Israel and back was paid at least partly by the
| kibbutz. The kibbutz agreed and his teacher, O-
| sensei Terry Dukes, Fourth dan black belt holder
| in Mu-Shin-Do Karate-Do, came and gave some
| lessons. I found out that he was a Zen Buddhist
| Monk and knew the Ven. Sangharakshita, whom I had
| known when I was growing up in India. I also
| considered him the best proponent of the art I
| have ever seen, and adopted this style of karate
| which I have been practising ever since. Many of
| the youngsters on the kibbutz learnt the art with
| varying degrees of proficiency.'

... then, right after this series of Zen encounters ...

| 'The Yom Kippur War'
| 'On October 6, 1973, the Yom Kippur War broke
| out. I was on the kibbutz for the weekend and
| heard about it first on Yom Kippur at about 2.00
| p.m. Naturally most of the male adults were
| conscripted, and this left Tsor'ah with very few
| men. I was not called up, not being an Israeli
| citizen, but of course I took up a large part of
| the load of looking after the sheep branch, along
| with Abu Yussuf, who was also not called up. In
| fact it was mostly Abu Yussuf, Lillah and I who
| were running the sheep branch for a while. The
| University closed down, so there was no point
| going there any more, and I stayed on the kibbutz
| for quite a while.'

So, a war didn't stop the growth of Zen. Oh, no ...

| 'Attitude to Travel Abroad'
| 'There are many fine points even about -- say
| -- Hassidism, or Rabbinical theology, what to
| speak of Zen, or Sufism, or Gurdjieff, which
| deserve the appreciation and study of the
| kibbutzniks; and moreover, the right spiritual
| goal of life, namely, to know the Truth, is
| something that does not need reading; it is
| something to be pursued within oneself. To deny --
| or even to discourage -- people from this cannot,
| I think, be considered right. Of course it is true
| that one whose mind is firmly set on the spiritual
| goal will pursue it no matter what the opposition;
| and moreover there will be opposition in almost
| any society to such a one; but nevertheless it is
| necessary also, to some extent at least, that in
| one way or another encouragement rather than
| discouragement should be afforded people with this
| kind of bent of mind. For it has also to be
| accepted that this is not likely to be for
| everyone, or indeed even for most people.'

People will seek the truth. The problem is, they find whatever they stumble across first, no matter how poisonous what they've found is. And that is their destiny. Clinging to that evil, once you know better, is a choice you make that has much greater and more immediate impact.

Many incursions have been made by the Zen priests of Japan into Israel, Soen Roshi in the late 1960s and early 1970s, and Kyudo Roshi in the late 1970s and early 1980s. They were welcomed with open arms.

These people are from the same Green Dragon Society Zen that was practiced by General Karl Haushofer, who was the mentor of Adolf Hitler while he wrote Mein Kampf in prison. Does not anyone see anything wrong or dangerous in this?

Practicing of many religions by Jews in Israel, such as Islam and Christianity are frowned upon as being disloyal. But practicing Zen is considered OK, and I'm sure that David Ben Gurion gets the credit for that mistaken view.

On a website called "Jewish Law Commentary - Examining Halacha, Jewish Issues, and Secular Law", there is an article named "A Sad Sermon" by Rabbi Avi Shafran:

| 'No Jew in Israel, moreover, is prevented in
| any way from living as a Reform Jew - or as a
| secular Jew, or as a Zen Buddhist. The Reform and
| Conservative movements are entirely free to try to
| attract Israelis to their theologies and practices
| and have made great efforts to do so.'

Indeed, the evil of Zen is really the only other religion which can be practiced by Jews in Israel, without raising any issues whatsoever. Does anyone see an irony here?

Here are some excerpts from an interview on Australian Radio, of a Zen Roshi [priest] named Gil Alon, by radio host Rachael Kohn:

| 'Rachael Kohn: Gil, you're from Israel, and I
| wondered how much Buddhism has made inroads into
| Israel?'
| 'Gil Alon: Well the spiritual trend in Israel
| is extremely big, and wherever you go, everyone is
| into meditation, reiki, aromatherapy massage,
| self-development, New Age stuff, whatever you
| want. So it's a secular country, everyone can
| practice whatever he wants, so it's there.'
| 'Rachael Kohn: Do you find any unusual
| affinities between Zen Buddhism and Judaism?'
| 'Gil Alon: Well as far as I understood from my
| other studies, when you go into the roots, the
| crystal root of the philosophies of the religions,
| they come to the same point from different angles.
| And for me this is the same, yes.'
| 'Rachael Kohn: Did you find the Zen koans or
| the Zen stories have any similarities to Jewish
| stories?'
| 'Gil Alon: Yes, I mean if you are familiar
| with the stories of Bal Shem Tov and the Rabbi
| Nakhman of Braslav, they are Zen stories, they are
| Zen koans in a way. And I think one book of the
| Bible, I hope I can pronounce it correctly in
| English, in Hebrew it's ...'
| 'Rachael Kohn: Ecclesiastes.'
| 'Gil Alon: Yes. So this is a Zen book.'
| 'Rachael Kohn: What's the quality, say of
| Ecclesiastes, which makes you see it as a Zen
| document?'
| 'Gil Alon: First of all this is my point of
| view, and second, I think it's a tricky book and
| it's up to you because you can choose to read it
| optimistic and you can choose to read it
| pessimistic. And it's up to you.'

At the present time, Zen is seen as more and more integral to Israeli life. There are dojos in every major city from down in Eilat on the Red Sea, up to Haifa near Lebanon. There are martial arts training centers everywhere, and some of those are Zendos, as well.

Physical Zen's incursion into Israel by way of the martial arts began with the Notrim (guards) and centers around Pal'mach and its evolution.

From the article "Inside the martial arts of the Israeli Military" by Jim Wagner and Major Avi Nardia:

| 'Although there has always been a remnant of
| Jews living in the Holy Land for the past 1,932
| years, they have been under constant subjugation
| by foreign powers: the Byzantines, the Arabs, the
| Crusaders, again the Arabs, and the Ottomans (the
| Turks). The Ottoman Empire (1300 – 1918) ruled
| over both the indigenous Jews and Arabs in the
| region until their defeat in World War I (1914 –
| 1918) and the implementation of the British
| Mandate of 1919. In this same year the Jews formed
| an underground army known as the Haganah (the
| Hebrew word for defense) to deal with the ongoing
| conflict with Arab gangs, and in anticipation of
| the creation of a Jewish state promised to them by
| the British in the Balfour Declaration. Yet,
| despite the popularity of the Zionist movement and
| increased Jewish immigration, statehood was slow
| in the making. Instead the colonial powers allowed
| the local police to form an elite unit called the
| Notrim (guards) to defend isolated Jewish
| agricultural settlements against marauding Arabs,
| and to quell ongoing racial riots steadily growing
| in the urban centers.'
| 'Although the Notrim was successful at
| protecting the small outposts, they were not as
| effective in handling the deadly city riots, or
| pursuing the enemy back behind their own lines. A
| Haganah officer named Yitzhak Sadeh (considered
| the father of the Israeli Special Forces),
| understood the police unit's shortcomings and
| formed a new army unit called the Nodedot
| (wanderers).'
| 'When World War II (1939 – 1945) brought
| British forces once again into global conflict
| (against the Axis powers of Germany, Japan, and
| Italy) the need for oil was paramount. However,
| this rare commodity was threatened by German
| troops advancing eastward in North Africa and many
| Arab tribes openly siding with the Nazis.
| Reluctant at first, the British turned once again
| to Jewish fighters and formed the first official
| Israeli Special Forces unit on May 14, 1941 known
| as Pal'mach (a Hebrew acronym for Plugot Machatz,
| which means strike platoon).'
| 'The original number of personnel sanctioned
| for Pal'mach training under British supervision
| was only suppose to be 1,000 fighters, but the
| Haganah overstepped their bounds and trained
| roughly 3,000 men in preparation for a future
| Jewish army to be used after the war.'
| 'The training that the Pal'mach commandos
| received was called Kapap (Hebrew acronym for Krav
| Panim l'Panim, face-to-face combat). The word
| "krav" is also translated commonly as "fight."
| Kapap was not one system, but a mixture of
| rigorous physical conditioning, firearms and
| explosives training, radio communications,
| wilderness survival training, combat first aid and
| foreign language courses (the enemy languages of
| German and Arabic). The hand-to-hand combat
| training was a combination of Western fighting
| systems such as boxing (London Prize Ring Rules),
| Greco-Roman wrestling, and standard British
| military knife and baton training. At this time
| there was no one single vocabulary word or term
| used for the self-defense techniques in the
| program, Kapap was an all inclusive term.'
| 'The Pal'mach's three combat brigades went on
| to assist the British military in a variety of
| victorious campaigns: the invasion of Vichy (the
| pro-Nazi French government) Lebanon and Syria,
| espionage missions in Jordan, and fighting
| alongside the British SAS (Special Air Service) in
| the Balkans.'
| 'When the war ended, so did the Jewish-British
| cooperation. The Jews expected the Brits to hold
| up their end of the bargain for a homeland. When
| it was apparent that the deal would not go through
| the Pal'mach used guerilla tactics against the
| British military and police installations. There
| were also terrorist attacks carried out by the
| Jewish ran Stern Gang and Irgun, but they were
| strongly condemned by the Haganah.'
| 'The newly formed United Nations (formed in
| 1945) knew that it was only a matter of time
| before an all out war between the Jews and Arabs
| would break out when the frustrated British
| vacated, so they tried to intervene by
| partitioning the region – a Jewish state on the
| west side of the Jordan River and an Arab state on
| the east side of the river (today's Jordan). When
| the British lowered the Union Jack and left the
| region, the Jews declared their Independence on
| May 14, 1948. Hours later the forces of Jordan,
| Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Syria and the Palestinians
| within attacked the newborn nation of Israel. The
| unofficial-turned-legitimate Haganah faced its
| greatest challenge and was officially renamed the
| Tzava Haganah Le'Yisrael (transliteration army
| defense to Israel or known in English as the
| Israel Defense Force or IDF ). In the War of
| Independence the Israelis managed to not only
| survive, though greatly outnumbered and poorly
| equipped, but went on to form one of the most
| respected militaries in the world.'
| 'In 1949 the Pal'mach was disbanded due to
| political considerations, but in 1953 the IDF
| created a new elite unit known as Unit 101
| commanded by Major Ariel Sharon, the current Prime
| Minister of Israel (Unit 101 was also the unit of
| co-author Avi Nardia's father). The unit was
| tasked with infiltrating enemy lines and launching
| devastating raids. Since the unit was closely
| modeled after Pal'mach, the hand-to-hand combat
| training continued to be referred to as Kapap.'

Unit 101 which was formed by Ariel Sharon, became the owner of the Kapap school of the martial arts which led to the creation of Krav Maga (below), which draws from many sources in traditional martial arts, which are based upon Zen (see Toxic Zen Story #7, 8, 9, and 10).

This makes Ariel Sharon not just, in actuality, a Roshi or Zen priest, and actually, the patriarch or founder of a Zen school. When you see him talk, there is an occult kind of glow, a shining darkness that was most astounding when he was on the Temple Mount in September of 2000, which instigated an enormous uprising as a reaction ... a shining darkness that we've seen before in people like Yasser Arafat.

The article continues the historic evolution ...

| 'Having achieved great success in only six
| months of existence, the unit's role was expanded
| and they were merged into the 890th paratroopers
| and commissioned Unit 202.'
| 'In 1957, the ultra-secret Special Forces unit
| named Sayeret Mat'kal (Unit 216) was formed by
| intelligence officer Avraham Aran who modeled it
| after the British SAS. In the 1970s this unit
| gained worldwide fame after a series of
| spectacular counterterrorist operations, the most
| famous of which was Operation Thunderball July 3-
| 4, 1976 (known in the U.S. as the Raid on Entebbe)
| where operators flew into the hostile African
| nation of Uganda and rescued 103 hostages who had
| been hijacked by German and Palestinian
| terrorists.'
| 'Building upon the past successes of Unit 101,
| 202, Sayeret Mat'kal and other elite commando
| teams, the Israelis created many other specialized
| units to deal with the non ending state of war:
| the Navy's Ha'Kommando Ha'Yami (SEALs),
| Mitsta'aravim (unit disguised as Arabs), Sayeret
| Tzanhanim (Airborne), Sayeret Golani (Mountain
| Warfare Unit), Sayeret Egoz (Rangers), the para-
| military police counterterrorist unit YAMAM, and
| the list goes on.'
| 'In the IDF the Special Forces units had a
| monopoly on the martial arts training and Kapap
| came to also be known as Lochama Zehira (micro
| fighting or micro combat) in the 1970s. The system
| included a variety of military skills in addition
| to hand-to-hand combat. However, with Israel being
| at war with one Arab neighbor or another with
| unrelenting cross-border terrorist attacks,
| regular units also needed some sort of hand-to-
| hand fighting system. What they got was a basic
| no-nonsense system.'
| 'The Birth of Krav Maga '
| 'Before soldiers are eligible to go into
| the Special Forces in the IDF, they must first
| serve in a "parent unit." Only after careful
| evaluation and passing a rigorous testing process
| can one enter into the SF world and wear a set of
| coveted "wings" (an achievement very much
| respected in Israeli society, that or becoming a
| fighter pilot).'
| 'In order to prepare combat soldiers for their
| future roles, and to instill a warrior spirit, the
| IDF in the 1980s officially adopted a boot camp
| style hand-to-hand combat program called Krav Maga
| (Krav meaning combat or fight, and Maga
| meaning touch or contact). In context the term
| means Contact Fighting. On the other hand, the
| Israeli Special Forces continued to refer to their
| own brand of fighting techniques as Kapap or
| Lochama Zehira. They did not want any comparison
| to be made between Krav Maga, which was viewed
| upon as a "beginner level" art, and their own
| distinctive brand of fighting.'
| 'Japanese ju-jitsu (soft art) and judo (soft
| way) were the first oriental martial arts
| introduced into the IDF by Kapap instructors Moni
| Aizik and Imi Lichtenfeld just after the birth of
| the nation. Then, in the 1970s the legendary
| Dennis Hanover helped lay the foundation of what
| is today's military Krav Maga along with other
| Special Forces instructors such as war hero Lt.
| Colonel Chaim Pe'er (who today teaches his lethal
| arts at the University of Tel Aviv – even though
| bullets are still lodged in his aging, but rock
| solid body, from past military missions). In the
| 1980s Jewish Frenchman André Zeitun and Ran Nakas
| introduced Mui Thai to the military, which also
| influenced many of the kicks used in the system
| today.'

Ultimately, the core forms of Zen undermine and replace the variant forms. So, Krav Maga will eventually become like Kung Fu of the Shaolin Monks under Bodhidharma, spiritual, but corrupted and purely destructive: not good for protecting anything. You completely undermine the purpose of self-protection, by creating an emptiness where your life was.

Let's look at the history of Sharon, the patriarch of Krav Maga:

Repeated from above:

| 'in 1953 the IDF created a new elite unit
| known as Unit 101 commanded by Major Ariel Sharon,
| the current Prime Minister of Israel (Unit 101 was
| also the unit of co-author Avi Nardia's father).
| The unit was tasked with infiltrating enemy lines
| and launching devastating raids. Since the unit
| was closely modeled after Pal'mach, the hand-to-
| hand combat training continued to be referred to
| as Kapap.'

But now we see what their very first mission was ...

| 'October 1953 - IDF paratrooper unit 101 under
| Ariel Sharon killed 69 civilians and destroyed a
| great deal of property in a raid on the Jordanian
| village of Qibieh. The raid was a reprisal for a
| raid on Tirat Yehuda. '
| 'Oct. 6, 1973 Yom Kippur War (October War) In
| a surprise attack on the Jewish day of atonement,
| Egypt retook the Suez canal and a narrow zone on
| the other side. Syria reconquered the Golan
| Heights. Following massive US and Soviet
| resupplying of the sides, Israel succeeded in
| pushing back the Syrians and threatening Damascus.
| Ariel Sharon crossed the Suez Canal and cut off
| the Egyptian Third Army. '
| 'June 6, 1982 Massive Israeli invasion of
| Lebanon to fight PLO. . UN Security Council
| Resolution 509 demands that Israel withdraw all
| its military forces forthwith, but Israel advances
| rapidly to Beirut, surrounding the capital by 13
| Jun. Israeli cabinet is split on the sudden
| expansion of the war, beyond the 40 KM limit
| originally declared by Sharon. '
| 'Feb 8, 1983 Israeli Kahan commission found
| Ariel Sharon and others indirectly responsible for
| allowing the massacre in Sabra and Shatilla. '

I was working in Israel, in Tel Aviv, with the IDF for most of the year in 1983. This was a very bad year for turmoil in Israeli politics and society. I remember walking in the Arab section of Jerusalem, and seeing a group of husky young Israeli Jews (wearing Yamulkas, so unmistakably Jewish) running through the Arab merchant stalls, trashing them as they ran.

My Arab guide, who was a Christian, said that they were trying to drive the Arabs out in hundreds of small and large ways, from harassment to special fines and taxes to make Jerusalem free of Palestinian Arabs. In German, you might call this "Araber-frei".

At the time I thought, how like the Brown Shirt youths they were, how reminiscent of Kristallnacht, breaking the glass in Jewish stores by the SA men of the Reich in 1938. How perfectly their compassion had been drained at the hands of the German citizens, possessed by Julius Streicher's endless tirades about the less-than-human Jewish threat. How stunningly accurate the replica, the echo in miniature, of the streets of Nuremberg in Jerusalem. Of course, at the time, I hadn't realized the impact of Herrigel, and the infection of Zen at the root of things.

I also remember working in an office high in a Tel Aviv skyscraper, with Israeli programmers who were constantly screaming at each other with barely suppressed rage. The battle was not just up in Lebanon, or in Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip ...

| 'Sept. 28, 2000 Palestinians initiated riots
| after Israeli opposition leader Ariel Sharon
| visited the Temple Mount, which is also the
| location of the Haram as Sharif holy to Muslims.
| Violence was apparently encouraged by Fatah
| Tanzim, as admitted by Marwan Barghouti. Violence
| escalated rapidly from rock throwing to machine
| gun and mortar fire, suicide bombings and lethal
| road ambushes, including some incidents instigated
| by settlers against Palestinians. Israelis killed
| 15 Israeli Arabs in riots in September/October
| 2000, and over 2,000 Palestinians in retaliatory
| raids thereafter. Palestinians kill over 700
| Israelis. Violence continues for over a year [to
| present - March 2003]. '
| 'Feb 6, 2001 Right-wing Likud leader Ariel
| Sharon elected Prime Minister in Israel replacing
| Ehud Barak and promising "peace and security." '
| 'Jan 28, 2003 Elections in Israel give wide
| margin (40 seats) to right wing Likud party,
| returning PM Ariel Sharon for another term. '
| 'June 4, 2003 Aqaba Summit - Abu Mazen and
| Ariel Sharon vow to stop violence, end occupation
| according to the road map. Hamas and Islamic Jihad
| vow to continue violence. Fatah, Hamas and Islamic
| Jihad joined in killing four Israeli soldiers in
| Gaza (June 8) despite the call to end violence
| from Fatah leaders. '
| 'June 10-11, 2003 Failed Israeli assassination
| attempt on Hamas leader Ahmed Rantissi (June 10)
| and Hamas suicide attack that kills 15 in
| Jerusalem (June 11) jeopardize the future of the
| road map. '

And this is the point. As will be shown in Toxic Zen Story #22, the very same Zen corruption of the Green Dragon Society of General Karl Haushofer, mentor of Hitler (Toxic Zen Story #2), and the Physical Zen of the martial arts (Toxic Zen Story #7, 8, 9 and 10) ... are what is driving engine and undermining both sides of this conflict now: the Arab societies surrounding Israel or under the occupation of Israel, and the terrorist networks that we all face in this new century. This is the true source of the hellish and endless cycle of tit for tat violence that is possessing the Middle East region.

We are seeing all of the same patterns of Nuremberg in Israel.

The Streicher cartoons of Der Stürmer depicting the evils of Jewry are now showing up in the same form in Arabic newspapers in the West Bank, as an uncanny echo of Herrigel's home. We are in the late stages of the evolution of this catastrophe, and we have seen this before.

The fuel for the driving engines on both sides of this conflict is located solely in Israel: this is my contention. It is in the Zendos of Israel that Soto Zen meditation in it's purest form is practiced. That is what fills both of the Zen-corrupted sides with steam pressure: the swelling Sharon-Unit 101-settlement-ism, and the swelling of el-Husseini-Azzam-Arafat-Zawahiri-Bin Laden-ism.

Here are the components of this system, which is in an unstable equilibrium:

1. Physical Zen due to martial arts and Bushido training on both sides.

2. Green Dragon Zen corrupted schools of conflict on both sides:

2A. Sharonist Unit 101-based mindset in the IDF and the settlements, makes all Jewish prayer with the "Mind of Sharon" into a Zen meditation leading to catastrophe.

2B. el-Husseini-Arafat-Azzam-Zawahiri-Bin Laden- based mindset in the PLO, HAMAS and the PIJ makes all Islamic prayer with the "Mind of Haj Amin el-Husseini" into a Zen meditation leading to catastrophe.

3. Nuremberg Zen of Herrigel and Suzuki, which is the widespread belief of the Israeli people that Zen is the Buddha's highest teaching and the purpose of his advent, which is incorrect. This is what makes possible and reasonable number 4:

4. Green Dragon Zen Dojos all over Israel, possessed with mainlining, in the most direct and toxic way, the absolute evil of Soto Zen. This is the evil that will drive all of the other parts of the system.

The terrible thing is that even if all the dojos close, and all Zennists cease their meditations, because of the latent cause in the three existences of the past, present and future ... all of those times that Zen minds were busy in the past are still with us.

It is like momentum, when you stop the acceleration, the integral of your acceleration towards catastrophe from Zen meditation is still way more than enough to drive this system beyond the point of explosion.

And certainly none of the strategies that have been mentioned by the various parties will work:

1. Land For Peace (the Americans) - how in hell does moving the lines around, or feeding a swelling force of evil change anything? If anything, this might destabilize the balance of power in one direction or another and cause a destructive resonance, like the one that brought down the Tacoma Narrows bridge (an example for you engineering types). This, and any solutions involving moving around deck chairs on the Titanic, must be avoided like the instant destruction that it will bring. It's brain damage, and why would you listen to George Bush and the Americans anyway? They are just trying to change the focus away from the missing WMD in Iraq. LISTEN TO YOUR OWN INNATE WISDOM, AND DON'T PLACE YOUR TRUST IN FOOLISH PEOPLE.

2. Security measures (Sharon) - believe it or not, if you successfully block bombers from coming in, worse things will be tried, to overcome that blockage. SECURITY SOLUTIONS WON'T WORK AND THINGS CAN GET WORSE.

3. Sitting at the peace table (U.N.) - this is the least problematic, as long as nothing is done to destabilize the balance of the unstable equilibrium that has evolved here. POLITICAL SOLUTIONS WON'T WORK.

So what will work? The only way to overcome the cyclonic forces of evil in the Middle East, that have been unleashed in the Zendos of Israel, is the "Strategy of the Lotus Sutra" As powerful as the evil of Zen is, it is no match for the medicinal quality of the Buddha's highest teaching, the Lotus Sutra.

In California, there are many times the numbers of Zen practitioners creating evil than are in Israel. But for every ten of them, there is one person chanting Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo to overcome and offset that evil force. There are local anomalies in the distribution, like in Oakland, but there are enough members of the Soka Gakkai, the SGI, who chant enough that the land is "pacified".

The technical reasons for this are described by Nichiren Daishonin (Japan, b. 1222) in the letter "On Establishing the Correct Teaching for the Peace of the Land", called the Rissho Ankoku Ron in Japanese.

In Israel the ratio is way too high for Zen believers not to cause a catastrophe, indeed they have already done more than enough to guarantee it. (So, shooting them all will do no good whatsoever, so get that thought out of your deluded mind right now.)

Also, they are the ones who understand the Buddha's teachings, even though in a distorted way, but they actually have faith in the power of Dhyana, and this gives them and you hope. They need to move up the ladder, and honestly discard the expedient means of Zen, and practice the Buddhism of the Lotus Sutra, which in the Buddha's own golden words, is the highest teaching of the Buddha in the past, present and future.

If the Zen believers of Israel profess to have any belief whatsoever that they have been practicing Buddhism (although a lesser teaching), then they immediately need to step up to follow the Buddha's admonition to move on up to the Lotus Sutra.

And I would also suggest that the general population of Israel (and the rest of the world) stop believing in Nuremberg Zen: the simple and profoundly incorrect thought of Herrigel and Suzuki - that Zen was the Buddha's intent. This was the gateway to evil in Nuremberg originally, and in Israel now. See Toxic Zen Story #20 "Zen in the Art of Genocide".

The events (September 2003) are not encouraging. After a relatively quiet Summer, the back and forth between Hamas and the Israelis is back on. There was an attempt by Bush and Powell to put the Palestinian prime minister, Mahmoud Abbas into the forefront on the negotiations and take Arafat out of the picture.

It is always correct to take the corrupted people that undermine everything out of the negotiations. Arafat is such a one. Unfortunately, so is Sharon.

So, in early August, both sides renewed the Jihadic suicide bombings and Israeli assassinations. Abbas is now sidelined and impotent, and back comes Arafat, with whom Sharon really wishes to deal.

It has been noted before that there is a grammar to this dialog, with the syntax spelled out with bombs and rockets.

What has not been noted before, is that there is a real conversation going on, between persons possessed of the exact same evil, of the Zen mind.

It is a conversation that communicates on a covert channel, with encrypted phrases about what kind of shocking and mind-numbing emptiness can be produced next.

It is like two Rinzai Zen Roshis exchanging Zen koans and stories on alt.zen. The Mind of Evil (Bodhidharma) exchanging distributed information and instructions between its separated bodies.

Sharon and Arafat only wanted to get back to their conversation in an undisturbed way. They have weighty matters to discuss, in explosive terms.

This is precisely the same kind of discussion being held between George W. Bush and Usama Bin Ladin. And this is why Iraq had to be attacked in such an urgent way: Usama was in danger of being caught or killed, and that would put an end to the dialog.

So pulling out enough troops of Afghanistan, and creating another elusive enemy on the run (Saddam) that can ultimately be caught with ease, since he has no Al Qaeda network to flee to, draws the attention away from keeping Usama Bin Ladin around to have more disastrous discussions with.

(You wonder why Al Qaeda seemed to get lucky break after lucky break in pulling off 9/11? They had something to say, and Bush wanted to hear it, and become his true self by hearing it.)

Mahmoud Abbas and his Israeli predecessors, who might potentially end the communication session of evil, on the network of chaos, misery and death in the Middle East, are the real threat being resolved: the threat to the status quo of evil.

Change has come (December 2011). Obama appears not to want to continue this conversation (in the syntax and grammer of bullets and bombs), he actually intends to bring down the curtain on this sorry chapter of American History.

He has almost taken Al Qaeda out of the picture, and the troops are all out of Iraq, which will have to decide whether to sink into chaos or continue to be a functioning democracy on its own.

Afghanistan is getting an army, armed and trained to pursue the same national decision: sink or swim. They have enough newly discovered mineral wealth (see Scientific American October/2011) to make themselves one of the richest countries on earth, should they choose not-chaos.

Democracy movements have transformed the middle east: Khadafy of Libya, and soon, Assad of Syria, so who's next?

But the sticking point is still Israel and Palestine. Bibi Netanyahu likes to write his Zen koans in the language of bullets and bombs.

He has new weapons with which to wage total war, such as the mind-numbing Settlement Apartheid Zen, which is guaranteed to create the kind of Arabic powerlessness and fury that generates more terrorism: such as that created in the crushing defeats of the 1967 war.

You simply raise a new generation of demons that way and perpetuate this demonic dialogue for another half-century.

The Zen-corrupted religious extremists who demand blood, will always get it by the bucket, when the politicians listen to them.

And here we are in the Fall of 2012 with Bibi Netanyahu shopping a war with Iran, while Iran builds a nuclear weapon to destroy Israel and threaten Europe with nuclear missiles.

Remember that one of the places that harbored the Nazi Husseini in his flight from justice was Iran (along with Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Gaza, where he ruled) These locations are not accidental. His legacy is Tantric-Zen-corrupted-Islamic-hatred of Israel, a kind of madness for which there is only one cure: chanting Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo.

And people on the ground in those countries and in Israel must chant (secretly) to cure this ill. That prayer is literally the only hope for peace in this world.

____ Epilog _______________________________________

The Buddha's highest teachings were the purpose of the Buddha's advent on this earth.

The Buddha did not appear on this earth to drain people's compassion with discussions of the emptiness and meaninglessness of life which is just a void.

The Buddha did not appear on this earth to teach people to live in such a narrow and momentary way, that there would be no context for self-examination and conscience.

The Buddha did not appear on this earth to possess people's minds with such illogic as to befuddle their ability to choose correctly between what is good and what is evil.

The Buddha did not appear on this earth to teach people how to commit atrocities and genocide, in the exploration of their "infinite possibilities", or "new states of being".

The Buddha did not appear on this earth to teach people how to maim and kill with their hands efficiently, quietly, loudly, with increased terror inflicted, or to maximize their subjugation to control the public sentiments for political ends.

These are all profoundly evil distortions of the Buddha's true teachings, which introduce infinities in the variables holding good and evil, removing all shades of gray in the propositional calculus of value.

Simply stated, the Buddha made his advent on this earth with the purpose of teaching the compassionate way of the bodhisattva, which is at the heart of the true entity of all phenomena, which is the eternal Buddha at one with the eternal Law. Which is how to navigate the sea of sufferings of birth, aging, sickness and death. He originally set out on his path, because of his observation of the sufferings of common people and wanting to understand the source of those sufferings (enlightened wisdom) and how to transform those sufferings into unshakable happiness (enlightened action).

No matter what intent you start out with, for relaxation or inner exploration or to protect yourself and your family ... when you embrace the void and acausality of Zen, in that moment you create an emptiness in your future. Each time you embrace the void again, that emptiness grows. But it really doesn't have to be ...

Nichiren Daishonin writes (Encouragement to a Sick Person, WND p. 78):

. "During the Former and Middle Days of the Law, the
. five impurities began to appear, and in the Latter
. Day, they are rampant. They give rise to the great
. waves of a gale, which not only beat against the
. shore, but strike each other. The impurity of
. thought has been such that, as the Former and
. Middle Days of the Law gradually passed, people
. transmitted insignificant erroneous teachings
. while destroying the unfathomable correct
. teaching. It therefore appears that more people
. have fallen into the evil paths because of errors
. with respect to Buddhism than because of secular
. misdeeds."

Because Bodhidharma discarded the Buddha's highest teaching (the Lotus Sutra), and due to his lazy nature turned to shortcuts to enlightenment, he came to the distorted view that life is acausal and empty, that the true entity is the void.

This erroneous view really comes from a misunderstanding of the Sutra of Immeasurable Meanings, where the True Entity is described by negation (the only way it can be): "... neither square, nor round, neither short, nor long, ..."

The description of the True Entity is logically voidal, but the True Entity itself is not. Bodhidharma was simply confused, due to the slander of negligence (laziness), and false confidence. The truth of life is that at the heart of the True Entity is the compassion of a bodhisattva for others.

Non-substantiality does not mean empty. Life has value. Humans are respectworthy. There is a purpose to everything. And every cause has an effect, so we are responsible for our thoughts, words and deeds. Zen is acausal. Zen is the greatest poison, which compares to the even greater medicine of the Lotus Sutra.

Suffice it to say: the purpose of Zen in the world is to corrupt and undermine everything that is not based upon the truth and the true teaching. All religions, disciplines, institutions and organizations which are undermined by Zen will eventually fall after glaring revelation of their worst defects, sooner rather than later.

If there is some good in your family, locality, society and culture, or country that you would like to retain, then cease the Zen, and begin to apply the medicine of the Lotus Sutra to heal the Zen wound in your life.

"Zen is the work of devilish minds." - Nichiren


. a prescription for the poisoned ones:
. The only antidote for the toxic effects of Zen in your life ...
. be that from Zen meditation, or the variant forms: physical
. Zen in the martial arts, Qigong, Acupuncture, Falun Gong,
. Copenhagen Convention of Quantum Mechanics, EST,
. Landmark Education, Nazism, Bushido, the Jesuits,
. Al Qaeda, or merely from having the distorted view that life
. is acausal, and that the true entity of all phenomena
. is the void ...
. with the effects of the loss of loved ones, detachment,
. isolation or various forms of emptiness in your life ...
. is the Lotus Sutra: chant Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo
. at least 3 times, twice a day, for the rest of your life,
. in at least a whisper ...
. and if you can, chant abundantly in a resonant voice !!!
. The full 28 Chapters of the Lotus Sutra,
. Nichiren Daishonin's Gosho volumes I and II,
. the Record of the Orally Transmitted Teachings
. (Gosho Zenshu, including the Ongi Kuden) and the
. SGI Dictionary of Buddhism are located at:
. To find an SGI Community Center:

LS Chap. 16 .....

All harbor thoughts of yearning
and in their minds thirst to gaze at me.
When living beings have become truly faithful,
honest and upright, gentle in intent,
single-mindedly desiring to see the Buddha
not hesitating even if it costs them their lives,
then I and the assembly of monks
appear together on Holy Eagle Peak.
At that time I tell the living beings
that I am always here, never entering extinction,
but that because of the power of an expedient means
at times I appear to be extinct, at other times not,
and that if there are living beings in other lands
who are reverent and sincere in their wish to believe,
then among them too
I will preach the unsurpassed Law.
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