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David A. Kaye

Jan 20, 1994, 11:24:50 PM1/20/94
Does anyone know of or have a dungeon available for rent during various
times of the day and night in San Francisco? Mission, Castro, Haight, or
Mission Industrial area preferred, but not essential. A soundproof
environment is best, or at least some understanding neighbors. The place
need not be elaborate. Co-sexual is fine, simultaneous use (in separate
areas) is also fine.

I'm also looking for people who may want to share the cost of such a
place if there isn't one readily available.

Please EMAIL me if you have one or know of one. Thanks.

Stan Schwarz

Jan 21, 1994, 9:17:36 AM1/21/94
Now isn't this just a category that _needs_ to be in the classifieds?

Seriously, I am looking for something like this too. I am in Austin, TX [San
Francisco of the South, according to some radio evangelist], and our little
social group here has outgrown having parties in houses. We need to rent a
bigger space. Does anyone have any experience with doing this? How do you
find a space, and what do you tell the owners when they ask what kind of party
you have having? Any pointers? Pitfalls?


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