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Re: UK bans 'conversion therapy' but only for select sexual disorientations and NOT for 'transgender' people

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Apr 8, 2022, 9:05:54 AM4/8/22
On Thu, 7 Apr 2022 22:13:00 +0000, Scientific (he/him) ?
<> wrote:

>On 4/2/22 13:34, KWills wrote:
>> Yes folks you can STILL get 'conversion therapy' to rid you of your
>> delusions about changing the sex you were assigned at birth!
>> LOL
>There is no real evidence that conversion therapy for transgendered
>people works, in fact, there's a lot of anecdotes that trans people were
>hurt by this "conversion therapy".

There is no real evidence that anyone has EVER successfully 'transed'
so 'conversion therapy' is actually redundant. But if having your
delusions dispelled hurts, well, boo fucking hoo.

>There is an another incarnation that they want to practice, "gender
>exploratory therapy". It's exactly the same bullshit rebranded.
> > We are here because those who are exploring gender identity or
>struggling with their biological sex should have access to therapists
>who will provide thoughtful care without pushing an ideological or
>political agenda.
>This sounds suspicious.

Anything that prevents gullible youngsters being dragged into 'trans'
delusions should be encouraged.
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