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Geoff Miller

Feb 18, 1993, 2:46:23 PM2/18/93

Have you ever noticed how there's always a person in every meeting who can
be counted on to lengthen the proceedings by a good thirty percent by asking
endless questions? And by bringing up petty, tangential concerns that could
be better dealt with offline? I just spent an hour and 15 minutes in a
meeting that shouldn't have taken 45 minutes, tops, because of that.

Today is Meeting Peeve Day. Without warning yesterday afternoon, someone
came into my office and asked if I'd mind carrying her load today and
tomorrow, since she'll be taking a couple of days of vacation. Not having
a terribly high workload of my own at the moment, I agreed rather distract-
edly. Well, as soon as I came in today, the shit absolutely hit the fan;
this person has multiple urgent expedite issues and miscellaneous loose ends
that I have to take care of in addition to the usual stuff, with N people
breathing down my neck. And, to make things *really* interesting, half the
day is scheduled to be pissed away in meetings.

!Peeve: My boss found out about my being left holding the bag.

I've spent a total of an hour and a half in two of those wankathons already,
and it's not even lunch time. This afternoon, I have to attend a quarterly
all-hands divisional meeting for *three fucking hours,* from 2 to 5 o'clock!
Now what could possibly take that long to discuss? That's absolutely
incredible. At least this meeting won't be given by the director I worked
under a few years ago. Not only was his style as lively as a rotting elephant,
but he could always be counted on to bring along a metric fuckload of slides
to show on the overhead projector.

I usually manage to hide when those come around, but this time we have a new
Big Kahuna and all the middle managers are tripping over themselves to round
up the strays. I've gotten three emails about the frigging thing already.

Fuck this; what I *should* do is slip out the side door, go over to the
Dutch Goose and drink Anchor Steam Beer all afternoon.


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