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Re: 'I was sexually assaulted by a transgender rapist in a women's jail' Female prisoner, 45, describes ordeal at the hands of sex predator

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Mar 10, 2022, 10:00:52 AM3/10/22
On Thu, 10 Mar 2022 10:58:03 +0000, Dick Sucker Barack Obama Started
This Gender Pretense Shit <rema...@domain.invalid> wrote:

>A female prisoner has described her ordeal at the hands of a
>transgender woman who sexually molested inmates at a women's jail
>during a three-month reign of terror.
>Waiving her anonymity in an interview with The Mail on Sunday,
>Cheryle Kempton is the first victim to speak out in the hope that it
>prevents other women facing a similar fate.
>And in a shocking account, Cheryle, 45, reveals she was one of four
>victims of sex predator Karen White, who was sent to the jail
>despite having had neither surgery nor hormone treatment.
>White, 56, was sent to HMP New Hall, which houses 360 women, despite
>being a convicted paedophile on remand for grievous bodily harm,
>multiple rapes and other sexual offences against women.
>She believes White – who was born Stephen Wood – faked being
>transgender for the sole purpose of preying on vulnerable women and
>took advantage of new legislation which allows men who live as women
>to serve time at female prisons.
>'She would get special privileges to buy make-up on certain sites
>like Asos and she was allowed to use the internet to buy her wigs,'
>said Cheryle. 'We were never allowed to do that, so why was she?'
>Under new guidance, judges must now consider forcing alleged victims
>of sexual offences to refer to transgender defendants by the gender
>they wish – as well as keeping their previous names a secret.
>Decisions on where to place inmates such as White are initially
>taken by a local transgender case board made up of prison managers
>and psychologists. In this case, White's previous crimes were not
>taken into account.
>Cheryle says she will never forget the balmy September afternoon in
>2017 when White strolled across the exercise yard at the jail near
>Wakefield, West Yorkshire, and asked if she could borrow some oil
>for her e-cigarette.
>'She pushed herself up behind me and I could feel that she was
>aroused,' said Cheryle. 'I went mad. She was whispering, 'You know
>you want it.' '
>Next day, White grabbed Cheryle's hand and put it on her crotch.
>'She grabbed my arm so hard, without saying a word. I froze as I was
>in shock but then I lost it with anger and picked up a pair of
>'I had to be dragged out and she was denying it. For that split
>second she had power over me and I'm furious at myself for allowing
>that as I'm not that kind of person. I just thought, 'You vile
>monster.' '
>Soon afterwards Cheryle discovered that White had sexually assaulted
>another inmate.
>'Karen had tried to force herself on an inmate she had become
>friendly with, and another prisoner had walked in and witnessed it
>and managed to pull her off,' she recalled.

This is inevitable when you commit men to women's prisons.
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