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Jan 21, 1996, 3:00:00 AM1/21/96
In this final post, I will share some of the newspaper and book
documentation regarding children's homes upon which ours was patterned.
Before doing so, however, a few remarks are in order. First many of the
reporters who supplied these articles are horribly biased against the
homes and in many cases the rights of parents. Certainly if you accept
the rhetoric about the rights of children and particularly the right to
self determination at age 12 and up then the home I describe is an
abomination. See e.g. Albert E. Wilkerson (ed.) The Rights of Children:
Emergent Concepts in Law and Society (Philadelphia: Temple University
Press 1973). Our ethical beliefs are different we believe that God gave
parents the priceless gift of participation in the act of creation and
appointed them his surrogates on earth to Train them up in the way they
should go in order to lead a long and happy life and spend eternity in
heaven with God. To that goal, children are enjoined to honor their
parents and obey their commands until they leave the home and establish
their own homes. Our home took girls between the ages of 12 and 18.
Since the program needed a minimum of eighteen months, as a practical
matter no girl over 16 and « was ever initially admitted. Some did stay
as long as six years but that was unusual. During her first ninety days
in the program a girl was on probation and stayed with me in the
dormitory. When she proved her reliability she was no longer considered a
new girl and was promoted to a room with a window which she shared with
three other girls one of whom was her room captain and mentor. Generally
the senior girls as those who were promoted were called were not
discipline problems and did not require correction. While I talked about
the demerit system, I did not stress the positive aspects of the home.
The girls who came in addicted to various drugs and emerged clean. The
girls who came in pregnant and delivered their child in relative comfort
and safety. The girls who had wasted away from eating disorders who
emerged healthy, well fed and well motivated. The girls who learned to
make their own clothes. The girls who had never done a chore who learned
to clean, and to cook and to manage a household. The girls who were
behind in school who caught completely up, got their G.E.D. and in many
cases successfully completed college correspondence courses. The girls
who were depressed to the point of suicide who got a new lease on life and
today spread the Lord's word to others throughout the world. In short for
every malcontent who complains about the paddling she got there are
literally dozens of girls who praise the Lord for sending them to the Home
before it was too late.
Megan Rosenfield did a balanced article on the Homes in the
Washington post at about the time I was serving. Her article: Brother
Roloff's Troubled Mission can be found in the Post October 13, 1978 Style,
B1. Rheta Grimsley Johnson, who is now a nationally syndicated columnist
wrote a balanced account of the Bethesda Home during Brother Wills
administration as a U.P.I. lead on February 18, 1982 which can be traced
through her name. She would no doubt remember the homes if you contacted
her. She is fairly liberal. The U.P.I. picked up Jerry Falwell's speech
on behalf of Bethesda Home on October 10, 1986. The New York Times
covered the hearings in federal court in a number of articles which
describe in detail the regime, illustrative is the article on March 5,
1982 Friday, Late City edition, Section A page 15 col 1 National desk.
Rhonda Cook, wrote a series of articles on the Barnwell's and Ruth's Home
of Compassion for U.P.I. see her dateline Atlanta, Ga February 6, 1982.
Kenneth Wooden, Weeping in the Playtime of Others(New York: McGraw-Hill
Co. 1976) savaged brother Roloff and the Rebekka home. Finally, Shelley
Sessions discussed her stay as a resident of the Rebekka Home in Dark
Obsession (New York: G.P.Putnam 1990)(paperback New York: Berkeley Books
1990). Miss Sessions has some obvious biases which will become clear as
you read her story but she corroborates my description of the typical
regime in the homes. Ugh I have run out of space. So, Chris, I guess I
have met the challenge, I expect a full apology for strongly suggesting
that I was a lying sex pervert rather than what I am, a preacher's
daughter from texas who is sick of the misinformation supplied by the
social services lobby,

p.s. A dozen roses would be a fitting token of your true contrition.

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