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google prediction

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Feb 18, 2024, 11:15:04 PMFeb 18

the only prediction thus far is that google shall decommission their usenet
gateway as they announced last 14 december to be effective 15 february 2024
then moved the goal posts to the persisting expectation of 22 february 2024,
so they can easily modify their public announcement without previous notice
and keep doing that until the cows come home . . . if and when their usenet
gateway is actually disconnected, then dozens of spam-friendly news servers
could experience a measurable increase in spam, troll-farm infestation, etc.
certainly some news server administrators may be motivated to tighten their
restrictions on cross-posting, user registration requirements, and throttle
server access to limit use and potential abuse; simply limiting cross-posts
to five (5) and depeering any servers that allow more would be a good start,
better if crossposting were eliminated altogether, but it will get stricter

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