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Ides of Augustus

Aug 10, 2002, 1:42:39 AM8/10/02


The Ides of Augustus

The date of Death draws Nigh
Ides of Augustus is the date
13th day of New Moon can be called an Ides as can 13 and 15
THE DEATH is the end of a long reign

As foretold in Xmas 1997 by the SEER
The Death of The Splinter
The Death of The Voice
The Death of The Hope

Many tears shall soon fall
Many tears for those who play with balls
Many tears from now until the Fall
Many tears again when they drop THE BALL

Angels slaughtered with RAMS in their names
Angels slaughtered with MARS in their names
Many slaughtered with ARMS in the near
Many slaughtered with NUKES is near

Great rocks fly by almost hitting the mark
Great rocks that seem to come out of the dark
Great rocks that will fall in the waters of the shark
Great rocks that fall after 2020, so make an Ark

Silly little mortals formed from mere clay
So caught up in counting the minutes of each day
Little brains that can not understand what I have to say
Silly little mortals who can?t play

Power Plants are soon attacked causing great panic
Large water supplies are poisoned creating such havoc
Hurricanes soon level cities of the Hispanic
Earthquakes cause great cities to sink like the Titanic

Those with dark souls that love to hate worship Satan
Those with light souls that love to learn worship Luciferius
Those who are slaves bow to Mecca
Those who have been deceived follow Rome

The seed of the thief and liar named Jacob shall soon perish
The liar was renamed ISRAEL
Cursed is the seed of Jacob the Liar
The first act of NUCLEAR TERRORISM shall be in ISRAEL.

A great evil lie has been created in Rome
The whole New Testament is a SATANIC LIE
Nuclear Terrorism will occur in ROME and many DIE

Penned 08.08/2002 CE

By Sollog


Sollog's Prophecies

John Baker

Aug 10, 2002, 3:19:17 AM8/10/02

"Ides of Augustus" <> wrote in message

Bite me, Ennis.

<PLONK!> goes another SoggyLog sock puppet.

David Patrick

Aug 10, 2002, 4:08:38 AM8/10/02

On 10 Aug 2002, Ides of Augustus wrote:

> From
> The Ides of Augustus

Here's my prediction, Ennis. You're going to use that deliberately vague
and all-encompassing drivel to claim a hit on any bad event in the next
couple of months.

The only reason you're posting dross like that is because you are tired of
being constantly laughed out when your specific predictions fail.

You're a fraud and a coward, Ennis.

David Patrick

Patrick L. Humphrey

Aug 10, 2002, 9:02:23 AM8/10/02
"Ides of Augustus" <> writes:


Of course, you'll be "predicting" this for the rest of the year -- three and a
half months -- AFTER next Tuesday, won't you, Ennis?

The doctors really should increase your meds.

--PLH, and add a little Exxon Supreme

John Griffin

Aug 10, 2002, 9:02:59 AM8/10/02
The idiot who calls himself by the lame name "sollog," pretending
to be some moron using the name "Ides of Augustus" <> wrote

> [ a bunch of idiotic gobble ]

Hey, imbecile, why is it that everyone else is better
at predicting earthquakes and the paths of hurricanes
(not to mention everything else) than you are?

Thanks for the new bullshit. I'm sure you're going to
be amusing us with some laughable attempts to claim
that it fits some future events. Let me guess...the
next earthquake, the Perseids meteors, the first storm
of the season, your next bowel movement, the next time
the primitives bomb an Israeli school bus,...

Get a job, you useless fool.

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