Alien Autopsy film-HOAX! pt2

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Aug 15, 1997, 3:00:00 AM8/15/97

Here is part two of the MUFON article:

A Not-So-Special Effect

The humanlike qualities of the supposed alien suggest that it is either a
doctored human corpse or a dummy patterned after a human body. Movie
special-effects experts who have examined the alien autopsy video,
however, feel that the scene was faked by using a special-effects dummy.
Special-effects artists, including Trey Stokes, whose credits include The
Abyss, The Blob, Batman Returns, Robocop Two, etc., and Cliff Wallace of
Creature Effects, Pinewood Studios, London, have pointed out that the
posture and weighting of the corpse on the table in the film is
inconsistent for a body in the supine position and that it was therefore
apparently made from a body-cast taken in the upright position. A
multitude of special-effects techniques noticeable in the film are
described by Trey Stokes in an excellent article, "How to Build an Alien,"
available on his Internet Web page (

Trey Stokes has also published on his Web page the opinions of 15 of his
movie industry colleagues about the claimed alien autopsy footage. All 15
have either spoken directly to Stokes or gone on record with their opinion
about the footage. Among the group are several Academy and Emmy award
winners, including Stan Winston (Jurassic Park), who after some
misunderstanding following his interview on Fox, clarified his position
about the footage in a recent Time magazine article -- "Do I think it's a
hoax? Absolutely." The result of Stoke's survey was unanimous -- all
15 special-effects experts felt the film was a fake. Not one felt that
there was even the slightest possibility it was real. Many, according to
Stokes, found the footage so laughable that they couldn't believe that
anyone in the business would take it seriously enough to even do a survey
about it.

Spectacular Claims

Another indication that something is very wrong with this entire affair is
the gross inconsistency between the scenes initially described by Santilli
and what was eventually delivered. Back in January 1995, we were told that
the footage included an autopsy scene with President Truman. Truman was
described as standing with other individuals behind a glass window, his
face so clearly visible that it would be possible to lip-read his words.
Author and crop circle researcher Colin Andrews, one of those who has been
in direct contact with Ray Santilli, described the scene in the winter
1995 issue of the Circle Phenomenon Research
International Newsletter. When Andrews asked Santilli what impressed him
most about the film -- "what had convinced him that it was authentic" --
Santilli responded, "I had no doubts when I saw President Truman."
According to the research director for the British UFO Research
Association (BUFORA), Philip Mantle (who has also been in close contact
with Santilli), Santilli told him that "if it wasn't Truman, it was a
damned good actor."

The most spectacular claim of all was that of the debris-site footage. On
January 20, 1995, I spoke to a movie producer, who has a serious interest
in the 1947 Roswell event, just hours after he had spoken with Ray
Santilli. Santilli had given a detailed description of the debris site.
According to Santilli, the terrain was somewhat hilly. The craft was
visible, not in one piece, but in a number of large pieces, necessitating
the use of a large crane. Also, numerous soldiers in uniform were visible,
in some cases clearly enough for their faces to be seen. Santilli
described the debris site in detail to others, including Philip Mantle,
Colin Andrews, and Reg Presley, a friend of Colin Andrews' with an
interest in crop circles. Presley, who was the lead
singer of a popular 60s British rock group, the Troggs ("Wild Thing"), and
who has also been in close contact with Ray Santilli, made the initial
announcement of the Santilli film's existence on British television.

Because such scenes as that of President Truman and the debris site would
be extremely difficult and expensive to hoax, there seemed at first to be
a real possibility that the footage might be genuine. Unfortunately, the
spectacular claims about these scenes have turned out to be false,
apparently blatant lies. No one has ever seen anything of either scene.
What has been seen is rather unspectacular, and would have been relatively
easy to hoax. Special-effects expert Trey Stokes estimates that the entire
"alien autopsy" production could have been
accomplished for as little as $50,000.

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