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Vladimir Putin compatible with Izabella Scorupco

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David Dalton

Feb 16, 2024, 4:06:23 PMFeb 16
Vladimir Putin is straight-type-2-M, i.e., male compatible
(orgasmic up close) only with bifs (women attracted
to both genders). However he has had an unconsummated
old lock with a bif or bifT (spiritually bif in male form)
that would have formed by electric, warming, compatible
touch and drink-me-up eye contact, not necessarily at
the same time. The result of the old lock is that he is
unable to get together with any other bif without the
permission of his old lock bif or bifT. Now supposedly
old locks have been rendered incomplete (and locks
now form fully only after sex), but if not, he would have
to get that permission.

A few years ago I divined that an optimally compatible
(both sexually and personality-wise) match for Vladimir
is bif Bond girl Izabella Scorupco, and that her partner
at the time was a gay male.

Supposedly one-way attraction has been turned off,
so Izabella and her gay male have been split up.

Also supposedly homo sapiens globally has split into
55 species in ghuman species group (at least in
terms of sexual compatibility and tendency to associate;
DNA changes are ongoing and will be followed by
transformation, including of current adults). A few
years ago I said that Vladimir and Izabella would be
in the Polish species, but it seems that they are
in my species (Beothuk species).

But even if there has not been a species split and
old locks have not been rendered incomplete,
Vladimir is ultra compatible with Izabella, but
if old locks have not been rendered incomplete
he would have to get permission from his old lock
bif or bifT (who is not his former wife) to be involved
with Izabella, and maybe then they could retire
on his yacht.

David Dalton (home page) Salmon on the Thorns (mystic page)
“Early morning jubilators, up to no good instigators... Sons of long
forgotten races, that the darkest night embraces" (Ron Hynes & D. O'D.)

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