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David Dalton

Nov 25, 2021, 11:43:17 PM11/25/21
On Nov 26, 2021, Corey White wrote on alt.magick
(in article<>):

> To test psychic ability researchers have created experiments to
> see if they could predict randomness. So far these experiments
> haven't been fully accepted.
> I have a new way of doing this kind of experiment that may
> actually work. The experiment connects the psychic to the
> data. Instead of flipping a coin in another room and asking
> the test subject to guess which side it lands on, we put the
> coin in the subjects hand and let them flip it!
> A more controlled test uses a computer. To do this the
> psychic holds down a button that would cycle through
> colors, shapes, or numbers. They would attempt to
> release the button so that it would stop on their
> desired result.
> You don't expect 100% with this experiment of course,
> and to see the results you wouldn't use lottery numbers
> either.
> Why does this work? I think it has something to do with
> the metaphysical concept of sympathetic links.

You might want to post this to sci.skeptic . I am crossposting
this to there and other groups, with Followup-To set back
to alt.magick , but I think Bob Casanova, the main skeptic
on sci.skeptic, may have me killfiled and may not see this.

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