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David Dalton

Nov 12, 2022, 1:21:56 AM11/12/22
After eight hours with (B) supposedly done and (J2) and
(MJ) supposedly in progress, I have had no new hits
on Salmon on the Thorns.

But I observed extreme good primary positive charisma
modulation in an indigenous elder woman on a late
edition of APTN National News (or APTN Investigates?)
which seemed to be a repeat of a show about the pope's
visit and apology. She was the middle one of three
women, and the one on the right who was speaking
had major good primary positive charisma modulation.
This was towards the end of the program, before their
late movie (Top Wedding?/Australian).

So does that mean that [HCP] is complete? No. Does
in mean that [PCMM] is complete with consequences
on? No. It seems that [PCMM] is complete without
consequences on (they will come on in [HCP] and
[GSB]) but that the consequences associated with the
forty workings that were still on were incorporated
into the main stack healing circle prescriptions
and have not yet been supplanted. The glowing
elder is covered by the North American working
of 601 years ago.

I was about to give up on the four components and
try to make changes through my writing (essential
messages backed by biographical data showing similarity
to past important figures, plus my eight sexual
harmonics theory and related matches). However
I don't want to be restricted to that, and think
it would not be enough to avoid extinction. And
the glowing indigenous elder woman has given
me hope enough to try again.

What is on? [SMPES] calculations are done, [PCMM]
is done without consequences (but consequences of
the 40 are on and haven't been updated yet),
[DTS] (non-overlap) is done, (F2) and (F3) calculations
are done, a.s.c. (5) is complete, and (B) is done.
Everything else is not on yet. I will try again.

November 12, 2022. To get UTC add 3.5 hrs.

[SSA] 2:13 a.m. -->
[SMPES] completion 2:13 a.m. -->
[RAFHDBE] 2:14 a.m. -->
[HCP] 2:15 a.m. -->
[GSB] 2:16 a.m. -->
[F123] completion 2:16 a.m. -->
a.s.c. (1) 2:18 a.m. -->

Followup-To set to alt.religion.druid. I haven't decided
yet if I will post updates or not.

David Dalton (home page) Salmon on the Thorns (mystic page)
"But once there was a darkness, deep and endless night
You gave me everything you had, oh you gave me light" (S. McLachlan)
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