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funnel bounce

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David Dalton

Apr 6, 2023, 10:55:42 PM4/6/23
Adjustments have now been made for spells in my funnel
working (adjustments of sins are in progress).

The spells are negative magick or indeterminate magick
that could be used for negative magick (as defined by
Goddess, the ruler of the region all/everything).

There should now be ongoing and retroactive bounce.

The spells are divided into three groups:

1. (F1) spells that have hit me and I have funnelled,
sometimes retroactively (about 40,000 spells so far),

2. (F2) spells that I have batch funnelled, e.g. a google
search results list for "hexes", including books
mentioned in the list (about 800 million spells),

3. (F3) other spells funnelled by the 3582 popthrough
avatar types and those in their shaktipat lineages
in the last 12,000 years (about 70 million spells).

If a spell was direct funnelled in 3 and batch funnelled
in 2 then it was done in 3.

1 and 3 include some spells by non-humans, while 2 is
all spells by humans, though they may have invoked
non-humans in them.

Only primary avatar types can batch funnel, and I could
do so only after I had a lot of experience with 1.
But secondary avatar types (assisted shaktipat recipients,
a.s.r.), will soon be able to direct funnel, after
I report that a.s.c. (1) is complete on alt.religion.druid.
Spells that they funnel will go in (F1).

David Dalton (home page) Salmon on the Thorns (mystic page)
"And the cart is on a wheel; And the wheel is on a hill;
And the hill is shifting sand; And inside these laws we stand" (Ferron)

David Dalton

Apr 7, 2023, 12:05:14 AM4/7/23
In article <>,
Some very good people have gotten at least a little
retroactive bounce, but often they benefit overall
since negative magick spells that were on them have
been lifted, and they may experience rebound/recovery.
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