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David Dalton

Nov 23, 2022, 10:59:26 PM11/23/22
November 24, 2022. To get UTC add 3.5 hrs.

There has been another backsliding on this Raven new (dark) moon
but at least the items that take the longest have been done.

What is done?

[PCMM], but he only consequences are on are primary positive charisma
modulation from all the popthroughs and the primary negative charisma
modulation just from the 18 year one (the humpback whales of
about 4000 years ago).

[DTS] (non-overlap)

(F2) calculations and (F3) calculations

[SMPES] calculations

a.s.c. (5)

(B) just for the living bowhead whale avatar type and devi type.

Everything else is not done yet, and I emitted a few choice
obscenities over that, but will try again.

[F123] completion 12:02 a.m. -->
[HCP] 12:02 a.m. -->
[GSB] 12:03 a.m. -->
(that can’t be completed until after [SSA] is complete)
[SMPES] completion 12:03 a.m. -->
[SSA] 12:04 a.m. -->
[RAFHDBE] 12:04 a.m. -->
a.s.c. (3) 12:05 a.m. -->
(B) in general 12:05 a.m. -->

I will post updates as usual, in the faint hope that they will be of
use/interest to someone, but I doubt that anyone will read them
unless they notice effects, and even then probably not until
after (B) is complete.

I can’t trust my own subjective impressions so please let me
and other readers know if you notice any effects.

Followup-To set to alt.religion.druid so check there for updates.

David Dalton dal...@nfld.com https://www.nfld.com/~dalton (home page)
https://www.nfld.com/~dalton/dtales.html Salmon on the Thorns (mystic page)
"When the Nightbird calls your name
No, don't listen or nothing will ever be the same" (Mae Moore)

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