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Alien Zoos//True "Home" of the UFO-Debunker?

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Sir Arthur CB Wholeflaffers ASA

May 29, 2008, 9:06:58 AM5/29/08
After reading this well-researched article, one has to conclude that
the final "home" of the "State" UFO debunker must be an
extraterrestrial "zoo." This would go along way to explain the
debunkers nonsensical behavior.

Alien Zoos
by Preston E. Dennett

Most UFO investigators agree that UFOs are conducting a long-term
study of our planet and its inhabitants. UFOs have been seen
hovering over military installations, nuclear bases, reservoirs and
sensitive structures. Even more revealing is the fact that they have
seen collecting plants and animals of all different kinds. In
research suggests that as many as one in fifty people may have been
and given medical examinations aboard a UFO.

If such a study is in fact being conducted, then several questions
should be
asked. For instance, what is happening to all those "specimens" that
been collected by these aliens? Although people are almost invariably
returned after a UFO abduction, plants and animals have literally
disappeared from the face of the earth after a close encounter with a
Could it be that the aliens are collecting plants and animals for an

As incredible as it sounds, this may be what is happening. There are
cases on record in which people report having seen extensive
collections of
plants and animals aboard UFOs.

One interesting case is that of Catherine, an abductee featured in
Mack's book, Abduction. In Christmas of 1990, Catherine was taken
aboard a
UFO. She was given the standard examination and was then taken to a
where she was shown babies. It was the next room, however, that amazed
Catherine the most.

She was led into a room that contained a full-sized, totally natural
forest. As Catherine says, "I'm confused but it's there. It's in the
and there's like trees and rocks and dirt and things off to the left.
I can
see them from where I am."

Catherine was stunned to be inside a forest. It even smelled real.
estimated it to be about the size of a high school gym. There were
walls going upwards on all sides.

After being taken through the forest, the aliens led Catherine out of
ship and took her back to her home. 1

Extraterrestrials are not only growing whole forests, but they are
collecting animals of all sorts. One well-known case is that of a
hunter, Carl Higdon. On October 25, 1974, Higdon was hunting elk along
northern boundary of the Medicine Bow National Forest.

Higdon had been searching for game for several hours when he spotted
elk grazing in a nearby field. He lifted his gun, aimed and pulled the

To his surprise, the bullet went about halfway, stopped and fell to
ground. Higdon then became aware of an unusual-looking figure standing
him. The figure looked human except he had yellowish skin, a slanted
with thin hair that stood straight up and no visible chin. He was
bowlegged, and was dressed in a strange black suit with a wide belt.

Higdon was stunned when the figure invited Higdon aboard a UFO that he
then noticed. Before he realized what was happening, Higdon found
strapped to a chair inside the UFO. He then felt a sensation of
Afterwards he was told that they had traveled 163,000 "light miles."
then saw what appeared to be a futuristic-looking city.

After a short while, Higdon was returned. However, while he was aboard
ship, he noticed that the five elk he had been hunting had also been
aboard. They had been put into a cubicle in which none of them could
Higdon was told by the aliens that the elk were needed for breeding

Another interesting case is that of Denise and Bert Twiggs of
Oregon. In 1976, the Twiggs experienced a missing-time UFO encounter
driving outside of Rapid City, South Dakota. They explored the event
hypnosis and a typical abduction scenario emerged. The Twiggs,
worked through the trauma often associated with such encounters.
later, they began having further encounters of a more interactive

They soon developed an intimate relationship with aliens from the
galaxy who call themselves Andromes. Their story is told in their
Secret Vows: Our Lives With Extraterrestrials.

During their contacts, they experienced many incredible events
several healings of physical ailments. They have also been taken
onboard a
large mother ship that contains a full complement of nearly all types
earth animals. As the Twiggs say, "One interesting part of the mother
is the animal reserve. It is a veritable Noah's Ark. Lions, bears,
birds and elephants are to be found there. The majority of these
animals are
from Earth, although the Andromes have also brought animals from their
and other planets."

The Andromes are not only collecting animals, but also plants. As the
say, "Equal to their love for animals is their love for nature. The
vegetation on the mother ship for the most part seems much like the
of evergreens here on Earth, specifically reminding us of the Black
Hills of
South Dakota, although the trees are not as tall. Yet they do have
plants that are not familiar to us, like their fire bush, a three-foot-
bush in which a red liquid courses through the almost clear branches.
From a
distance its luminescent qualities and movement make it appear to have
fire dancing across it. There is also a tree in the shape of a giant
whose bark resembles something like the shape of a pineapple." 3

Another case of a perhaps more bizarre nature is that of Katharina
an Oregon-based real-estate broker who has been having UFO encounters
her life. Wilson has been abducted several times, has been examined by
aliens, has been shown hybrid babies, and has been subjected to many
experiences that are typical of onboard UFO experiences. And like many
abductees, she has experienced some interference with the United
military, or some faction thereof.

On July 23, 1988, Katharina was taken aboard a UFO where she saw
people, including members of her own family. Several of them were
taken to a
large area that appeared to be some sort of a zoo. In large glass
Katharina was surprised to see a variety of animals, none of which she
ever seen before. As she says, "This huge, dark area we are in looks
like a
zoo except, instead of cages, they use big glass rooms. They look like
displays. I can walk all the way around them . . . Ooh! I'm looking
one - I see two gorilla-like Beings and a large cat. The hairy Beings
very tall, and they don't really look like gorillas, but they are all
like them. They are asleep."

Katharina was surprised to see that the gorilla-like creature had
asleep holding a newspaper, although she had no idea if the creature
actually read. The enclosure did have furniture, including a desk,
and books. Katharina also noticed a large cat-like creature. As she
"There is a cat on the other side of the room. It is white with orange
spots, and it is about two to three feet tall. It must weigh over
pounds. It was sleeping, but now it is stretching a little and rubbing
face against the wall . . . I'm walking towards another glass
enclosure. The
animal in this one appears to be half lion and half reptile. It is
lying on
its back and its mouth has fallen open because it is sleeping. I'm
at its mouth and I can see rows of teeth. I know what this animal is
I'm telling the people standing next to me. I sense the animals have
saved from extinction. Someone next to me whispers, 'That is something
one on Earth has ever seen before.' I'm nodding in agreement. I'm
amazed at
what I'm looking at. These animals are incredible."

Katharina's UFO experiences have involved many screen memories and
camouflages set up by the aliens. She feels, however, that the animals
saw were actually there. As she says, "The animals in the glass
were very real. Again, I did not sense any deception here. Yes, they
unusual, but I felt at that time, and still believe today, that these
animals were very rare and were being saved from extinction. Another
possibility would be to compare this area to one of our own zoos. It
is also
interesting that even today I remember the sex of the reptile-lion was
female. While I was in the dark and large zoo area, I did not see any
aliens, but I was aware that they were monitoring us."

Katharina believes that the zoos are not really for display purposes,
are actually for the animals' own benefit. As she says, "I believe
animals were being helped in some way. Yes, they were captive, but
they were
healthy and well-cared for. The glass appeared to be one-way viewing,
is, we could see the animals, but the animals could not see us.
Somehow, I
knew these animals were very special to the aliens and we had to be
quiet when viewing them." In March 1989, Katharina was again taken to
alien zoo. On this occasion, however, she saw only birds. As she says,
must have passed out and now they brought me to another place. I see
with birds - the cages are about eight feet square. This is like a
except they have only birds."4

Another bizarre case seems to involve genetic experimentation of
The case comes from UFO researcher and abductee, Karla Turner, Ph.D.
In her
book, Into The Fringe, Turner writes about the case of Fred, who had
decidedly unpleasant experience aboard a UFO. Under hypnosis, Fred
remembered undergoing some kind of surgical procedure in which fluids
Fred's body were injected into a bizarre creature that was also being
operated on aboard the UFO. Fred also saw other strange creatures
aboard the
UFO. As Fred says, "I feel like they are going [to do] something to me
the animal . . . They are going [to do] something with me, my blood,
sperm and my genes. They are injecting my fluids into this
animal. . . . I
was lying down, and they were doing something to the animal. . . .
something from me and putting it into the animal. Then I remember
another animal running around. I can't remember what the animal looked
but it was bizarre. Seems like the animal is part human, part animal.
Like a
small child around two years old. The one animal that appears to be
seems to be really hairy. . . . They have the animal next to me. The
appears to be flat, not like a walking animal."

Fred was intrigued even more by the other animal. As he says, "I can't
it clearly. It doesn't have a shirt on. It has some hair, but not a
lot. It
seems like it has skin, pink or white, on the top and hair on the
Brown hair. My logic is blocking out a good description . . . whatever
is, it has hooves, like a cow. I'm not seeing the body too clearly."

As Fred watched, the animal was injected with fluid, and removed from
room. Another woman was brought in and given a similar procedure.
Afterwards, Fred was returned to his home. It is Fred's opinion that
aliens are experimenting with crossbreeding. As he says, "They are
regenerating from animal to human, from human to animal. Regenerating
think it has something to do with the immune system. Either they are
our immune system, or doing something with it. What it is I don't
know, but
they did implant something into the woman. They seem to be
too. Between animal and human."5

Probably the most revealing of these types of cases is that of Betty
Andreasson of Massachusetts.

On January 26, 1967, Betty Andreasson was taken out of her home and
into an
alien ship. She was given a painful examination in which she believes
was implanted. She was then placed inside an enclosed chair. When she
taken out, she was led down a tunnel and into a landscape that looked
totally unfamiliar and otherworldly. There were strange buildings with
window-like openings. It was in one of these strange buildings that
saw a large number of very strange creatures.

Crawling along the walls and floor of the one-story building were
dozens of
one-foot tall creatures with no heads and two eyes located on the ends
stalks that grew from the tops of the lemurs or monkey-like creatures.
Betty says, "There're loads of them. Oh, they're scary! And they've
arms and legs and kind of a full body. And their eyes can move every
way, and they can climb just like monkeys. They can climb up quickly
swiftly and down and around and in and out of windows. They are all
over the
place . . . they are all around us, everywhere! They are all around
and they
keep looking at us."

Betty asked the aliens who the creatures were, but they refused to

In 1950, in Westminster, Massachusetts, Betty Andreasson was abducted
aliens from a field behind her home. She was placed inside a large
filled with jelly-like liquid. As Betty watched through a porthole,
the UFO
took off and dived into a large body of water. Afterwards, the UFO
rose into
an underground cavern.

The cavern was completely natural except that there were odd cube-like
structures situated in clusters. As Betty approached the cube-like
structures, she was shocked to see that they were clear like crystal.
inside each one was a person!

As Betty says, "I'm just moving along beside those odd - I don't know
you would call them - icicles, square icicles or glass things. I don't
And there is light there . . . There's people in there, there's some
in there. . . . There's people inside those things. There's some
people in
there. . . . Inside those glass things, there's some people. But
they're not

Betty looked more closely, and she could see that each figure was
by their own distinct scenery. Even more shocking was the wide variety
people represented. Betty saw a Native American, a man from the
and people from all different times and races. There were also many
children. The cubicles were too numerous to count. As Betty says,
an Indian in there. . . . There's a whole bunch of people in
there. . . .
There's people there that are dressed funny and old fashioned. . . . I
Chinese and just all different peoples there. . . . There's all these
different peoples there. . . . There's all these different frozen, or
something or other, people there. There's even a dog and a cat and
animals too. There's a whole bunch of stuff there, but I can't see it

Betty was then taken to another room that represented a beautiful
scene of
nature, all in what appeared to be glass. As Betty says, "Oh,
everything is
just like it's clear glass, like a forest of clear glass. There's
leaves and
trees and grass and everything, everything. And the birds, they're
thin, thin, thin glass . . . the only thing is, there's nothing
There's even birds flying, but they're not moving. And there's

At this point, Betty reached out and touched one of the glass
To her surprise, it came to life, fluttered around and returned to
frozen state. She reached down to the ground and touched the flowers.
same thing happened. As Betty says, "I'm touching some of the flowers
and -
Oh! The flowers are beautiful. The color is coming into them and it
beautiful. Oh. I'm going to touch some leaves. Oh, it's just so

Betty was then told by the aliens, "This is for you to remember so
will understand."7

In 1973, Betty Andreasson was taken to an even more extensive zoo. It
was a
perfect reproduction of a pond in a forest. In fact, it was so
that when Betty was placed inside the room, she thought she was
outside. As she says, "I'm in the woods. I don't know how I got here
there, but I'm in the woods . . . it's so green and beautiful. And
there's a
pond right there. The water is so clear. I can see fish there. Oh wow!
There's - it's just loaded with fish. Loaded! Loaded! . . . All sizes
fish in there. And such a small pond too. Oh, and I can see ferns. And
it is
just so beautiful."

Betty noticed that there was no sun but sort of a strange, even
Shortly later, the pond began draining and Betty saw that it was
actually an
artificial pond.

Later during the experience, Betty had a chance to communicate with
extraterrestrials. They explained in no uncertain terms that their
zoos are
actually saving the species on our planet from total extinction. As
says, "He says that they are the caretakers of nature and natural
forms -
The Watchers. They love mankind. They love the planet Earth and they
been caring for it and Man since Man's beginning. They watch the
spirit in
all things. Man is destroying much of nature. . . . They are curious
the emotions of mankind. . . . He's saying that they have collected
the seed
of Man, male and female. And that they have been collecting every
and every gender of plant for hundreds of years so that nothing will
be lost
when the last shall come."8

There are many other cases of this kind, but the general pattern is
The cases fall into two main types. The first type is a simple
collection of
genetic material and live specimens. The second type seems to involve
genetic experimentation with exotic, unknown creatures.

Why are the aliens collecting these specimens and creating new ones?
What do
these stories tell us about our future? Are the aliens predicting
disasters and the destruction of all life on planet Earth? Are they
collecting species like a sort of futuristic Noah's ark? Are they just
performing bizarre genetic experiments for reasons of their own?

Some obvious conclusions can be easily drawn from these types of
Evidently, the aliens feel that we are going to destroy ourselves and
only trying to protect humanity from total extinction. Our zoos on
Earth are
primarily used for display. The alien zoos, however, are much more
akin to
wildlife reserves. Humans have stood by and done nothing while species
species have been rendered extinct. The aliens, however, have
taken action. Thanks to the aliens, many creatures thought to be
extinct may
actually have been saved. And those that are in danger of extinction
still be saved. Including us.

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Copyright 1996 Preston E. Dennett

Sir Gilligan Horry

Jun 1, 2008, 4:15:57 PM6/1/08

Sir Arthur CB Wholeflaffers ASA wrote:
> After reading ..........

Howdy Sir Arthur CB Wholeflaffers ASA !!!

Did you see the video I made mentioning your name and thanking you?



Jun 4, 2008, 5:02:29 PM6/4/08

. It is Fred's opinion that
> the
> aliens are experimenting with crossbreeding. As he says, "They are
> regenerating from animal to human, from human to animal. Regenerating
> DNA. I
> think it has something to do with the immune system. Either they are
> testing
> our immune system, or doing something with it. What it is I don't
> know, but
> they did implant something into the woman. They seem to be
> crossbreeding
> too. Between animal and human."5

Perhaps we will do better as animals. Is that the idea?

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