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Apr 23, 2008, 11:01:28 AM4/23/08

Dear Sir /

If it would be interesting for you to learn,

1) why the signals of Extraterrestrial Civilizations have not been
still detected (“the Great Silence of Cosmos”) [A.2( see Article 2),
the commentaries – below ];

2) why the electromagnetic waves radiated by our brain and
carrying a definite information (e.g. telepathic) have not been still
detected [A.2];

3) why in the band (of frequencies) much less than 1 hertz one
can transmit information at a speed much more than 1 bit in a second
if one use a so-called “non-linear” (“inversely proportional”)
frequency modulation of signals, and, thus, in the band of only one
working radio station one can easily place – all wireless stations of
the world! [A.2];

4) what kind of signals radiate living creatures which are not
detected with up-to-date physical devices, are protected excellently
from any noises, go through any obstacles, and are received reliably
in any point of the Earth [A.2];

5) why telepathy – how an independent natural phenomenon –
does not exist but is, so to say, “by-product” of our memory, e.g.
auditory, visual [A.3];

6) why (how it has supposed the Nobel Prize Winner Lui de
Broglie) not only an electron but also any physical body, including a
man, possesses both corpuscular and wave characteristics, and under
what conditions matter turns into field and vice versa [A.13];

7) why in our time in district near Moscow (Russia) it take place
many cases – of teleportations of people and objects, i.e. they move
instantly from one place to another, “demonstrating” their wave
properties [A13];

8) why in 1943 in the USA it took place the teleportation – of
the upper works of the destroyer “Aldridge” (i.e. it conducted itself
as a wave) at a distance – of 350 kilometers, and then it (in some
second) again come back in its dock in Philadelphia (i.e. “reunited”
with the lower works of the ship) [A.13];

9) why it is not possible to catch any “Yeti” or any “Nessy” and
why their photographs are always illegible (dim) [A.13];

10) why the chemical composition of the matter of the UFO’s hull,
which blew up in the area of Dalnegorsk (a settlement in Primorskii
krai of Russia) at the hill Izvestkovaya (altitude 611), became –
quite different after warning up in vacuum, i.e. it took place the
transmutation of elements (a low-temperature nuclear fusion) [A.13];

11) where came flying from and why blew up as – a H - bomb (and
even several times!) the Tungus cosmic body (Russia, 1908) [A.13];

12) why it is possible to model A. Einstein’s “paradox of twins”
without leaving the Earth and without developing the sublight speeds

13) where are so-called “parallel worlds” (from there to our
world come flying some – UFOs) and why the time in these worlds passes
slower or faster than in our “earth” world [A.13,14];

14) why it is possible – to create the Time Machine (without
breaking the principle of causality) and visit the past or the future
if we shall accordingly – decrease or increase the frequencies of
(electromagnetic) oscillations of our bodies [A.13,14];

15) why in 1983 in the Atlantic the crew of the English freight
ship “Milena” fought with the real pirates who found themselves in our
world from – the past (from the 16th century!) [A.14];

16) why in 1992 in the Atlantic an American warship saved 13
passengers from – the “Titanic” (who found themselves – into the
future) which sank in 1912 at a depth of 4000 meters, but in 80 years
the upper works of the liner suddenly – came to the surface, i.e. it
conducted itself as a wave too (see above) and then (in some minutes)
– sank again into the depth (i.e. “reunited” with the lower one of the
liner) [A14];

17) why some prehistoric animals, which died out (as species)
many million years ago, are living – till now: pterosauruses
(kongamato), brontosauruses (mokele mbembe), gigantopitecs (Yeti),
plesiosauruses (Nessy) and others [A.14];

18) why in the area of the Bermuda Triangle and other “devil’s”
places where are breaks (clefts) in the earth’s crust suddenly –
disappear ships and aircrafts with their crews, but in tens of years
some of these men suddenly – return in our world without growing old
not a jot [A.14];

19) where disappeared the bodies of 269 passengers (without
clothes!) from the airliner “Boeing–747” (South Korea) which was shot
down on the 1st September, 1983 in air space of the USSR [A.14];

20) why on November, 1930 disappeared suddenly not only 2000
inhabitants of an Eskimo village but and the bodies of their
forefathers – from their graves which were dug without using the
techniques, but the frozen soil of these graves was hard as steel [A.

21) why on the World Ocean there are several gigantic craters
which from time to time absorb (in serene weather) ships of any
dimensions together with their crews [A.14];

22) why the airliner “Boeing–727” with 127 passengers on board
disappeared suddenly (near Miami, the USA) from the screens of radio-
locators, but in 10 minutes it suddenly again appeared on them; on the
runway in turned out that the pilots and the passengers’ watches –
were 10 minutes slow [A.14];

23) what are “the rays of eyesight” radiated by men’s eyes which
behave as electromagnetic waves of super-high frequency (they exert
pressure upon bodies, possess calorific effect, are focused well) and
can be at the bottom of such a disease as a wasting disease [A.22];

24) why the footprint of the bare foot of Porfiry Ivanov (a well-
known Russian extrasens, the author of the celebrated “Detka”)
appeared on the surface – of the Moon in 1960’s, and how he saved (on
the Moon!) two American astronauts (A. Sheppard, E. Mitchell) from the
spaceship “Apollo – 14” in 1971 [A.23];

25) how an American extrasens and scientist R. Monroe has
established that Jupiter, just as Saturn, has some rings around itself
but much more thinner, and only in several years the spaceship
“Voyager” photographed these ones which are not visible in any
telescope; how an English writer J. Swift learned (in the 1720’s) that
Mars has two satellites, but scientists discovered them with the help
of telescopes only in 150 years; why Dogons, an African tribe, have
known for a long time that Sirius is a double star and consist of the
“big” Sirius A and the “white dwarf” Sirius B (the scientists have
known about it quite lately) [A.23];

26) why the future of any person – has been beforehand
predetermined, but the probability (accuracy) of its realization is no
more than 70 – 80 per cent [A.24];

27) why the intellect of UFO’s pilots, “the men in black”,
“chrononauts” (“wanderers through time”) and other
“extraterrestrial being” is often so primitive and resemble
artificial [A.24],

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and if we can cooperate, tell me
about it, please.


Yu. I. Nikolski

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