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Jan 12, 2018, 11:47:54 AM1/12/18
Startreked-Enterprise Episode 01x48 [o;-)
Capt. Tom is wondering how the South American Co-Pilot is able to
keep the perfect 150 lb figure.
As the crew rushes the cabin, Capt. Tom begins making an announcement
over the P.A. system as the Koala bear ushers the crew to their seats,
making each of them blink twice.
[Short pause.. Fade in]
A Human reaches for communication and realism,
gets surrounded by Vulcans, a Romulan quickly hands the Human
common sense and begins slowly reaching for his disintegrator.
The Koala looks around, notices traffic, and makes the crew blink two more times.
[Fade out]
[Fade in]
The Ensign T-shirt bearing the famous emblem shines as
Ensign Tom Brady, the other Tom, heads for the grimey trader
at the corner table in the rear of the tavern to collect
a bounty and purchase a few more numbers.
[Fade out.. Commercial Advertisement..]

oO0 Ever notice, every time a human thinks,
the human is suddenly surrounded by vulcan,
and a romulan has to do something about it?
Or how any version of star trek's enterprise, could have worked if.. had a captain named tom, a south american on board,
and occasionally an armed Quouala/Koala bear.

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[Fade in}

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