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Physics of OAHSPE part 1

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James Michael McGill

Aug 6, 1997, 3:00:00 AM8/6/97

A book I have called OAHSPE published in 1882 says this "There are two
known things in the universe: ethe and corpor. The former is the solvent
of the latter. For comparison, take a lump of table-salt, which, though
white, is impervious to the sight of man. Cast it into water, and it is
lost to sight; though it still existeth, the sight of man can see through
it. Earth substance, as such is equally soluble in ethe. And the great
etherean firmament is thus constituted; being a dense solution of corpor.
In the main, etherea is transparent; but in some places translucent, and
opaque. Here are iron, and copper, and granite, and water, and lead, and
clay, and nitrogen, and oxygen, and hydrogen, and various other kinds of
corporeal substances, as known on earth, and besides these, millions of
things not known on the earth. And ethe holdeth them in solution; even
after the manner that air holdeth the substance of clouds, which is water
in solution. In the case of a vortex in etherea (that is after the manner
of a whirlwind on earth), the corporeal solutions are propelled toward the
centre thereof in greater density. When it is sufficiently dense to
manifest light and shadow, it is called a comet, or nebula; when it is
still more dense it is a planet. As previously stated, ethe holdeth corpor
in solution, which is the condition of atmospherea and of the etherean
regions beyond. When a portion of this solution is given a rotary motion
it is called a vortex. The earth floateth in the midst of a vortex, the
outer extremity of which is somewhat beyond the moon. The vortex is
globular, corresponding to the form of the earth, with slight differences,
which will be pointed out hereafter. The vortex turneth the earth on its
axis, with its own axial motion. Consequently the outer part of the vortex
hath greater velocity than near the earth's surface, which hath an axial
motion of one thousand miles an hour. The outer rim, forty-two thousand
miles broad of the earth's vortex, hath a revolution axially with the
earth once a month. [The earth's vortex was discovered by space scientist
beginning in 1958 and named the magnetosphere, the magnetosphere was not
even theorized untill 1931, but OAHSPE described it in 1881]. The swiftest
part of the earth's vortex is therefore about fifteen thousand miles this
side of the orbit of the moon. From the swiftest part of the earth's
vortex, its force is toward the earth's centre. And if there was no earth
here at present, the vortex would make one presently. Things fall not to
the earth because of gravity therein, but are driven toward the centre of
the vortex, by the power of the vortex. The greater diameter of the vortex
is east and west; the lesser diameter north and south, with an inclination
and oscillation relatively like the earth."

let me know what you think of the physics of OAHSPE part 1, I will send
you part two later so the message is not too long. Also feel free to not
only post a reply but email me at I look forward to
discussing physics and metaphysics with you.

talk to you later


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