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May 16, 2010, 2:00:56 PM5/16/10
Tribal Magik CD by Dragon Ritual Drummers © 2009 Dragon Ritual
11 Tracks (48:53) $19.95 (U.S.)

I did something with this CD which I seldom do. Even though I had
several review items waiting already, I slipped my headphones on and
began listening, even as I was working on other items.

On all of their CDs I have had the pleasure of hearing they bring a
unique perspective to their drumming. I have never failed to be
impressed by the quality of their work, and be the sheer energy they
project, and this one is no different. It would be easy to expect too
little or too much from a CD with this title. It offers a unique
blend of music which appears to be derived from pure African sources
as well as from the African Diaspora religions.

There is a joyousness and light-heartedness which comes through and
which makes it nearly impossible NOT to get up and move to the beat.
The songs are bracketed between a pair of very short pieces (less than
one minute each), with the remainder averaging a bit over five minutes

And lest you think that tribal magik only refers to non-white peoples,
they toss in “Mountain Mystery” which is derived from an experience in
Appalachia (and trust me, the culture there can be quite “tribal”).
While it is very different from what comes before it on the CD, it
showcases the joy these men take in their performances.

After listening to it the first time, I needed to take a short break
before I could go back to enjoy it again. It had that kind of an
overwhelming effect on me. After giving myself a while to relax, I
listened to it again, and got the same basic reaction. This is a
great CD,
It is the first time the Drummers have worked with a producer, and the
change shows. Their earlier works were good, and this one is even

I’ve said it before, and I will repeat it now – if you have never
experienced the sounds these gentlemen produce; if you haven’t
purchased a drumming CD, this is the way to start. One of the things
which impressed me was the fact that no “sampling” was used – every
instrument was performed by members of the group. It’s not all drums
– there are tin whistles and keyboards as well as a host of percussion

There will be a new release from them before the end of the year
(hopefully, it will be out before Samhain), and I am already
anticipating another overwhelming experience.

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