BOOK REVIEW - Everyday Witch A to Z

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Michael Gleason

Sep 29, 2008, 2:31:11 PM9/29/08
Everyday Witch A to Z by Deborah Blake Š 2008 Llewellyn ISBN
978-0-7387-1275-8 263 pages Paperback $17.95 (U.S.) $20.95 (Canada)

A wonderful compendium of wit, wisdom, and whimsy; that's what this book is.
Arranged alphabetically (kind of), it is easy to use and needs only minor
introductions to explain a few points - like that "Onyx" is Deborah Blake
and "Magic" is her feline familiar.

This was a fun book to read, even though I could nit pick a few items. That's
what it would take though, nit picking. Unlike many of the books I have
read and reviewed in the past few years there were no glaring errors to jump
up and scream at me.

It is not as comprehensive as it might have been, but fortunately it was a
lot more fun than it could have been. There are a few places where I flat
out disagree with what Ms. Blake has written, but that may be a result of
too many years of kicking around primarily with Elders and not enough time
with newbies.

I have to say that she succeeded in her goal which was to entertain as well
as to educate. Newcomers will learn a lot of things; old timers will
chuckle and remember what it felt like to be a newcomer.

Plan to add this book to your library. And while you're at it, plan to give
a copy or two to friends for Yule.

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