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Stefen Carroll

Sep 10, 2021, 9:02:48 PMSep 10
My original statement stands proper and correct.

Which do you think is the better troll? Commander Kinsey or Sigmond?
I vote for Sigmond; only because he sometimes does figure out what he
is told, even if, regrettably, he forgets it sometimes days later.

Sigmond just has a ton of completely unsupported allegations and he knows
it, so his MO is to repeat his bullshit non-stop and engage 'lurkers'
(who are either socks or shills) to 'agree to' that crap to confuse his

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Steven Petruzzellis

Sep 11, 2021, 2:38:38 AMSep 11
Right, Snit Glasser Michael is pushing to sell an API variable, which anyone
can get for free. If he could stop being so dumb he'd get how clueless he
appears ;)

You haven't been here to understand the depths of Snit Glasser Michael's
drug use. I don't understand that. Unawareness is unawareness and there are
many who are OK with it. Many are even teachers. I'm getting sick of the
nonsense in here. I'm guessing the pea-brained troll is in its brain damage
mode again.

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Snit Michael Glasser

Sep 11, 2021, 12:46:13 PMSep 11
Commander Kinsey: <rqebpk$f4d$>
> An "entire bot"? Meaning you are saying it is part of one?

That's all any of the code demos I've shown Snit
are, for years now.

But then Commander Kinsey flip flops:

Commander Kinsey: <rqk10g$j1c$>
So... these are "parts" the size of "code snippets", written in
AS, in this thread, not "the past"
(drop your drugs off with the police and sober up)."

Commander Kinsey starts with "for years now" but then denies that is
in the past. And Commander Kinsey insists the code from the past was
not tied to bots... directly contradicting themselves.

I quoted specific examples of Commander Kinsey attacking Snit -- twisting
Snit's words, etc. His response: to blame me. Contrary to Commander Kinsey's
claim that he has "no experience in making a spam bot" (a lie as demonstrated
by the fact that he hacked Snit's Gmail account) he was seen asking programmers
how they would trick someone to give up their password.

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Diesel Crook

Sep 11, 2021, 6:27:29 PMSep 11
These types of trolls get their kicks out of provoking angry reactions to
their crap, which is the very definition of a troll. Generally, Doomsdrzej
would not call a post like Snit Glasser Michael's comments a fantasy until
you challenge it and he responds with the same thing again knowing he can't
prove it. One day, if you bother to care... you'd see that Snit Glasser
Michael's plan is to 'carelessly' incite people and then play 'victim'.
I just use score: -9999 and do not see the idiot. Snit Glasser Michael's
crap has made an utter disaster of COLA via Google Groups, so I don't make
an attempt replying to the group with my tablet anymore. One nice thing
he has done with this behavior is that the Snit Glasser Michael filter will
forever stay. At times, an inner world is more valuable than truth.

In regards to working towards kindness, it is clear that in order for Doomsdrzej
to do that, he has to give Snit Glasser Michael a free pass for every single
SJW comment he's made about Doomsdrzej, and overlook every false lie he's
posted about Doomsdrzej as well.

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Steve Carroll

Sep 11, 2021, 8:04:24 PMSep 11
BTW, I've already discussed that his use of "cult-like" to describe knowledgable
posters is insulting, since he's likening them to sled dogs.

Obviously, since they can call Chris out (and did), he's lied; otherwise
everyone else must be lying be about him, and I don't think Chris's willing
to claim it is gang alienation of himself and demand that's even possible.
I am not going to pretend Snit did not save my skin with my choice of distro
and I am thankful for his advice. Chris has my posts to follow and could
learn to at least pretend he grew a brain from here on out... as always
he made an ass of himself when he brought it up. Helping Chris and helping
Snit isn't the same thing. Nobody should knowingly help Chris do anything
- except for sitting on train tracks, licking hot wires, or successfully
decapitating himself.

Chris continues to reference the harassment accusation he wrote about me,
even after Snit posted that he lied about it.

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