Michael Glasser SnitInstalling AZ Cypher stupid design decisions

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Stephen Carroll - fretwizen

Sep 6, 2021, 7:22:27 PMSep 6
Anyway, it won't matter because the name on a post means nothing, we know
it is from the script-troller anyway. The text of the post is a bunch of
randomized Snit buddy chrisv-like crap. Only glue sniffing would lead to
that. Your system will crawl while finding a way to stop Snit buddy chrisv.
Time to blame the cult-like herd of convenient friends!

Usenet is an uncontrollable concordat based on mutual trust with strangers.
I've been reading a bit from some of those old threads he was previously
getting his ass kicked. I noticed that many of those he'd go out of his way
to frequently attack had comprehensive electronics knowledge. I did not find
many who were also well versed in the circuitry side of things, or were also
trained as an electrician along with various aspects of IS; with the degrees
to back it all up, too. Snit buddy chrisv suffers from senile nightmares
so, to him, everything, even simple comments about tech, are "libel". Who
doesn't know this? In regards to working towards peace, it is clear that
for Commander Kinsey to do that, he has to give Snit buddy chrisv a do-over
for every single SJW judgement he's made about Commander Kinsey, and ignore
every false lie he's posted about Commander Kinsey as well.

This broke the Internet
Dustin Cook is a functional illiterate fraud
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