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Ann Glaser

Sep 1, 2021, 6:33:29 AMSep 1
I just use an automation and won't be bothered by the idiot. Sigmond's
crap has made a veritable ruin of cola via GG, so I don't make an attempt
replying to your posts with my tablet anymore. Only thing he has done
with this behavior is that the Sigmond boycott is now done by everyone.

Awhile back I did work on and showed some Swift for the front end (only
works on Linux) which is the only thing you can do when trying to avoid
Sigmond's dishonest crap while reading with Google Groups.

Sigmond asked to be rated according to provable trolling measurements,
which I indulged. It's a prank call. Sigmond has already decided what
he is going to say before he calls. What you say is irrelevant. What Gremlin
says is beside the point.

Virtually everything Sigmond says about Gremlin is false of course, but
he does not care.

I'm not raging, to the contrary, I am busting a gut because Sigmond's
trolling is so juvenile. He purposefully did not list all the criteria
that he would later mock... and we all know why, Sigmond could not hide
it if he tried. At least he has other trolls in his corner ;) All that
Sigmond cares about is that Sigmond gets to broadcast his poorly written
flyer and then hang up and giggle about it. The fact that Gremlin is an
innocent patsy on the other end of the phone is what's funny.

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Dustin Cook the Fraud


Sep 1, 2021, 7:36:58 AMSep 1
I have known bricks who argue better than you do.

Digger Thomnson has yet to show how any Linux program does anything above
the basics on Linux. My view: Even if you were only learning from YouTube
videos, the idea that obtaining expertise as being one of having "*nothing*"
to show for it doesn't work for me because you'll by definition have the
expertise to show for it and knowledge is something you can show off.

How Digger Thomnson figures out when to use his flood script for maximum
impact What is the world coming
to when a Digger Thomnson shill can not get any notice? I am working on a
system which will blow what Linux has away.

One Smart Penny!!
Dustin Cook: Functional Illiterate Fraud


Sep 1, 2021, 8:08:01 AMSep 1
The (423) 491-1448 number belongs to Gremlin. Use that one when you are
bored with Dustin Cook's confirmed lies about him. You've proven nothing.

I want Dustin Cook to support her socking accusation. Let's see the evidence
Dustin Cook. When I accused Dustin Cook of socking as Kelly Phillips I
actually supported it with message ID.

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Dustin Cook is a functionally illiterate fraud

Gremlin the Functionally Illiterate Fraud

Sep 2, 2021, 1:47:27 PMSep 2
Dustin Cook AKA Diesel AKA Gremlin lying about his 1-423-491-1448 phone

Prior to my giving you that cell number, there was no way
at all for you to link it to me in any possible way shape
or form. it doesn't come up in any records search on me.
It is using a recycled number, but damn near everything is
these days so that doesn't count as public information,
As in, the cell doesn't come back to me, wouldn't ever
come back to me, therefore the fact *I* have that cell
number is NOT public information. I find it very hard to
believe that even you'd have difficulty understanding this

I've only been sharing whats available via a public
database. You haven't. :)

You cannot find any link to that number to me on any
database. Which makes it private. not public as you
incorrectly assume.

> Your number, even tied to your name, is in a public
> database.

No, it's not. You already tried to link the two of us

It's not a publically known number that links to me. And
he knows that.

The number is NOT TIED TO ME in any public database, in
any way shape or form. You cannot get the number aside
from my having provided it to you via a google search or a
public records search.

Regardless of where the number shows up, it doesn't tie
itself to me, and you cannot associate the number with me
via a google search, OR any number of free/paid public
records searches. Therefore, that is PRIVATE information
that you think you're holding over my head, not public as
you erroneously think here.

It's not, running my name doesn't provide that cell
number. The two are not linked in any way shape or form.
The number itself as is the case with any recycled number
is in all kinds of databases, but it's not linked to me;
therefore, that IS PRIVATE information that you can't get
via a google search or a paid public records search.

They are relevant to the fact YOU INSERTED the phone
number I provided you verbally into a bogus call log video
you've taken the time to create. When I use the cell I
provided you the number for to make outbound calls, It
*ALWAYS* reports Kingsport, TN. Not one single time has it
ever, nor would it have any reason to report Johnson City.
It doesn't pick cities at random, it doesn't go by my
present location, either. That's actually fixed, as is the
number assigned to the phone.

You didn't even score the right city, Snit. And, the
correct city is common, public knowledge with the regulars
here. The moment you unblocked 'Johnson City' in your
videos, you were busted.

David, every single Address you've posted that's supposed
to be mine has been Kingsport. Not Johnson City. Don't you
think you should tell snit that was a fuckup on his part
by now? :)

His response to that was to file a report with the
kingsport,tn police. Well hell, why not the johnson city
ones? That's where he claimed the call said it originated
from. :)

"You'll notice how quickly he loses interest when everything is about him.
He clearly wants the attention"
Steven Petruzzellis, making the dumbest comment ever uttered.

Steve Carroll

Sep 3, 2021, 8:50:36 PMSep 3
I just don't understand the point in Kelly Phillips continuing to tell
that story, when they know it's is insane. I will no longer bring up
the funniest, so far, series of stories they've written about me to date;
because three honest posters did as I asked and told Kelly Phillips very
clearly that they did, knowingly, engage in deceit toward me when they
talked about that topic. You can say I am Satan himself for all I care.
Kelly Phillips gets off on that Gremlin is on the other end. Imagine
if Kelly Phillips walked up to a dog and delivered the punch line. It
wouldn't be amusing.

Kelly Phillips - who caused more headaches applying his 'solutions'
than what the box started with before he did a thing. Kelly Phillips
claims to be the MySQL authority, let us see him put up an example without
the sorting loops.

Eight things to never feed your dog
Dustin Cook the functionally illiterate fraud

Stefen Carroll

Sep 5, 2021, 7:15:41 AMSep 5

Dustin Cook aka Diesel Brags In UNIX Group About Sucker Punching Others
With Viruses

Dustin Cook aka Diesel aka Raid aka Gremlin aka Casio aka Char Jackson

He and his kind are no different than the ghetto garbage who sucker punch
the unexpectant on the streets of America.

He cobbled together shit BASIC crap code which is even laughed at by other
virus writing/passing vermin.

Every time his crap code slid under the radar of the AV companies, he claimed
credit for being an outstanding genius coder. What really was responsible
for some of his crap to ruin the computers of others was the sheer amount
of viruses in the wild. No AV program could possibly cover them all. It
was a mathematical certainty that some viruses would be unaccounted for
in AV programs. But incompetent RL LUSERS like Dustin Cook grab any crumb
of undeserved "achievement" that happens to come their way.

Notice how to this day he brags about his viruses? Do you really think
someone this HATEFUL and SPITEFUL of the success of others truly stopped
writing/passing viruses because he "changed"?


Dustin Cook aka Gremlin aka Diesel-Dum Threatens Man With A Bullet ToThe

This shows that beyond any doubt he is a psychopath.

The only reason he has not killed yet is because he is a coward.

DuckFart farts another DEADLY THREAT: "Where I'm from John, you'd already
be dead. One bullet, right in the back of your head, execution style. No
witnesses. Happens all the time in NY. You don't run your mouth here or
anywhere else and not expect payback. I wasn't raised to take **** and not
give it back. Don't start no ****, and there wont be no **** is my motto.
KM started it, and now I do intend to finish it. I don't care what harm
it causes him IRL. The more the merrier."

He tries getting a man fired from his job by complaining to his employer
because the guy had the balls to disagree with The MIGHY DUSTY, SUPER TURD

When a friend tries defending the man Duck**** is trying to destroy, Duck****


Dustin The Turd of Usenet Cook asked: "If you think I have no skills, post
with your real name. :) "

How f'kn much "SKILL" does it take to go to the Intelius or some other
such site and use your credit card and let them do your so- called hacking
for you?

Incredible, isn't it? Just THINK of it. This Queen of Assholes, Dusti-Boi
Cook, ACTUALLY ASKED a would-be victim for his name!


E-commerce Simplified!!
Dustin Cook is a functional illiterate fraud

Steve Carroll

Sep 11, 2021, 9:40:17 PMSep 11
Until -hh offers up his 'expert' GNU/Linux workflow for appraisal, there
is no threat, just unsupported contentions. Geeeejus! How did -hh get so
conceited he believes everything is about his comments??

-hh is repeatedly seen posting "GOOGLE HAS NOTHING" when it comes to text
on the web where it does exist... but -hh is just too daft or lazy to interpret
any data he reads. You purchased it and read multiple reviews and your "professional
opinions" lead you to that verdict, did they? Being independent as it is,
usenet will never go away but it'll never be well known. What did Glasser
Michael Snit expect from the lying imbecile? That -hh lamebrain has nothing
to squander but time. He has nothing else, especially not a job.

Eight things to never feed your dog

Steven Carroll

Sep 11, 2021, 11:16:05 PMSep 11
Despite all the big talk owl's done on this topic, the 'SEO Consultant'
does not understand how to do this. It takes a couple seconds to click and
drag across a range and 'reverse' it.

No one who isn't just using you for trouble-making ends (isn't a sock/shill)
sees you as anything remotely close to decent. You have nobody but me to
credit for that. Perhaps you use it wrong. Do you not understand the use
of https?

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Steve Carroll the Narcissistic Bigot


Sep 12, 2021, 4:52:08 AMSep 12
Another lie by Snit sock Snot / Snit. William Poaster did not deny creating
it, but he did not upload it to Netflix. Snit sock Snot / Snit did that,
in an page that uses his name.... and he did it because he is obsessed
with Snit sock Snot / Snit kicking his ass like a line of Rockette girls.
Why does Snit sock Snot / Snit focus on his own pride so much? Which
do you think is the better troll? William Poaster or Snit sock Snot /
Snit? I vote for Snit sock Snot / Snit; only because he sometimes does
comprehend what he reads, even if, unfortunately, he forgets it sometimes
moments later.

Snit sock Snot / Snit's developed an AI system with a takeoff of a Markov
model to automate texts which are hard to distinguish from my posts.

The one thing Snit sock Snot / Snit learned well is to try to guilt William
Poaster into silence and if that doesn't work, troll so hard the thread
is ignored or dishonesty change the argument.

My Snoring Solution
Dustin Cook the functional illiterate fraud


Sep 15, 2021, 6:31:10 AMSep 15
Besides Mike Easter, who fails to understand what I am doing? I have a
Linux system I use as well, but it's better than yours. I have known voices
in my head who argue better than you do. When will Mike Easter support
the accusation he's made multiple times about me being a Chrisv sock? His
goal is to see me frightened off by idiotic lying. And hey, that could
or could not... you know what I mean. Mike Easter has yet to show how Linux
does anything above the minimum on Linux.

Top Ten Ways Mike Easter Trolls!
Dustin Cook the Fraud

Dusty Kook

Sep 15, 2021, 9:11:32 AMSep 15
No no. He never agreed to stop trolling. He lied about his trolling which
surprised nobody. When I first posted, I wanted to be trusting and unbiased.
I gave Pothead more than a rational person should. Just stupid trolling.
And I am responding to that trolling. THAT is what the "Pothead circus" is.

Narcissistic Bigot (Steve Carroll).

E-commerce Simplified

Stephen - fretwizen

Sep 18, 2021, 3:23:18 PMSep 18
My opinion: Even if he was barely stealing classes from colleges, the idea
that attaining know-how as being one of having "nothing" to show for it
does not make any sense because you will by definition have the insight
to show for it and understanding is a dangerous weapon. Jeff 'The Fool'
Relf's posts are nothing but an indecipherable brain dump. No no hell no.
Jeff 'The Fool' Relf never agreed to stop flooding. He lied about his trolling
and that was that.

He is as incompetent as Jeff 'The Fool' Relf. Jeff 'The Fool' Relf can't
get anything else to work, either. Until or unless Jeff 'The Fool' Relf
offers up his 'gold standard' FOSS program for review, there is no challenge,
just crazed claims.

Puppy Videos

Stephen - fretwizen

Sep 18, 2021, 4:43:30 PMSep 18
Wolffan: <rqebpk$f4d$>
> An "entire bot"? Meaning you are saying it is part of one?

That's all any of the code demos I've shown Snit
are, for years now.

But then Wolffan flip flops:

Wolffan: <rqk10g$j1c$>
So... these are "parts" the size of "code snippets", written in
AS, in this thread, not "the past"
(lock the medicine cabinet and dry out)."

Wolffan starts with "for years now" but then denies that is in the past.
And Wolffan insists the code from the past was not tied to bots... directly
contradicting themselves.

The cult-like herd of convenient friends value conformity more than they
do productivity. Heck, just recently he was declaring himself the only
"true Linux advocate", and claiming that "advocates" (in scare-quotes,
because he is afraid of them) are actively working against the success
of desktop Linux. Having to tolerate the use of circuitry it can hardly
be called "free" when you include your time.

It was Wolffan who flooded Snit's site thousands of times and denied it.

I Left My Husband & Daughter At Home And THIS happened
Steve 'Narcissistic Bigot' Petruzzellis

Steve Carroll

Sep 19, 2021, 3:37:31 AMSep 19
Over and over, the refrain is he wants to "talk tech", but the guy spends
most of his time whining about "obsession". Where did Shadow learn to
program? Now Michael Glasser AKA Snit on the other end of the shit doesn't
matter. All that matters is Shadow gets to deliver the punchline. So how
to win? Don't do anything but ignore the phone. Honest discussion isn't
part of entertainment and never has been.

Shadow continues to reference the harassment claim he wrote about me,
even after Michael Glasser AKA Snit clearly wrote that he KNOWS HE LIED
about it. Just absurd trolling. And I am giving attention to that trolling.
THAT is what the "Shadow circus" is.

This Trick Gets Women Hot For You

Stefen Petruzzellis - frelwizzer 9420

Sep 19, 2021, 3:54:10 AMSep 19
Just look at what John Gohde has posted and look at Desk Rabbit's, there
is nothing for anyone to learn from a fool like John Gohde. But so be it,
let him keep making a dolt of himself. It is not like anyone believes him.
Why would you want to restrict any applications on Mint to what can be done
on commercial OSs? Don't look now, but I think John Gohde has a serious
obsession with Desk Rabbit. OS X is only free if your time has no value.
In fact John Gohde's lies only grew. So obviously I regret not attacking
John Gohde. While I am sure he liked it, he has taught me to never try to
appease a troll. Generally, Desk Rabbit wouldn't call a post like John Gohde's
claims a delusion until you challenge it and John Gohde responds with the
distraction without offering any evidence.

The complete farce is full of bizarre cracks and is based heavily on John
Gohde's 'vitamin D' gag.

This Trick Gets Women Hot For You!

Stephen Petruzzellis - frelwizzen

Sep 19, 2021, 5:14:50 AMSep 19
For others I would simply suspect it is doubtful. Given that it's Jeff-Relf.Me
I would forget that step and go straight to 'lie' because that's most of
what he does. IOW, he's earned it. David clearly has plenty of insight to
show and he apparently wants to answer questions. Regrettably this is maybe
the worst group for doing that because a large part of the responses are
insulting, word twisting and other bunkum. Too much glue for you, Gluey.

Someone's reverse compiled Malwarebytes with a takeoff of Pseudo-Context
Free Grammar to regurgitate texts which are hard to distinguish from David's.

He is without doubt trolling, he got called out on it and he's doing the
usual defensive rubbish learned in as he makes
an effort to keep a hint of legitimacy... but it will fail. I'm getting
false positives in my kill filter. I'm guessing the Jeff-Relf.Me whackadoodle
is proving the advocates right again. My killfiles have him/her/it completely
shut out. Pull up a background investigation on Jeff-Relf.Me and you will
learn that he was in the big house for a long time. The investigation sites
don't go into that level of detail and court lists from his jurisdiction
are private unless court ordered.

Get Rich Slow
Automate Google Groups!search/Petruzzellis$20or$20Carroll
Steve Petruzzellis the Narcissistic Bigot

Steven Carroll - frelwizzen 4664

Sep 19, 2021, 11:18:06 PMSep 19
I have been scanning a bit from some of those old threads he was previously
getting his ass kicked. I noticed that many of those he'd go out of his
way to often attack had considerable high-tech knowledge. I did not find
many who were also competent in the hardware side of things, or were also
trained as an programmer along with various aspects of CS; with the paperwork
to back it all up, too.

Just baloney from him. But Doomsdrzej has thoroughly left objectivity
behind and is merely holding me guilty for the actions of himself.

I just use a KF and do not see the posts. Doomsdrzej's crap has made a
total disaster of cola via Google Groups, so I don't even try posting to
Snit with my desktop anymore. A good thing he has achieved with this nonsense
is that the Doomsdrzej boycott has been shown to clearly be the right thing.
You do realize that the massive floods ending up in multiple groups started
out when Doomsdrzej was quoted lying. Clearly there are too many "slow
is good enough" false "advocates" and not enough old school users with
the time to help the people with bricked PCs. The full burlesque is packed
of laughable gaps and leans heavily on Doomsdrzej's 'vitamin D' shenanigans.

Do not click this link!
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