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Sep 9, 2021, 2:29:38 AMSep 9
FromTheRafters is the product of the reality that Russians have been appointed
to take the lead in educating children. It is not chance that he is an
inane liberal. FromTheRafters suffers from waking lies so, to him, everything,
even treating him as he treats others, are "aggressive". Who DOESN'T know

Is RonB envious about FromTheRafters having four peer reviews papers
warning people about what he is, vs the single one he earned? What it
looks like can be skinned and not worth obsessing over, especially if
it's open source.

No one who isn't just using you for trouble-making goals sees you as
anything remotely close to decent. You have nobody but yourself to blame
for that.

Taking time building wisdom isn't a waste. Thinking you know more than
everyone else and working to convince RonB that it is true, as FromTheRafters
tries to do? *That* is a waste.

These posts are clearly at most partially automated, they are made by
FromTheRafters who is a glue sniffing stalker with a sick agenda who has
way too much time on his hands (and possibly has other shills helping

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