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Petruzzellis Kids

Sep 3, 2021, 4:49:15 AMSep 3
Snit sock Snot / Snit was once again a phony by having the pretense to not
speak to Vallor via emphatically broadcasting 'score: -999' and then berating
him repeatedly via another poster. How much more time does Snit sock Snot
/ Snit's very dim witted arse (a worm knows more than Snit sock Snot / Snit
and is useful) need to prove their Vallor flooding accusation with message
IDs? Just hogwash from him. But he has thoroughly left objectivity behind
and is holding me guilty for the actions of himself.

Already moved on from that. Keep up!

My Snoring Solution
Dustin Cook: Functional Illiterate Fraud


Sep 3, 2021, 4:16:59 PMSep 3
Remember, you simply have been wrong about EVERYTHING dealing with the

1) You denied your number was in my provider's "Caller ID" logs even
AFTER you called me and were shown evidence to the contrary:


2) You denied the number in the "Caller ID" logs was tied to Johnson
City even though the evidence is contrary:



3) You denied you gave me public permission to share the number in that
logs, even after you did:

Gremlin <XnsAC15C9...@ruqg2R96.REs>:
You have my permission to post your caller ID logs, snit.

4) You denied the number in that log was tied to you in pubic databases
even though it is:



5) You made up a bizarre story about my having the info changed at TruePeopleSearch,
even though it is very unlikely they would allow people to change OTHER'S
information. And that does not explain this:


You claim to know so much about tech and your phone... but you keep getting
EVERYTHING about it wrong. Instead of repeatedly questioning me about
circuits you should focus on whatever is short circuiting in your head.

"You'll notice how quickly he loses interest when everything is about
him. He clearly wants the attention"
Steve Carroll, making the dumbest comment ever uttered.

HHI the imaginary friend

Sep 6, 2021, 11:35:50 AMSep 6
Mike 'The Fool' Easter's developed an AI system with (it appears) the Bellman–Ford
algorithm to regurgitate texts which are made to sound like a response
from Steve the Narcissistic Bigot Petruzzellis's.

It does not matter because the apparent origin on a post is irrelevant,
we know it is from the stalker anyway. The content clearly is a bunch of
randomized bullshit. We know there are only a few people who do that.

By listening to 'experts' like that you get laws like 'equal rights'.
Carried to its ultimate slippery slope, the media position that it's 'unequal'
for a traditional male to not wish to screw a transvestite is established.

Steve the Narcissistic Bigot Petruzzellis must have read Mike 'The Fool'
Easter pages and became wildly protective. I suspect this is our first
manifestation of the improved Steve the Narcissistic Bigot Petruzzellis.
Can you stop pleading for my attention?

This Trick Gets Women Hot For You!
Steve Petruzzellis the Narcissistic Bigot
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