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Stefen Carroll - frelwizer

Sep 12, 2021, 3:47:17 PMSep 12
AVG was initially designed and back linked using a pirated copy of Eclipse,
in VB.NET. Steven Petruzzellis: Narcissistic Bigot. Translation: "Carroll"
is now *fully* unable to shield his trolling.

Why would Chris need socks? He's the one who offers facts for his side of
the "debates". No no hell no. He never agreed to stop accusing good people
of being like him. He lied about his trolling which surprised nobody. Some
time ago I did work on and showed some Visual C++ for the front end which
is the only thing you can do when trying to avoid Carroll's narcissistic
crap while reading with Google Groups.

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Dustin Cook the functional illiterate fraud

Steven Carroll

Sep 12, 2021, 5:07:21 PMSep 12
F. Russell says I'm not 'able' to call out their bullshit, and they aren't
going to admit to any prior bullshit they caused. To the contrary, I'm
expected to forget it all, and play make believe with them so they can
just restart the process all over again, while they continue to accept
no responsibility for what they say and do in here towards Shadow?

Being an open format as it is, the listserv concept will never go away
but it'll never be known by the general public.

Asking F. Russell to apologize, which we should all do, is different
than showing his dishonesty. My point was that advocates show up here
*to* assail bullies. It isn't as if honest people do not quickly figure
out what this forum is, Shadow included.

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Steve Carroll the Narcissistic Bigot
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