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Who Amp; 39;s Really Who Online Free

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Sachiko Stear

Dec 6, 2023, 8:32:27 PM12/6/23
Fans are throwing an in-game funeral in Red Dead Online to commemorate one year of bad updates, implying that Rockstar's online Western game is dead. Red Dead Online was launched alongside the critically acclaimed Red Dead Redemption 2 in 2018 but failed to get as much attention as Rockstar's other online open-world title, Grand Theft Auto Online, which received new story content featuring Dr. Dre as recently as last year. With no significant Red Dead Online updates releasing in 2022, many have come to believe that the developer has let the title fall by the wayside as it continues to add further updates and improvements to GTA Online instead.

Who amp; 39;s Really Who Online Free

Red Dead Online fans have been vocal about their disappointment with how the title has been handled in the past, with many pointing out that the last update, Blood Money, which offered up brand-new crime and robbery activities, was nearly a year ago. Rockstar has announced a July 2022 patch with a free community event, referring to missions that can be granted by strangers in the open world while offering extra RDO$ and XP on some challenges alongside some free weapons and items. However, this July 2022 update is almost entirely made up of discounts and offers very little in terms of new gameplay or story experiences. Many had come to the conclusion that making money in Red Dead Online was pointless due to the lack of content, and with the game's content drought set to continue, this has only added to the fanbase's discontent.

It is yet to be seen how many players will choose to give up on Red Dead Online following its impending in-game funeral, considering its year of little-to-no updates. Although a potential new-gen update could entice players on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X back to the online Western title, the damage already seems to be done in the eyes of the Red Dead Online community.

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