ML1 Compiler for DOS and DOS programming info.

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Nov 13, 2018, 1:52:39 PM11/13/18
I just uploaded the latest version of the ML1 compiler to

Ml1 (which is not ML/1) is a free script driven macro compiler which
includes scripts that define a structured BASIC like programming
language for DOS. You can use the compiler and scripts as-is to
create small fast DOS programs. The included scripts output NASM
assembly language which is assembled with the NASM assembler
into a COM program. Features of ML1 include an optimizer, capacity
for multiple selectable expression processors, optional object
oriented routines, and much more. Use the included scripts for DOS
or create your own for other CPU's and language inventions.
The compiler is fully documented, with example programs and sourcecode.

Also on are QuickBasic programming info and
sourcecode, assembly language programming utilities and even
Commodore software and programming info.
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