Gopherus v1.2

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Mateusz Viste

Jan 19, 2020, 8:45:25 AM1/19/20
Hello, today Gopherus v1.2 got published.

Gopherus is a multiplatform, console-based gopher client. According to
the Observable Gopherspace Universe Project (OGUP), there are over 200
active gopher servers in the gopherspace today. Gopherus changelog

Gopherus v1.2 [19 Jan 2020]:
- [new] bookmarks ("b" key),
- [new] UTF-8 support,
- [new] IPv6 support (except on the DOS target),
- [new] full terminal width used now (no longer limited to 80 columns),
- [new] all files from current folder can be downloaded by pressing
- [new] SDL versions have a resizeable (scalable) window,
- [new] SDL versions react to keypad arrows as well as normal arrows,
- [new] user may abort a connection during its 'connecting...' phase,
- [new] home page shortcut key (F2),
- [fix] fixed buffer overflow within menu lines parser,
- [fix] SDL UI does not enforce software rendering any more,
- [fix] improved pgup/pgdown keys logic in menus,
- [fix] wordwrapped menu entries are displayed in parent's colors,
- [fix] Windows sockets are properly closed (patch by Gisle Vanem),
- [fix] function keys react properly when used with the CURSES
- [fix] telnet links are recognized now (but unsupported),
- [mnt] Windows build no longer distributed (do it yourself),
- [mnt] DOS 32-bit build no longer distributed (use the 16-bit


Darren Goossens

Apr 21, 2020, 1:09:51 AM4/21/20
Mateusz Viste <mat...@xyz.invalid> wrote:
> Hello, today Gopherus v1.2 got published.
Gopherus is a top program and I wholly recommend it! I recently compiled it on
Termux on my phone -- the only problem was the keybindings, because a phone
keyboard does not readily give you F10, backspace etc. But Because the Gopherus
code is very clean and comprehensible, it is easy to modify the keybindings
yourself and recompile.


Mateusz Viste

Apr 21, 2020, 5:42:17 AM4/21/20
Nice to hear! In the next version I plan to add dual key bindings,
where every F-key will have an alternative (like F1 = 'h'). This
because some dumb BSD terminals have troubles to detect F-keys, I guess
it will solve the Termux problem as well.


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