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Fwd: Jails support for SF activists

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Yael Grauer

Apr 26, 1999, 3:00:00 AM4/26/99
Call the Jail,,, see ph #'s below........

For Immediate Release:

Attention: Daybook/Assignment Desk

UCSF Animal Labs Targeted For Friday Protest; Arrests Likely

SAN FRANCISCO ­ The University of California, San Francisco
has been targeted for a major protest Friday, beginning at 9:45 a.m.,
as part of a national day of demonstrations against U.S. research
facilities, animal rights activists revealed Thursday.
Activists from throughout California will meet at 9:45 a.m.
Friday at the "Triangle Area" just past Kezar Stadium (off Lincoln Ave
near 2nd Ave) for a march to unspecified UCSF sites.
Confrontations with police and arrests are likely.

This week, militant activists torched effigies of researchers
from UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, and other facilities across the
The UCSF protest is just one of hundreds of debates, demonstrations,
pickets and other public education events occurring nationally April
17-25 for World Week for Animals in Laboratories (WWAIL).
UCSF has been the target of several protests resulting in
arrests this past year, including one in which an activist hung from a
building for days with a banner decrying controversial, and
widely-condemned sound-blasting experiments on primates.
An estimated 20 million animals, from dogs and cats to
primates and hamsters, are used in medical experiments annually in the
Activists say that use of animals is unnecessary, cruel and
unscientifically invalid, and an increasing number of physicians, and
former animal researchers agree with that claim.


This went out earlier today. Since then at least three arrests have
occured, possiby more.

Friday, April 23 12 NOON

Militant Protesters Storm UCSF, Plan to Disrupt Chancellors
SAN FRANCISCO- Early this morning a group of militant animal
rights activists stormed the laboratories at UC San Francisco.
Researchers were confronted by citizens who were outraged by rumors of
animal abuse and torture.
Animal rights activists have now revealed plans to confront
Chancellor J. Michael Bishop at his inauguration this afternoon. The
inauguration, and confrontation, are set to take place at 2pm at the
gymnasium of the Mulberry Union.
Arrests and confrontation with police and security are

The animal rights protesters have been joined by activists
from ACT-UP San Francisco, a radical AIDS group. ACT-UP San Francisco
has supported campaigns against animal research, while stating that
anatomical differences between humans and animals have proven such
experiments to be of little or no practical value.
This coalition has joined together before in militant protests
that led to mass arrests. In 1997 63 animal rights and AIDS activists
were arrested in joint action against Yerkes Primate Research center
in Atlanta, GA.
These protests are part of a national week of action known as
World Week for Animals in Laboratories. Protests have taken place in
Dallas, San Diego, Detroit, Boston, Ithaca, NY, Atlanta, Portland,
Honolulu, Houston, New York City, Los Angeles, and other cities.


Lauren and Patrick Sullivan and Heather McCormick are being held on
$40,500 bail and the jail is saying that they will not be released
until they go to court at 9:00 on Monday morning (5/26).

We need to get as many calls as possible to the jail.

Lauren's jail number is 1848439
Patrick's number is 1848442
Heather's number is 1848438

KEEP CALLING!!! The jail phone number is 415-522-8013.

Heather's arresting officer (presumably the one who charged her with
burglary) is a Lt. Toomer (as in brain tumor). You may want to leave
a message on his voice mail, or talk with other arresting officers
there, and ask them what's up with the burglary charges.

The number is 415 476 1414

Lauran and Patrick Sullivan and Heather McCormick are not being
released and we need to get as many calls as possible to the jail.
You can point out that these people are not a flight risk, because
they want to go to trial for the publicity, and therefore should be
released on their own recognizance.

Lauren can be identified by her jail ID number which is 1848439.

The jail phone number is 415-522-8013.

Please make that call and ask a friend to do the same. Let's make
the incarceration of animal rights activists such a headache that
those jails won't ever want to see us again!


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