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Aug 14, 2007, 9:16:17 PM8/14/07
This was posted on IndyMedia San Francisco

Please help First Nations people by circulating this widely:

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RED ALERT: Mala Spotted Eagle Pope and the Nanish Shontie SCAM

I was in Tucson in 2001 and I saw Mala Spotted Eagle Pope with my own
eyes and I was not impressed. Pope came to the University of Arizona
in April 2001. He was supposed to give a talk, but all he did was try
to solicit funds for Nanish Shontie, an embassasingly silly "education
center" for well to do New Age types based in Monmouth Oregon.

I had done some research and found that this group started out
associating itself with known frauds on the Northwest coast the Ghost
Wolf/ crystal skulls cult and then with the fake Hopi elders and a lot
of people who appeared on Art Bell just to promote themselves. When
they were exposed, they cleaned up their act for a short while, and
then went right back to touring the country to collect funds for their
so-called education center. The charge for ceremonies by calling the
ceremonies "healings" and calling the fees "donations." This is a
standard trick among frauds. They use a lot of catch words to attract
rich yuppies like "earth friendly" and "sustainable" and throw in some
ancient cataclysmic prophesies to fool people who know nothing about
ndns. This group is real tricky. They actually study people who are
prone to be attracted to environmental causes and ndn causes and learn
how to manipulate them into giving money for this phony community.
They've even managed to defraud the government into giving them
nonprofit status. The group is all about profit. Anybody who still
thinks otherwise, is really deluding themselves.

It's pretty well known across NDN country that there have been
numerous reports of Mala Spotted Eagle Pope, disrespecting, assaulting
and abusing women. Anyone could have seen them on numerous ndn boards
since at least 2002.

No one should take my word that this is a bad guy. You can Google him
and look at what he's up to for yourself:
Google Holland
Google Austria
Ask yourself, why would a man need to travel all over the world like
that if he had roots in any real ndn community?

Or contact the NANAI site, they know about him.

I've heard lots of things about his disrespect for women at various
pow wows. I've heard many ndn women tell that some of his healings are
sexually inappropriate and that he uses his imagined status as a
medicine man to try to force women to engage in sex acts with him. I
know for a fact that there are charges of sexual misconduct pending
against him in several foreign countries. Austria and Holland at
least. Anyone could verify this information with a few phone calls or
letters. There is also an ongoing investigation about Pope in Veneta
County Oregon due to abuse complaints filed by several women at that
fair. (it's about 15 miles west of Eugene in Lane County.)
Phone: 503-378-3725 Ext. 44429
You have to pay for records

Unfortunately, sexual abuse is common among people pretending to be
ndn medicine men. That's why it is vital that ndns be able to warn the
public about the dangers of becoming involved with fakes. New Age ndn
operations like this are rife with fraud and sexual abuse is a common

When I saw Pope in Tucson in 2001, he behaved very inappropriately
towards a young Dineh woman and an older Ojibwe woman at a talk he
gave. The talk made me very suspicious since it was really just a fund
raising attempt. His grammar was atrocious, he talked more about
Christian concepts, and overall, he didn't make any sense. He appeared
to be very nervous and jumped around from subject to subject, couldn't
stay on one topic and demonstrated that he really knows nothing about
indigenous culture. It was my impression that Mala was only talking to
the white members of the audience and he was only interested in
getting money from them. He seemed irritated that native people had
shown up for the talk at all. When a native member of the audience
challenged him on his superficial knowledge of indigenous spiritual
practices and his use of tonto speak, and his claims to be a "third
generation medicine man", he became belligerent and recited the
standard new age fluff about being positive and how evil people are
who use their critical thinking skills. There was a young Dineh woman
who wanted to know why he traveled all over asking for money and who
his people were. He tried to intimidate her into silence by yelling at
her and he demonstrated that he is very quick to anger. It has been my
experience that true native elders are very slow to anger and will
always be patient with you if you have questions. Mala couldn't answer
to anyone's satisfaction as to why he was in Western Oregon. He
refused to give any details about what Western Shoshone or Cherokee
communities he claimed to be from or what the indigenous elders in
Western Oregon thought of his community. Mala has a problem respecting
women and a problem with his temper; I've seen it with my own eyes.
Someone should contact the civil and the Tribal authorities in Oregon
about him.

BEWARE of people like POPE!

Anyone who is interested in Native spiritual/environmental beliefs
should beware of people like him.

Anyone who wants to talk to me about this may contact me at
savage_minded [at]

Patrick Quinn

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Thank you


Jan 1, 2016, 10:35:38 PM1/1/16
You are an ass hole.
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