Google Groups no longer supports new Usenet posts or subscriptions. Historical content remains viewable.

Google Groups is closing - find another NNTP server to continue reading/posting

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Feb 21, 2024, 2:39:22 AMFeb 21
Some people here still post via Google groups.
Be aware, this will not work anymore after 22nd Feb!

See below for instructions to continue reading!

For those who do not know Usenet:

Usenet is a distributed communication system consisting of many servers.
Google Groups is only one of them that closes down - other servers will
stay available, but people need to use another server to read and post

There are 2 alternatives:

Using a web-based Usenet interface:
Those behave similar to Google Groups, you can read there, but for
posting you need to register an account for free.

One of them is:

Another alternative is to use an NNTP server with a so called

As an NNTP server, some free services exist where you have to register:

For using it, you need a newsreader.

Some examples are:

You then need to configure a newsgroup account, sometimes also
called NNTP.

For most servers, authentication must be enforced in the newsreader's

For Thunderbird, a tutorial is available here:

For questions about configuring those readers, feel free to ask in
the group


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