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July 2023: Oldest living writers!

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Jul 1, 2023, 12:16:20 PM7/1/23
Writers for adults (many can be seen at

1915 Ma Shitu (Chinese politician/novelist)

1916 Geneviève Callerot (French novelist)

1921 Hossein Wahid Khorasani (Iranian religious writer), Hans Albert (German philosopher), Ray Lawler (Australian playwright), Edgar Morin (French philosopher)

1922 Bernard Weisberger (American historian), William Leuchtenburg (American historian), Jean Malaurie (French anthropologist/explorer/geographer/physicist)

1923 Edward Lueders, Ida Vitale, Józef Hen

1924 Richard Rohmer, David Ferry, Herbert Gold, Edward Field

1925 Eugen Gomringer, Madeleine Chapsal

1926 Jürgen Moltmann, Ruth Minsky Sender, Arno J. Mayer, Sami Michael, Rene Depestre

1927: Martin Walser, Nayantara Sahgal, Carlos Germán Belli, Willis Barnstone

1928: Daisaku Ikeda, William Kennedy, Desmond Morris, E.D. Hirsch, Tom Lehrer, Cynthia Ozick, Howard S. Becker, Michelle Perrot, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Patrick Hemingway, Griselda Gambaro, Pavel Kohout, Jayanta Mahapatra, Christopher Davis, Noam Chomsky

1929: Peter Dale Scott, Alasdair MacIntyre, Len Deighton, Milan Kundera, Antonine Maillet, Harvey Cox, Harry Frankfurt, Jurgen Habermas , Arthur Frommer, Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie, X.J. Kennedy, Dr. Robert Coles

1930: Adonis, Jennifer Johnston, Norman Podhoretz, Luce Irigaray, Gary Snyder, John Barth, Thomas Sowell, Selma James, Johan Galtung, Kenneth Frampton, Christopher Nicole, Dame Edna O'Brien

1931: John McPhee, John Norman, Alice Munro, Ivan Klima, Adrienne Kennedy, Charles Taylor, Jerome Rothenberg

1932: Robert Coover, Gay Talese, Andrew Young, Elena Poniatowska, Paul R. Ehrlich, Athol Fugard, Tom Robbins, John Searle, Fernando Arrabal, Alix Kates Shulman, Antonia Fraser, Joanne Greenberg, Dr. Bernie S. Siegel, Alvin Plantinga, Jacques Roubaud, Edward Hoagland

1933 Frederick Crews, Nicholas Pileggi, Joan Bakewell, Helen Vendler, Barbara Taylor Bradford, Claire Tomalin


Jul 1, 2023, 12:19:37 PM7/1/23
Children's writers/illustrators, mostly from the "Something About the Author" encyclopedias:

Arnold Bare (illustrator: 1944 Caldecott Honoree: Lee Kingman's "Pierre Pidgeon")
Margaret Paice (Australian writer/illustrator: "Blue Ridge Summer," 1979)
Barthe DeClements ("Nothing's Fair in Fifth Grade," 1981)

Alice T. Gilbreath (1970s crafts/nature writer)
Patricia Curtis ("Animals You Never Even Heard Of," 1997)
Belinda Hurmence ("A Girl Called Boy," 1982)
Martha Tolles ("Who's Reading Darci's Diary?" 1984)
Joyce Cooper Arkhurst (reteller of "The Adventures of Spider: West African Folk Tales" with Jerry Pinkney, 1964)
Adrienne Richard (Newbery nominee: "Wings," 1974)

Jean Bethell ("The Monkey in the Rocket," 1962)
Joan Heilbroner ("Robert, the Rose Horse," 1962)
Mildred Pitts Walter (1987 Coretta Scott King Medalist: "Justin and the Best Biscuits in the World")
Sonia Gidal (German writer: 1956-1974 "My Village" series)

Pieter van Raven (aka James Edward Duffy, 1990 Scott O'Dell Award winner for "A Time of Troubles")
Louise Meriwether ("Daddy Was a Number Runner," 1970)
John K. Tully (British author of "Starpol" series)
Josep Vallverdú (Catalan poet/novelist/playwright & 1988 Hans Christian Andersen Award finalist)
William Wise ("Christopher Mouse: The Tale of a Small Traveler," 2004)
Rosamond V.P. Kaufman (adapter: "UNICEF Book of Children's Legends," 1970)
Leone Castell Anderson (novelist: "Sean's War," 1998)
Ruth Gannett (1949 Newbery Honoree: "My Father's Dragon")
Aaron Judah (British author: "God and Mr. Sourpuss," 1960)
Gloria Whelan (National Book Award winner: "Homeless Bird," 2000)

Marian Parry (illustrator: Frederick Winsor's "The Space Child's Mother Goose," 1956)
Toshiko Kanzawa (aka Toshi Furukawa, Japanese author and HCAA finalist: 2000 & 2006)
Roy A. Gallant (science writer)
Tom J. O'Sullivan (illustrator of "Kidnapped," ed. 1954)
Prudence Andrew (British author of 1960s "Ginger" series)
Gene Liberty ("The How and Why Wonder Book of Time")
Leonard Everett Fisher (Pulitzer-winning painter & historical writer & illustrator)
Elliott Gilbert (illustrator of "The Best-Loved Doll" by Rebecca Caudill, 1962)

Frank Graham, Jr. (nature/sports writer & Audubon Society editor)
Linda Allen (British writer: "Mrs. Simkin" series, 1979-1996)
Barbara J. Brenner ("If You Lived in Williamsburg in Colonial Days" 2000)
Laurent de Brunhoff (French writer/illustrator: "Babar's Fair")
Edward Ormondroyd ("David and the Phoenix," 1957)
Wilanne Schneider Belden (1980s fantasy novelist: "Mind-Call" trilogy)
Domenico Volpi (Italian author and HCAA finalist, 1974)

Ina Friedman ("How My Parents Learned to Eat," 1984)
Alain Trez (French cartoonist/illustrator)
Carla Stevens (aka Carla Stevens Bigelow: "Rabbit & Skunk and the Scary Rock," 1976)
Margaret Storey (British fantasy & mystery author: "Timothy & Two Witches," 1966)
Patricia Coombs ("Dorrie" witch series, 1962-1992)
George Ford (Illustrator & 1973 Coretta Scott King Medalist: "Ray Charles" by Sharon B. Mathis)
Alfred Slote (aka A. H. Garnet, baseball and sci-fi novelist)
Darwin McBeth Walton ("Kwanzaa: A World of Holidays," 1998)
Miriam Cohen ("Will I Have a Friend?" 1967)
Muriel Batherman ("Before Columbus," 1981)
Hilary Knight (illustrator: Kay Thompson's "Eloise")
Herma Werner (romance/mystery/adventure writer, aka Eve Cowen & Eve Gladstone, 1978-1994)
Joan Solomon (South African-born British writer: "Everybody's Hair," 1988)
Dorothy B. Francis (romance/mystery/Western novelist)
Harriette Abels (sci-fi/romance/mystery novelist)
Marjorie-Ann Watts (British illustrator of Catherine Storr's "Polly and the Wolf" series)


Jul 1, 2023, 12:23:06 PM7/1/23
Mary Chalmers (illustrator: "The Secret Language" by Ursula Nordstrom, 1960)
Ruth Lercher Bornstein ("The Summer Everything Changed," 2012)
Robert Andrew Parker (painter/illustrator: "Who Was Albert Einstein?" by Jess Brallier, 2002)
Ancka Gošnik Godec (Slovene illustrator & 2010 HCAA finalist)
Richard B. Lyttle (artist, reporter, biographer)
Niels Jensen (Danish author: "Days of Courage," 1972)
George Sullivan (sports/biographies/nonfiction writer)
Melvin Berger (author of 200 science/nonfiction books)
Mort Künstler (MAD cartoonist, illustrator, & historical painter)
Margot Webb (German-born writer: "Too Young To Die: The Story of José," 2003)
Dorothy Levenson (Australian-born writer: "The Magic Carousel," 1967)
Richard Brightfield (writer for "Choose Your Own Adventure" series)
Don Madden (writer/illustrator: "The Wartville Wizard," 1986)
Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard (2001 Coretta Scott King Honoree: "Virgie Goes to School with Us Boys")

Barbara M. Walker ("The Little House Cookbook," 1979)
Marilyn Gould (Writer on skateboarding and "Golden Daffodils," 1985)
Betty Fraser (Illustrator: Mary Ann Hoberman's "The Llama Who Had No Pajama")
Lore Segal (Austrian-born writer & translator: Grimm's "The Juniper Tree," illustrated by Maurice Sendak)
Mary Lystad ("James the Jaguar," 1972)
Jacqueline Dougan Jackson (writer/poet/illustrator: "Turn Not Pale, Beloved Snail," 1974)
Ellen Viereck (Painter/illustrator, "The Summer I Was Lost" by Paul Viereck, 1965)
V. Gilbert Beers (Baptist writer: "The Early Readers Bible," 1991)
Arnold Dobrin (Writer/illustrator, "Scat!" 1970)
Janice May Udry (1957 Caldecott Medalist: "A Tree is Nice," with Marc Simont)
Virginia Lee (aka Virginia L. Ewbank, Virginia Ewbank Hendricks, and Virginia L Hendricks,"The Magic Moth," 1972)
Nan Holcomb (author of elementary stories about handicapped children; real name, Norma McPhee)
James Lincoln Collier (1975 Newbery Honoree & National Book Award nominee: "My Brother Sam is Dead")
Jane Gardam (UK writer & Carnegie nominee: "The Hollow Land," 1981)
Phyllis Hollander (Co-author: "Amazing But True Sports Stories," 1986)
Eva Hulsmann (French/German/Italian nature illustrator)
Shulamith L. Oppenheim ("The Sea King" with Jane Yolen, 2003)
Esther L. Nelson ("Dancing Games for Children of All Ages," 1973)
Judith Crabtree (Australian fantasy novelist/illustrator: "Song at the Gate," 1987)
Sidney Offit ("The Adventures of Homer Fink," 1966)
Earle Rice Jr. (YA war history writer)
Toby Talbot ("Dear Greta Garbo," 1977)
Eve Bunting (Northern Ireland-born writer of 200 books & Edgar winner)
Alice M. Fleming (nonfiction writer: "Martin Luther King: A Dream of Hope," 2008)
Carolee Wells Henney ("The Cat in the Tower," 2017)
Lilo Fromm (German illustrator & HCAA finalist: 1968, 1974, 1982)


Jul 1, 2023, 12:39:38 PM7/1/23
Jules Feiffer (cartoonist: "The Phantom Tollbooth" by Norton Juster, 1961)
Walter Lorraine (editor/illustrator: "McBroom" series by Sid Fleischman, 1960s-1980s)
Arnold Roth (cartoonist: "Grimms' Fairy Tales," 1966)
Ruth Belov Gross ("If You Grew Up With George Washington," 1982)
Hilde Heyduck-Huth (German writer/illustrator: "The Three Birds," 1966)
Edward Sorel (political cartoonist: "The Pirates of Penzance," adapted by Ward Botsford, 1981)
Jacqueline L. Harris ("The Tuskegee Airmen: Black Heroes of World War II," 1996)
Jane Wooster Scott (Illustrator & American folk art painter)
Lensey Namioka (nee Lensey Chao, Chinese-born writer: "Ties That Bind, Ties That Break," 1999)
Christine San Jose (British-born senior editor of "Highlights" magazine)
Norma J. Livo ("Moon Cakes to Maize: Delicious World Folktales," 1999)
Lynne Reid Banks (British author: "The Indian in the Cupboard," 1980)
K.M. Peyton (1969 Carnegie Medalist: "The Edge of the Cloud")
Norman L. Macht (Sports biographer)
Peter F. Neumeyer (German-born writer: "The Annotated Charlotte's Web," 1994)
Wendy Pfeffer ("Let's Read and Find Out" science series)
Sesyle Joslin (1959 Caldecott Honoree: "What Do You Say, Dear?" with Maurice Sendak)
Aliki Brandenberg (aka Aliki, writer/illustrator: "A Medieval Feast," 1983)
Elizabeth Hall ("Thunder Rolling in the Mountains," 1992, with Scott O'Dell)
Gioia Fiammenghi (Illustrator: Thomas Rockwell's "How to Fight a Girl," 1987)
Dorothy W. Robinson (1975 Coretta Scott King Medalist: "The Legend of Africania")
Marjorie Ann Waybill ("Chinese Eyes," 1974)
Peter R. Limburg (Science writer of "What's Behind the Word" series)
Lael Littke (YA mystery/romance/horror novelist: "Prom Dress," 1989)
Martha E. Rhynes (Biographer: "Ralph Ellison: Author of Invisible Man," 2006)

Eric Houghton (British writer: "Walter's Magic Wand,"1989)
Monica Gunning (Jamaican-born writer: "A Shelter in Our Car," 2004)
Shirley Jordan (history writer: "World War II," 1998)
Barbara Shook Hazen ("The Knight Who Was Afraid of the Dark," 1989)
Ilon Wikland (Swedish illustrator & HCAA finalist, 1998)
Josef Wilkon (Polish illustrator & HCAA finalist: 1976, 1980, 2000, 2004)
Mary Razzell (Canadian YA novelist: "Snow Apples," 1984)
David Gentleman (British artist of Shakespeare, Keats, & Kipling)
Jeanne Williams (YA novelist & romance/Western writer)
Janice Shefelman (historical writer of "Texas Trilogy," 1980s)
Nancy Polette ("The Thinker's Mother Goose," 1983)
Jenny Seed (South African historical novelist)
Aranka Siegal (Czech/Hungarian-born writer & 1982 Newbery Honoree: "Upon the Head of the Goat: A Childhood in Hungary 1939-1944")
Helen J. Borten (journalist & illustrator: "Do You See What I See?," 1959)
Len Lamensdorf (sci-fi novelist: "The Crouching Dragon," 1999)
Louis Sabin (writer on sports/bios/history/nature/mystery)
Kay Life (aka Kay Guinn-Life, illustrator of Beverly Cleary's "Muggie Maggie")
Don Berliner (1980s writer on aviation)
Gloria Skurzynski (mystery/SF/historical novelist)
Suzanne Tate (Biologist and 1990s writer on marine life)
Necia H. Apfel (Astronomer)
Mary Ann Hoberman (Poet: "The Llama Who Had No Pajama," 1998)
Kenneth Thomasma (author of "American Indian Children" series, 1983-2018)
Robert Carl Cohen ("The Color of Man," 1968)
Connie Brummell Crook (Canadian historical novelist: "Nellie's Quest," 1998)
Faith Ringgold (Artist, 1992 Caldecott Honoree and Coretta Scott King Medalist: "Tar Beach")
Carl Sommer (Educator: "Another Sommer-Time Story" series, 2000s )
Harriet Sirof (YA writer: "The Real World," 1985)
Caroline Crane (1960s YA writer & 1980s mystery writer)
Tonke Dragt (Dutch SF/fantasy author & HCAA finalist, 2012)
Edward Frascino ("New Yorker" cartoonist & illustrator of "The Trumpet of the Swan" by E.B. White)
Bernadette M. Snyder (Catholic humorist)
Mary Blair Immel ("Captured!: A Boy Trapped in the Civil War," 2005)
Frank M. Tierney (Canadian poet & writer of the "Silly Sally" series, 1970s-1980s)


Jul 1, 2023, 12:41:17 PM7/1/23
Wick Downing ("The Trials of Kate Hope," 2008)
Ann Elwood ("The Macmillan Book of Fascinating Facts," 1989)
Joy Hakim (historical series author: "A History of US," 1993-2003)
John C. Branfield (UK author & Carnegie nominee: "The Fox in Winter," 1980)
Judith Viorst ("Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day," 1972)
Dorothy Joan Harris (Canadian writer: "The House Mouse" with Barbara Cooney, 1973)
Edward Packard ("Choose Your Own Adventure" series, 1979-1998)
Ruth Rocha (Brazilian writer & 2002 HCAA finalist)
Mort Gerberg (cartoonist: Rita Gelman's "More Spaghetti, I Say!" 1977)
Janosch (aka Horst Eckert, German illustrator & HCAA finalist: 1972, 1976, 1978, 1980)
Jacqueline Stem ("The Secret Of The Dragonfly Pin," 2006)
Middy Thomas (artist/writer: Lois Lowry's "Gooney Bird" series)
Constance Levy ("I'm Going to Pet a Worm Today and Other Poems," 1991)
Laszlo B. Acs (Hungarian-born British illustrator: William Mayne's "Max's Dream," 1977)
Irene N. Watts (German-born Canadian playwright: "Goodbye Marianne," 1998)
Frances Zweifel (science illustrator: 1990s "Simple Experiments" series)
Griselda Gifford (British historical novelist: "The Story of Ranald," 1968)
Alexander Traugot (Russian illustrator & 2006 HCAA finalist)
Ellen Blance (British-born co-author of "Monster" series with Ann Cook and Quentin Blake, 1970s-1980s)
Harriette G. Robinet ("Forty Acres and Maybe a Mule," 1998)
Patricia Calvert ("The Stone Pony," 1982)
Douglas Hall (British illustrator: "The Wind in the Willows," ed. 1986)
Seymour Simon (science writer)
Alexis A. Gilliland (sci-fi novelist/cartoonist: "The Wizenbeak Trilogy," 1986-1992)
Renée Roth-Hano (French author: "Touch Wood: A Girlhood in Occupied France," 1988)
Donald Honig (baseball historian & writer for "Alfred Hitchcock Presents")
Seymour Chwast (graphic designer & co-founder of Push Pin Studio)
James Razzi (writer of Disney and Star Wars activity books)
Maurice Gee (New Zealand fantasy writer)
Barbara Garrison (British-born artist: Jane Yolen's "The Sultan's Perfect Tree," 1977)
Ada Graham (nature writer)
Shirlee Evans (Baptist writer: "Tree Tall and the Whiteskins," 1985)
Glyn Frewer (British nature novelist)
Malcah Zeldis (artist: "A Fine Fat Pig, and Other Animal Poems" by Mary Ann Hoberman, 1991)
Ed Emberley (illustrator & 1968 Caldecott Medalist: "Drummer Hoff")
Peter Z. Cohen ("Deadly Game at Stony Creek," 1978)
John Kaufmann (aka David Swift, nature writer/illustrator)
Norma Gaffron ("The Bermuda Triangle: Opposing Viewpoints," 1988)
Nina Beachcroft (British fantasy writer: "Well Met by Witchlight," 1972)
Jan Terlouw (Dutch novelist/scientist/politician: "How to Become King," 1971)
Bruce Clements (National Book Award finalist: "I Tell a Lie Every So Often," 1974)
Ed Young (Chinese-born illustrator & 1990 Caldecott Medalist: "Lon Po Po")
Marjorie Allen ("One Hundred Years of Children's Books in America," 1996)
Shuntaro Tanikawa (Japanese poet & HCAA finalist: 2008 & 2010)
David Kherdian (1980 Newbery Honoree: "The Road from Home:The Story of an Armenian Girl")
Margaret J. Anderson (Scottish-born author: "In the Keep of Time," 1977)
Beverley Randell (aka Beverley Joan Price, New Zealand writer: "The Baby Owls," 1997)


Jul 1, 2023, 12:45:46 PM7/1/23
Brenda R. Lewis (British nonfiction writer: "The Story of Anne Frank," 2001)
Arielle North Olson ("Ask the Bones: Scary Stories from Around the World," 1999 - daughter of Sterling North)
Jo Harper ("Prairie Dog Pioneers," 1998)
Irene Bennett Brown (YA novelist: "Before the Lark," 1982)
Adjai Robinson (Sierra Leonean writer: "Singing Tales of Africa," 1974)
Marjorie Stapleton (British writer: "Make Things Gypsies Made," 1974)
Marian Hostetler (Mennonite writer: "African Adventure," 1978)
C.S. Adler ("Good-Bye Pink Pig," 1986)
Josef Palecek (Czech fairy-tale illustrator/filmmaker)
Mary Small (British-born Australian writer: "Tracey McBean & the Stretching Machine," 1989)
Eileen Deacon (British 1970s crafts writer)
Johanna Reiss (Dutch-born writer & 1973 Newbery Honoree: "The Upstairs Room")
Angelo Torres (MAD cartoonist)
Debby Slier (South African-born writer: "Hello Kitty" series, 1980s)
Sylvia Sherry (British writer: "Rocky O'Rourke" series, 1969-1992)
Aino Pervik (Estonian author & 2014 HCAA finalist)
Bryna J. Fireside (nonfiction writer: "Is There a Woman in the House...or Senate?" 2000)
Nonny Hogrogian (Caldecott Medalist: 1966 & 1972)
Lorenzo Lynch (illustrator: Arnold Adoff's "Big Sister Tells Me I'm Black," 1976)
Jill Chaney (British YA novelist: "Mottram Park" series, 1971-1989)
Lois Simmie (Canadian poet: "An Armadillo Is Not a Pillow," 1986)
Spiridon Vangheli (Moldovan poet/novelist and 1998 HCAA finalist)
Joe Servello (illustrator & Caldecott nominee: 1972 & 1973)
Phyllis Green ("Eating Ice Cream With a Werewolf," 1983)
Gwendolyn E. Reed (compiler: "Out of the Ark: An Anthology of Animal Verse," 1968)
Russell E. Erickson ("A Toad for Tuesday," 1998)
Patricia Malone (fantasy novelist: "The Legend of Lady Ilena," 2003)
Dorcas MacClintock (artist/writer: "Animals Observed: A Look at Animals in Art," 1993)
Chester Jay Alkema (1970s arts & crafts writer)
Joan Hiatt Harlow ("Star in the Storm," 2000)
Judy Taylor Hough (Welsh writer & Beatrix Potter biographer)
Milton Derr (aka Milton Johnson, painter/illustrator: "The Black Pearl" by Scott O'Dell, 1967)
Lygia Bojunga Nunes (Brazilian novelist & 1982 HCAA Medalist)
Nancy Evans Cooney ("The Blanket That Had to Go," 1981)
Myra Paperny (Canadian YA novelist: "The Wooden People," 1976)
Jane Louise Curry ("The Mysterious Shrinking House," 1970)
Robert Benton ("Don't Ever Wish for a 7-Foot Bear," 1972)
Ann Thwaite (British biographer of A.A. Milne & Frances Hodgson Burnett)
Pat Lowery Collins ("I Am an Artist," 1992)
Charles Pickard (illustrator: "The Call of the Wild" by Jack London, ed. 1968)
Ziraldo (aka Ziraldo Alves Pinto, Brazilian writer & HCAA finalist: 1988, 1990 & 1992)
Katherine Paterson (2-time Newbery Medalist & 1998 HCAA Medalist)
Jill D. Duvall (1990s nonfiction writer: "The Mohawk")
Alan Blackwood (British nonfiction writer: "Twenty Tyrants," 1990)
Mervyn D. Kaufman ("Thomas Alva Edison: Miracle Maker," 1962)
Mary D. Lankford ("Christmas Around the World," 1998)
Barbara A. Emberley (writer/adapter: "Drummer Hoff," 1967)
Quentin Blake (British illustrator & 2002 HCAA Medalist)
Janine Boissard (French YA novelist: "A Matter of Feeling," 1977)
Richard Kennedy ("Amy's Eyes," 1985)
David Lambert (British science writer, 1960s-1980s)


Jul 1, 2023, 1:18:50 PM7/1/23
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor (1992 Newbery Medalist: “Shiloh”)
Ralph Herrmanns (German author: “Why New York?” 1982)
Barbara B. Murphy (“Ace Hits the Big Time,” 1981)
Mary Frank (British-born artist: “The Enchanted, an Incredible Tale” by Elizabeth Coatsworth, 1968)
Claire Mowat (Canadian YA author of “The Girl From Away” trilogy, 1990s)
Josephine Poole (British author: “Joan of Arc,” 1998)
Nancy E. Burkert (illustrator: “James & the Giant Peach”)
Mary Blount Christian (“Sebastian: Super Sleuth” series, 1974-1994)
Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve (Lakota writer: “First Americans” series, 1990s)
Malcolm Whyte (preschool nature writer & Cartoon Art Museum founder)
Kathleen Dunne (illustrator of the “Mr. Noisy” series, 1990s)
Walter D. Yoder (painter/writer: “The Big New Mexico Activity Book,” 1993)
Diane Dillon (Illustrator: "Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears" - & 1996 HCAA finalist)
Thomas Rockwell ("How to Eat Fried Worms," 1973)
Penelope Lively (1974 Carnegie Medalist: "The Ghost of Thomas Kempe")
Annette Macarthur-Onslow (Australian writer/illustrator: "Uhu," 1969)
Eveline Hasler (Swiss novelist & 1988 HCAA finalist)
Sonia O. Lisker (Illustrator: "Freckle Juice" by Judy Blume)
Elisabeth Mace (British SF/fantasy writer, 1970s-1980s)
Margery Bernstein ("The Summer Maker: An Ojibway Indian Myth," 1977)
Larry Kettelkamp (nonfiction writer: "Spooky Magic," 1955, & 1960s staff artist for "Highlights for Children")
Diana Gregory (YA romance novelist & writer of "There's a Caterpillar in my Lemonade," 1985)
George B. Schaller (German-born zoologist)
David E. Newton (writer of dozens of science books)
David Cox (Australian writer/illustrator: "Tin Lizzie and Little Nell," 1982)
Anne Pellowski ("The Storytelling Handbook," 1995)


Jul 1, 2023, 1:34:46 PM7/1/23
I'm sure there are a few who need to be removed - please let me know.

Somehow, back in January, I failed to cross off Linell Smith's name. (An illustrator, she was the daughter of Ogden Nash.)

And, some days ago, to my chagrin, I found that Mary Ray (the British novelist born in 1932 who wrote a series on the Roman Empire) died in 2003!

In the meantime, check out this site - it's fun and I'm surprised it isn't better known.

"What else do readers of (writer so-and-so) read? The closer two writers are, the more likely someone will like both of them. Click on any name to travel along."

(It's not that scientific. I mean, who in the world would put Barbara Cartland and R.L. Stine on the same page?)


Jul 1, 2023, 1:41:35 PM7/1/23
Oh, and while I can't find an obituary for the Welsh sci-fi writer Brian Earnshaw, two sources say he died in 2014, so I had to take him off.


Jul 1, 2023, 1:59:50 PM7/1/23
And on top of everything else, according to Wikipedia, Janice May Udry died in May, but I can't find an obit for her either - only for her husband, J. Richard Udry, who died in 2012. So I'm wary.
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