Where the heck is ANM when you need it?

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D. Kirkpatrick

Sep 14, 2012, 4:47:36 PM9/14/12
to alt-nudism...@moderators.isc.org
As Jenny and Dario postulated, it has been over a year.

I attempted to release the messages posted in late August but the uplink
server refused them. Too old it seems. I missed the window of

I moved on.

I have not gone away. I simply saw the state of Usenet and ceased
checking with frequency, and as you have observed, rec.nude is a
wasteland populated by what appears to be some seriously ill people. I
don't know of any person or any group that still uses it for posting any
reasonable or worthwhile information. It' just antagonists and
protagonists - all co-dependent.

With no need to bother with RN, eventually ANM also went by the wayside.

It still functions. It just doesn't see any messages.

I find it rather interesting that a whole year went by and no one
attempted to use it, but now the reflection is that somehow, I am at

um.... no.

Usenet is dead. They simply have not bothered to hold a funeral as yet.

Any naturist group or message board worth its mettle is moderated and
there are plenty of places for that. Jeez... you both know I run one as
do others.

Frankly speaking I'm not interested in playing babysitter for any Inter-
nuts that may try to post here either. I raised my kids already.

How other groups do it is immaterial.

What we do know is that new moderated groups in the "Big 8" are not
being allowed, and those in "alt" have little backing. Getting news
servers to carry any new alt groups especially those moderated is also a

No one is creating moderation software either. It is a dead product.
At some point we will all age out of what is available when the last 32-
bit machine dies of natural causes.

Those that are working are using Linux boxes and paying for the space
and operation on remote server systems.

So... I commisserate with your desire for a new place to post. But I
recommend taking it to existing message boards or groups on Google or
Yahoo or set up your own.

As to the rec.nude FAQ file, it ceased auto-posting as that system is
also not being maintained with regularity. The last known person with
access stopped answering his e-mail and I have not seen any postings for
months in the moderator's access e-mail list. It seems MIT has also
moved on from Usenet.

I hate to see it go, but Usenet cannot be monititized and big business
has deemed it not worth of maintaining. As it is, the only free access
servers are now in Europe.

So please don't complain to me or make me the bad guy. I, like many
(including you) are collateral damage.

Long live ANM? ANM is dead.


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