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Re: Vote for Sanjaya

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Fujikawa Yamamoto

Apr 22, 2007, 7:17:10 PM4/22/07
On 22 Apr 2007, EvilGoddessFragileWarrior
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>>>>>> On 19 Apr 2007, Ernest L Sewell <>
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>>>>>>> Well, well. To the Sanjaya voters: Air strike. Looks like your
>>>>>>> mission to sabotage my favorite show has been foiled. We knew it
>>>>>>> wouldn't last. Myself and all the idol-heads put forth a strong
>>>>>>> effort to counter ya'll by voting more for our favorites. And
>>>>>>> what did you think, that the powers that be wouldn't at some
>>>>>>> point step in and put a stop to this evil agenda? There are ways
>>>>>>> to rig the voting, i.e. block a line, add lines for other
>>>>>>> contestants, etc... ya know. Sometimes a greater objective calls
>>>>>>> for this type of intervention (shut up Bert, I know what you're
>>>>>>> thinking, and so what!).
>>>>>>> The show is great, and the appearance of our royal badness last
>>>>>>> year added even more credibility to it.
>>>>>>> Oh well, back to tuggin' on your little carrots and picking your
>>>>>>> noses while eating cheetos, fuckers.
>>>>>>> PS. I'm still taking applications for my new P group/community,
>>>>>>> where there'll be none of this anti-american idol shit, ever.
>>>>>>> Stop cross posting.
>>>>>> Ok.
>>>>> Who the Hell was cross-posting?
>>>> Shame on whoever it was.
>>> I hope they find out who it was.
>> Did they ever catch the guy that was cross-posting?
> I hope so. I hate people like that. <MEEP MEEP>

Really! They should shut down the Internet next time it happens. <MEEP>

>>>>>>> Ernest L Sevvel
>>>>>>> Greenbush, NY
>>>>>>> Moderator

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