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Rhonda Lea Kirk Fries

Nov 3, 2008, 9:13:45 PM11/3/08

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Q0. Is there a FAQ for this newsgroup?
A0. Yes, and you're reading it.

Q1. What is this newsgroup for?
A1. This newsgroup is for the discussion of nosebeeping,
in all of its many forms.

Q2. What is nosebeeping, anyway?
A2. At its simplest, I can beep your nose by pressing my
finger against the front of your nose. More complex
variations might include pressing my finger against
the side of your nose, squeezing your nose between two
fingers, beeping your nose with other parts of my body
(nose, forehead, etc), and so on.

David R. Loebell ( wrote this

"nosebeep. v.t. : (1) To touch, press, squeeze, or rub
the nose of another for the purpose of causing a beep or
other sound. (2) n. : The sound which is emitted in this

Q3. When I beeps your nose, do I make the "beep" sound, or do
A3. Opinions vary, but most agree that it's more appropriate
for you to make the "beep" sound, since your nose is the
one being beeped.

Arthur Hlavaty ( observes that "Zen
nosebeepers say that the Universe makes the beep sound."

Q4. What sorts of sounds do noses make when they're beeped?
A4. The most common two are "beep" and "meep". A wide variety
of others have been reported, however, from simple variations
like "eep" and "boop", to complex and elaborate sounds like

Most generally, though, there's no Right or Wrong way for a
nose to beep.

Q5. This all sounds kind of dumb, doesn't it?
A5. Quite the contrary. Andrew Stevens (
remarks "Usually, us nose beepers know far more than regular
people. There have been studies that show a direct correlation
between intelligence and nose beeping."

Q6. Is there a Web site for this group?
A6. Not yet, but there will be; stay tuned.

End of FAQ, but more beepy stuff may be found here:

Rhonda Lea Kirk Fries

"You know you can indict a ham sandwich if you want to."
William J. Martini, Judge, United States District Court


Nov 4, 2008, 4:12:30 PM11/4/08
FAQ is the sound made by a duck with a bad cold...


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