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Ali Asker

Mar 11, 2005, 3:49:00 PM3/11/05

YENI SAFAK- President Rauf Denktas of Turkish Republic of Northern
Cyprus (TRNC) said that Turkey has fulfilled the necessary Copenhagen
political criteria, adding that additional requests such as the Cyprus
issue and so-called Armenian genocide are nothing but pretexts to
exclude Turkey from the European Union (EU). ''The EU wants Turkey to
recognize so-called Armenian genocide. We invite EU officials to come
to Cyprus and see mass graves of Turkish Cypriot people killed by Greek
Cypriots,'' Denktas said.

Mar 11, 2005, 4:03:28 PM3/11/05

After Europeans very generously supported and sponsored Greek,
Armenian, Arab and other terrorists, with a veracious appetite for
innocent Turkish blood, to massacre innocent and defenceless Turkish
subjects of Ottoman empire and to ethnically cleanse Ottoman
territories off of their Turkish inhabitants during WWI, and after they
harbored, supported, sponsored PKK/KADEK terrorist organization which
murdered nearly fourty thousands innocent human beings to destroy
Turkey to establish a marxist, lennisist, communist PKK/KADEK
dictortship in Turkey, and other terrorist and extremist Islamist
terrorist organizations and persons with the same purpose, and Armenian
terrorists who, during 1970s and '80s, murdered hundreds of Turkish
diplomats, their family members, colleagues, embassy personnel (Turkish
and local), and having missed no chance whatsoever to fabricate
anti-Turkish hate propaganda based on total lies in every possible
instance and relentlessly complain about Turkey, it is very clear that
the purpose of Europe is to destroy the democratic Republic of Turkey
and totally wipe out the Turkish race/nation off of the face of Earth.


Terrorist Armenians raped, tortured, massacred millions of innocent and
defenceless Turks, Jews, Kurds, Arabs and other non-Armenians in
Ottoman Eastern Anatolia during WWI (with direct and generous support
from their allies, the victors of WWI including Czarist Russia which
also created the mess in the Middle East, including the fake state of
Iraq, millions of people are suffering from now) to ethnically cleanse
the area for an Armenian homeland which never existed.

The rest of the Ottoman Armenian population either very blindly
followed their terrorist leaders (who were ".. craven and mean-spirited
and exel in nothing except drinking ..imperfect Christians" - Marco
Polo), or remained totally complacent.

After WWI ended, the British convened the Malta Tribunals to try
Ottoman officials for alleged crimes against Armenians. All of the
accused were acquitted.

The Peace Treaty of Sevres, which was imposed upon the defeated Ottoman
Empire, required the Ottoman government to hand over to the Allied
Powers people accused of "massacres." Subsequently, 144 high Ottoman
officials were arrested and deported for trial by the British to the
island of Malta. The principal informants to the British High
Commission in Istanbul leading to the arrests were local Armenians and
the Armenian Patriarchate. While the deportees were interned on Malta,
the British appointed an Armenian scholar, Mr. Haig Khazarian, to
conduct a thorough examination of documentary evidence in the Ottoman,
British, and U.S. Archives to substantiate the charges. Access to
Ottoman records was unfettered as the British and French occupied and
controlled Istanbul at the time. Khazarian's corps of investigators
revealed an utter lack of evidence demonstrating that Ottoman officials
either sanctioned or encouraged killings of Armenians.

At the conclusion of the investigation, the British Procurator General
determined that it was "improbable that the charges would be capable of
proof in a court of law," exonerated and released all 144 detainees --
after two years and four months of detention without trial. No
compensation was ever paid to the detainees.

Despite the verdicts of the Malta Tribunals, Armenian terrorists have
engaged in a vigilante war that continues today.

In 1921, a secret Armenian network based in Boston, named Nemesis, took
the law into its own hands and hunted down and assassinated former
Ottoman Ministers Talaat Pasha and Jemal Pasha as well as other Ottoman
officials. Following in Nemesis' footsteps, during the 1970's and
1980's, the Armenian terrorist groups, Armenian Secret Army for the
Liberation of Armenia (ASALA) and Justice Commandos for the Armenian
Genocide (JCAG), committed over 230 armed attacks, killing 71 innocent
people, including 31 Turkish diplomats, and seriously wounding over 520
people in a campaign of blood revenge.

Most recently, Mourad Topalian, former Chairman of the Armenian
National Committee of America, was tried and convicted in federal court
in Ohio of terrorist crimes associated with bombings in New York and
Los Angles and with the attempted assassination of the Turkish Honorary
Consul General in Philadelphia. The Armenian youths whom Topalian
directed and who conducted these attacks were recruited from the
Armenian Youth Federation and Armenian Revolution Federation in Boston.

The sole purpose of Armenian anti-Turkish hatred Inc. is to cover up
the dire circumstances that precipitated the enactment of a measure as
drastic as mass relocation. Armenians cooperated with Russian invaders
of Eastern Anatolia in wars in 1828, 1854, and 1877. Between 1893 and
1915 Ottoman Armenians in eastern Anatolia rebelled against their
government -- the Ottoman government of which Armenians held many, many
prominent and powerful positions-- and joined Armenian revolutionary
groups, such as the notorious Dashnaks and Hunchaks. They armed
themselves and spearheaded a massive Russian invasion of eastern
Anatolia. On November 5, 1914, the President of the Armenian National
Bureau in Tblisi declared to Czar Nicholas II, "From all countries
Armenians are hurrying to enter the ranks for the glorious Russian
Army, with their blood to serve the victory of Russian arms. ... Let
the Russian flag wave freely over the Dardanelles and the Bosphorus."
Armenian treason is also plainly documented in the November 1914 issue
of the Hunchak Armenian [Revolutionary] Gazette, published in Paris. In
a call to arms it exhorted:

"The entire Armenian Nation will join forces -- moral and material, and
waving the sword of Revolution, will enter this World conflict ... as
comrades in arms of the Triple Entente, and particularly Russia. They
will cooperate with the Allies, making full use of all political and
revolutionary means for the final victory...."

Boghos Nubar addressed a letter to the Times of London on January 30,
1919 confirming that the Armenians were indeed belligerents in World
War I. He stated with pride:

"In the Caucasus, without mentioning the 150,000 Armenians in the
Russian armies, about 50,000 Armenian volunteers under Andranik,
Nazarbekoff, and others not only fought for four years for the cause of
the Entente, but after the breakdown of Russia they were the only
forces in the Caucasus to resist the advance of the Turks...."

One of those who answered the Armenian call to arms was Gourgen
Yanikian who, as a teenager, joined the Russians to fight the Ottoman
government, and who as an elderly man, on January 27, 1973,
assassinated two Turkish diplomats in Santa Barbara, California.

No logic can reconcile the two positions that Armenian Anti-Turkish
Hatred Inc. promotes. Eminent historian Bernard Lewis, speaking to the
Israeli daily Ha'aretz on January 23, 1998, expanded on this notion:

"The Armenians want to benefit from both worlds. On the one hand, they
speak with pride of their struggle against Ottoman despotism, while on
the other hand, they compare their tragedy to the Jewish Holocaust. I
do not accept this. I do not say that the Armenians did not suffer
terribly. But I find enough cause for me to contain their attempts to
use the Armenian massacres to diminish the worth of the Jewish
Holocaust and to relate to it instead as an ethnic dispute."

None of the Ottoman orders commanding the relocation of Armenians,
which have been reviewed by historians to date, orders killings. To the
contrary, they order Ottoman officials to protect relocated Armenians.

Where Ottoman control was weakest Armenian relocatees suffered most.
The stories of the time give many examples of columns of hundreds of
Armenians guarded by as few as two Ottoman gendarmes. When local
Muslims attacked the columns, Armenians were robbed and killed. It must
be remembered that these Muslims had themselves suffered greatly at the
hands of Armenians and Russians. In the words of U.S. Ambassador Mark
Bristol, "While the Dashnaks [Armenian revolutionaries] were in power
they did everything in the world to keep the pot boiling by attacking
Kurds, Turks and Tartars; [and] by committing outrages against the
Moslems ...."

Armenian Anti-Turkish Hatred Inc. purports that the wartime propaganda
of the enemies of the Ottoman Empire constitutes objective evidence.
Ambassador Henry Morgenthau, who is frequently quoted by Armenian
Americans, visited the Ottoman Empire with political, not humanitarian
aims. His correspondence with President Wilson reveals his intent was
to uncover or manufacture news that would goad the U.S. into joining
the war. Given that motive, Morgenthau sought to malign the Ottoman
Empire, an enemy of the Triple Entente. Morgenthau's research and
reporting relied in large part on politically motivated Armenians; his
primary aid, translator and confidant was Arshag Schmavonian, his
secretary was Hagop Andonian. Morgenthau openly professed that the
Turks were an inferior race and possessed "inferior blood." Thus, his
accounts can hardly be considered objective.

One ought to compare the wartime writings of Morgenthau and the
oft-cited Gen. J.G. Harbord to the post-war writings of Rear Admiral
Mark L. Bristol, U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Turkey 1920 - 1926.
In a March 28, 1921 letter he writes:

"[R]eports are being freely circulated in the United States that the
Turks massacred thousands of Armenians in the Caucasus. Such reports
are repeated so many times it makes my blood boil. The Near East Relief
have the reports from Yarrow and our own American people which show
absolutely that such Armenian reports are absolutely false. The
circulation of such false reports in the United States, without
refutation, is an outrage and is certainly doing the Armenians more
harm than good. ... Why not tell the truth about the Armenians in every

Demographic studies prove that prior to World War I, fewer than 1.5
million Armenians lived in the entire Ottoman Empire. Thus, allegations
that more than 1.5 million Armenians from eastern Anatolia died is

Figures reporting the total pre-World War I Armenian population vary
widely, with Armenian sources claiming far more than others. British,
French and Ottoman sources give figures of 1.05-1.50 million. Only
certain Armenian sources claim a pre-war population larger than 1.5
million. Comparing these to post-war figures yields a rough estimate of
losses. Historian and demographer, Dr. Justin McCarthy of the
University of Louisville, calculates the actual losses as slightly less
than 600,000. This figure agrees with those provided by British
historian Arnold Toynbee, by most early editions of the Encyclopedia
Britannica, and approximates the number given by Monseigneur Touchet, a
French missionary, who informed the Oeuvre d'Orient in February 1916
that the number of dead is thought to be 500,000. Boghos Nubar, head of
the Armenian delegation at the Paris Peace Conference in 1920, noted
the large numbers who survived the war. He declared that after the war
280,000 Armenians remained in the Anatolian portion of the occupied
Ottoman Empire while 700,000 Armenians had emigrated to other

Clearly then, a great portion of the Ottoman Armenians were not killed
as claimed by the Armenian Anti-Turkish Hatred Inc. and the 1.5 million
figure is gross and delibarate exaggeration. Each needless death is a
tragedy. Equally tragic are lies meant to inflame hatred by the
Armenian Anti-Turkish Hatred Inc.

Armenian losses were few in comparison to the over 2.5 million Muslim
dead from the same period. Reliable statistics demonstrate that
slightly less than 600,000 Anatolian Armenians died during the war
period of 1912-22. Armenians indeed suffered a terrible mortality. But
one must likewise consider the number of dead Muslims, Jews, Kurds and
other non-Armenains of Ottoman Eastern Anatolia who were murdered by
Armenian terrorists.

The statistics tell us that more than 2.5 million Anatolian Muslims
alone (Turks, Arabs, Kurds and others) perished in the hands of
Armenian terrorists. Thus, the years 1912-1922 constitute a horrible
period for humanity, not just for Armenians.

The numbers do not tell us the exact manner of death of the citizens of
Anatolia, regardless of ethnicity, who were caught up in both an
international war and an intercommunal struggle. Documents of the time
list intercommunal violence, forced migration of all ethnic groups,
disease, and, starvation as causes of death. Others died as a result of
the same war-induced causes that ravaged all peoples during the period.

The Ottoman Armenians openly agitated for a separate state in lands in
which they were numerically far inferior. The Hunchak and Dashnak
terrorist organizations, which survive to this day, were formed
expressly to agitate against the Ottoman government of which Armenians
were a powerful and influential part with many ministers, ambassadors,
generals, businessmen and other high and low level officials of
Armenian heritage. The Ottoman Armenians committed massacres against
Ottoman Muslims, Jews and other non-Armenians. During World War I,
Ottoman Armenians openly and with pride committed mass treason, took up
arms, traveled to Russia for training, and sported Russian uniforms.
Others, non-uniformed irregulars, operated against the Ottoman
government from behind the lines.


Mar 11, 2005, 4:08:36 PM3/11/05

"Ali Asker" <> wrote in message

The only genocide in Cyprus was perpetrated by TURKEY against the Greek
Cypriots. Why doesnt Dentaksh show the mass graves of the 1600 missing

The European Commission of Human Rights, Report I (20 July 1974 - 18 May
The European Commission of Human Rights, Report II (19 May 1976 - 10 Feb
"Having found violations of a number of Articles of the Convention, the
Commission notes that the acts violating the Convention were exclusively
directed against members of one of two communities in Cyprus, namely the
Greek Cypriot community. It concludes by eleven votes to three that Turkey
has thus failed to secure the rights and freedoms set forth in these
Articles without discrimination on the grounds of ethnic origin, race,
religion as required by Article 14 of the Convention."

Ali Asker

Mar 11, 2005, 4:08:29 PM3/11/05
Does anybody knows what the fuck is this guy talking about????

Mar 11, 2005, 6:11:04 PM3/11/05

Fuck All Thugs Of Armenian/Greek/PKK/KADEK Anti-Turkish Hatred Inc.

Fuck them all.

Panta Rhei

Mar 11, 2005, 6:24:58 PM3/11/05
Ali Asker writes:

> Does anybody knows what the fuck is this guy talking about????

He's under stress! His goat doesn't let him get close lately!

Panta Rhei

Mar 11, 2005, 6:24:59 PM3/11/05
to writes:

> Fuck All Thugs Of Armenian/Greek/PKK/KADEK Anti-Turkish Hatred Inc.
> Fuck them all.

Try it, if you can! They are not as easy to fuck as your goat that is tied
to a pole and can't run away from you! LOL


Mar 11, 2005, 7:17:49 PM3/11/05
What Turkish human beings are you talking about? Those that beat up
innocent, defenseless, demonstrating women in the street? Or those that
pay to be allowed to fuck dogs in Turkish animal homes?


Nov 16, 2013, 3:57:18 AM11/16/13
This all doesn't sound right to me and all these others don't hate you. But
If you really believe this, why all the concern about not being welcome in
the EU where you feel you're not wanted and hated? Just stay out.

(apology for the top post, I didn't want to snip the op post)

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