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Dr. Mediocrities

May 3, 2000, 3:00:00 AM5/3/00

John F. Winston wrote:

> An interview with a Reptilian being.
> The Lacerta File I --
> Introduction
> I certify that the following text is the absolute truth and no work of fiction.
> These are parts of a transcript of an interview I've made with a non-human and
> Reptilian being in December 1999.
> Question: First of all, who are you and what are you?
> Are you an extraterrestrial species or can your origin
> be found on this planet?
> Answer: As you could see with your own eyes, I'm not a human being like you
> and to be honest I'm no real mammal (despite my partly mammal like body features,
> which are a result of evolution.) I'm a female reptile being, belonging to a very
> old reptilian race. We are the native terrans and we live on that planet since
> millions of years. We are mentioned in your religious writings like your Christian
> Bible and many of the ancient human tribes were aware of our presence and
> worshipped us as gods, for example the Egyptians and the Inca and many other old
> tribes. Your Christian religion have misunderstood our role in your creation, so
> we are mentioned as "evil serpent" in your writings. This is wrong.
> Question: What do you eat?
> Answer: Generally various things like you: flesh, fruit, vegetables, special
> kinds of fungus* [see below] (from subterranean farms) and other things.
> Question: Can you tell me something about the natural history
> and evolution of your species? How old is your species? Have you
> evolved from primitive reptiles as mankind have evolved from apes?
> Answer: Oh, this is a very long and complex story and it sounds certainly
> unbelievable to you, but its the truth. I will try to explain it in short.
> Around 65 million years ago, many of our unadvanced ancestors from the
> dinosaur race died in a great global cataclysm. The reason for this
> destruction was not a natural disaster - an asteroid impact as your scientists
> believe falsely - but a war between two enemy alien groups that took mainly
> place in the orbit and high atmosphere of your planet. According to our limited
> knowledge about the early days this global war was the first alien war on planet
> earth but it was definitely not the last (and a future war is coming soon, while
> a "cold war" - as you call it - between alien groups is ongoing since the last
> 73 years on your planet.) The opponents in this 65 million year old war were two
> advanced alien species, whose both names are again not pronounceable for your
> tongues. I'm able to say them but it would hurt your ear if I tell you the names
> in their original way. One race was humanoid like your species (but much older)
> and was from this universe, from a solar system in the star constellation you
> call "Procyon" today in your maps. The other species - about which we know not
> so much - was a reptilian species, but they have nothing to do with our own
> species, because we have evolved from local saurians without exterior influence
> (except the successful manipulation of our own genes by us. More about that
> later.) The advanced reptilian species came not from this universe but from
> a - well, how should I explain it to you. Your scientists have not really
> understand the true nature of the universe, because your illogical mind is not
> able to see the easiest things and relies on wrong mathematics and numbers.
> This is part of the genetic programming of your kind to which I will come later.
> Let me say, that you are nearly as far away from the understanding of the
> universe as you were 500 years ago.
> To use a term you will maybe understand: the other species came not from this
> universe but from another "bubble" in the foam of the omniverse. You would
> call it maybe another dimension, but this is not the right word to describe
> it correctly (by the way, the term dimension is generally wrong in the way you
> understand it.) The fact you should remember is, that advanced species are able
> to "walk" between bubbles by use of - as you would call it - quantum technology
> and sometimes in special ways only by use of their mind (my own species had also
> advanced mental abilities in comparison to your species, but we are not able to
> do the matterstring/bubble changing without technology, but other species
> active on this planet are able and this looks to you like magic as it had to
> your ancestors.)
> Back to our own history: the first species (the humanoids) had reached Earth
> around 150 years before the reptilians and they built some colonies on the
> former continents. There was a large colony on the continent you call
> "Antarctica" today and another one in the continent you call "Asia" today.
> These people lived together with animal-like saurians on the planet without
> problems. When the advanced reptilian species arrived in this system, the
> humanoid colonists from "Procyon" tried to communicate peacefully, but they
> were not successful and a global war started within months. You must understand
> that both species were interested in this young planet not for his biology and
> undeveloped species, but for only one reason: raw material, especially copper.
> [...] (after the fusion bomb fall-out....from the ancient war between the
> aliens 65 million years ago.) This new reptile was walking on two legs and
> looked at little bit like your reconstruction of an Iguanodon (it originated
> in this family) but it was smaller (around 1,50 meters tall) with some
> humanoid features, a changed bone structure, a larger skull and brain, a hand
> with a thumb which was able to grab things, a different organism and digestion,
> advanced eyes in the middle of the head like your eyes and...most important...
> with a new and better brain structure. This was our direct ancestor.
> Question: First of all, you handle with a very large time scale.
> You claim that your primitive ancestors lived together with the
> dinosaurs, survived the - as you called it - artificial cataclysm
> and evolved then over 40 million years and your evolution was
> completed 10 million years ago. This sounds very unbelievable
> to me. Can you say something to this?
> Answer: I understand that this must sound absolutely unbelievable to you,
> because you are a young and genetically engineered species. Your historical
> horizon ends at a scale of just some thousands of years and you think this
> is right. But it isn't. This is impossible. Your programmed mind is obviously
> not able to handle with such large time scales. Our evolution time may seem
> incredible long to you, but this is in fact the original way of nature.
> Remember, your early mammal ancestors developed together with dinosaurs and
> they survived the bomb like us. They evolved slowly during the next millions
> of years and they divided into various species and shapes, some of them larger,
> some of them smaller. This is evolution of the body. But what about their
> mind and intelligence? They were simple animals. The mammals evolved
> since - let us say - 150 millions of years, but only in the last 2 - 3 millions
> of years they were able to became intelligent and thinking. And within this
> small period beings like you were created. From nature? 148 millions of years
> time for the evolution of animal-like mammals, 2 millions of years time for the
> development of (more or less) intelligent beings like you?
> Ask yourself: Do you really think this accelerated evolution is natural?
> Then your species is more ignorant then I've thought. We have not evolved
> wrong but you.
> Question: Back to your and our own history. You've mentioned the race of
> the "Illojiim" who have created our human race. From where did they come
> and how did they look like? What had exactly happened when they arrived?
> Are they our "God"?
> Answer: The "Illojiim" came from this universe, from the solar system you
> call "Aldebaran" in your maps. They were a very tall humanoid species with
> usually blonde hairs and a very white skin (they avoided the sunlight,
> because it hurt their skin and their eyes. This was absolutely unbelievable
> for a sun-loving species like us). They seemed to be intelligent and peaceful
> at the beginning and we started a more or less friendly communication with
> them, but later they showed their real intentions and plans: they wanted to
> evolve the apes to a new breed and we were a disturbing factor for them on
> their new zoo planet. At first, they caught around 10,000 or maybe even
> 20,000 of your simian ancestors and they left the planet for some hundred
> years. When they returned, they brought your (now more human) ancestors back.
> Then they left Earth again for some thousands of years and the primitive
> pre-humans lived together with us without major problems (they were just
> afraid of our aircraft and technology). The "Illojiim" had taught their mind
> and enhanced their brain and their body structure and they were now able to
> use tools and fire. The "Illojiim" returned within 23,000 years seven times
> and accelerated the evolution speed of certain of your kind. You must
> understand, that you are not the first human civilization on the planet.
> The first advanced humans (who lived at the same time with less-developed
> pre-humans, because the "Illojiim" had experimented with different speeds
> and stages of evolution) with technology and speech existed around 700,000
> years ago on this planet (your scientists have not understand this, because
> they've found only the bones of the pre-humans and some primitive cave
> drawings showing advanced humans and flying devices.) This genetically
> advanced human breed lived together with us, but they avoided contact with
> my kind, because the "Illojiim" teachers had warned them with misleading
> purpose that we are evil beings and that we lie to them.
> Well, after some centuries the aliens decided to extinct their first
> creation and they accelerated the evolution of a second and better
> test series and so on and so on. The truth is, that your modern human
> civilization is not the first on this planet Earth but already the
> seventh. The buildings of the first breeds are lost, but the fifth
> civilization was the one, which built the large triangular
> constructions you call "Egyptian Pyramids" today around 75,000 years
> ago (your Egyptians just found that large ancient pyramids in the sand
> and tried not very successful to built similar constructions) and the
> sixth civilization was the one, which built the cities which ruins you
> can find today beneath the sea in the so-called Bimini Area around
> 16,000 years ago. The last creation of the seventh breed - of your
> series - was done just 8,500 years ago and this is the only creation
> you can remember and to which your religious writings refer. You rely
> on archeological and paleonthological artifacts which show you a
> wrong and short past, but how should you know anything about the six
> civilizations before. And if you find evidence for their existence,
> you deny and misinterpret the facts. This is partly a programming of
> your mind and partly pure ignorance. I will tell you in the following
> only about your creations, because the six previous mankind's are lost
> and therefore they should not concern you.
> There was a long war between us and the "Illojiim" and also between
> certain groups of the "Illojiim" themselves, because many of them were
> the opinion that the again-and-again creation of human species on this
> planet makes no real sense. The last battles in this war were fought
> around 5,000 years ago in orbit and surface. The aliens used powerful
> sonic weapons to destroy our underground cities but on the other hand
> we were able to destroy many of their surface installations and bases
> in space. The humans of your series were very frightened when they
> observed our battles and they wrote it down in form of religious myths
> (their mind was not able to understand what was really going on.)
> The "Illojiim" - who appeared as "gods" for the sixth and seventh
> breed - told them that it is a war between good and evil and that they
> are the good and we are the evil race. This depends certainly on the
> point of view. It was our planet before they arrived and before they
> started their evolution project with your kind. In my opinion, it was
> our right to fight for our planet. It was exactly 4,943 years ago -
> according to your time scale - that the Elohim left the planet again
> for unknown reasons (this is a very important date for us, because
> many of our historians called it a victory.) Fact is, that we don't
> know what had really happened. The "Illojiim" were gone from one day
> to another, they vanished without a trace together with their ships
> and we found most of their surface installations destroyed by them.
> The humans were on their own and your civilization developed. Many of
> us were in contact with certain (more southern) tribes of your species
> in the coming centuries and we were able to convince some of them that
> we are not the "Evil" the aliens wanted them to believe. During the
> time from 4,900 years ago to today, many other alien species arrived
> the planet (some of them used the old teaching and programming of your
> mind and "played" again God for you) but the "Illojiim" themselves
> never came back. They had left the planet for a duration of some
> thousand years also earlier, so we expect their return one day in
> future to end their project or to maybe extinct also the seventh
> breed, but we don't really know what have happened to them (to answer
> this question of you in advance).
> Your current civilization don't know anything about your real origin,
> about your real past, about your real world and universe and you know
> very little about us and our past. And you know nothing about the
> things to come in near future. As long as you will not understand
> and believe my words - I tell you the truth because we are not your
> enemy - as long there is danger for your species. Your enemies are
> already here and you have not understand. Open your eyes or you will
> be in big trouble soon. If you haven't believed anything of the things
> I've told you before, then you should really believe and remember this.
> Question: Why do you think I don't believe you?
> Answer: I have a certain feeling that you don't believe me, despite the
> fact that I'm sitting here in front of you. Everything I have told you
> in the last two hours is the absolute truth about our world.
> Question: How many alien species are active on earth
> at the moment?
> Answer: As far as we know 14 species. 11 from this universe, 2 from another
> "bubble" and 1 very advanced from a very different plain. Don't ask me for
> names, because nearly all are not pronounceable for you, eight of them are
> not pronounceable even for us. Most of the species - especially the more
> advanced - are just studying you as animals and they are not very dangerous
> for you and for us and we work together with some of them, but three species
> are hostile, including the one which was in contact with some of your
> governments and exchanged their technology for copper and other important
> things and which had betrayed your kind. There was and is a "cold war"
> between two of these hostile races during the last 73 years and the third
> species seemed to be the "winner" in this useless struggle. We expect a more
> "hot" war between them and you in the near future (I would say in the next
> 10 or 20 years) and we are worried about that development. In the last time,
> there were some rumors about a new, fifteenth species which had arrived on
> Earth just 3 or 4 years ago, but we don't know anything about their
> intentions and we were not in contact with them till now. Maybe the
> rumors are wrong.
> Question: What do the hostile alien races want?
> Answer: Various raw materials, including copper for their technology,
> your water (or better the hydrogen in your water, which is a source of
> energy in advanced fusion processes) and certain chemical elements in
> your air. Furthermore, two of the species are also interested in your
> body, in your human tissue and blood, because their own genetic structure
> is defect through bad evolution and radiation (as far as we know) and
> they need intact strings from your kind and from animals to repair their
> own genetic again and again, but they are not really able to repair the
> defects completely because their DNA and your DNA is not fully compatible
> (my own species is absolutely incompatible with them, so they are not
> very interested in us) and they try to make more compatible crossbreeds
> between you and them by use of artificial fertilizations and artificial
> wombs. We suppose that the coming war between the three races or between
> you and one or all of them will be fought for raw material, hydrogen,
> air and DNA.
> Question: Is this the reason for the "abductions"?
> Answer: Partly, especially when the aliens took egg and sperm samples
> from you. Sometimes the abductors belong to another and more advanced
> race and they just want to study your body and your mind (which is
> more interesting for some of them then your solid body) as you would
> study a primitive animal. As I have said, three alien species are
> hostile and this means that they do not care for your fate or for your
> life and people who were "abducted" by them came very rarely back
> alive. If someone is able to report about an abduction, it means in my
> opinion that he or she has not met one of the aggressive species or
> that he or she is a very very lucky human to be alive. Advanced and
> "friendly" races also took sometimes egg and sperm samples, but for
> other reasons.
> [...]
> Question: What will happen when the war begins?
> Answer: This is difficult to answer. It depends on the enemy race and on
> their tactic. "War" is not always that primitive thing you humans mean
> with the word, "War" can be fought on various levels. One possibility they
> have is the "destruction" of your social system by influence on political
> leaders, another is the use of advanced weapon systems which can cause
> earthquakes or volcanic eruptions or other disasters (including weather
> disasters) which may seem natural to you. The special fields from
> copper-fusion I've mentioned earlier are able to have an influence on your
> global weather. I think they will not attack the planet directly before
> the human civilization is weak, because even you have possibilities to
> destroy their craft (but not many.) Let me say, that we are not absolutely
> sure if there will be really such a "hot" war already in the next years.
> I don't want to talk further about this.
> Question: This is the end of the interview. Do you want to
> say a last sentence or message?
> Answer: Open your eyes and see. Don't believe only in your wrong history
> or your scientists or your politicians. Some of them know the truth about
> various things, but they don't inform the public to avoid confusion and
> panic. I think your species is not as bad as some of my kind think and it
> would be a pity to observe your end. That's everything I can say.
> Go through your world with open eyes and you will see - or maybe not.
> Your kind is ignorant.
> Question: Do you think anyone will believe that this interview
> is the truth?
> Answer: No, but it is an interesting experiment for my social studies.
> We will meet again in some months and you will tell me then what have
> happened after the publication of my message. Maybe there is hope for
> your kind.

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Fly Agaric (Amanita Muscaria) --
Siberian Shamans, and just plain folks tending the raindeer
and looking for a bit of transcendental "do-wha" now and then,
would consume the fungi, "fly agaric" (Amanita Muscaria) - not the
white one which kills, but the other one that's only effective
from regions far above the great white north. [That'd be your Red
cap w/ white specks variety, (bad news though, internal organs are
up for grabs on this sort of toxic enterprise)].
As the participants "celebrated", their urine would be collected.
The urine from those who had eaten the fungi would then be passed
around for the other celebrants to drink. The urine containing the
"recycled" Amanita Muscaria was thought to provide an experience
as intense, if not stronger, than the divine intoxicant itself...
Praise Be! Urine Siberia!!

See also:
CSP - 'SOMA: Divine Mushroom of Immortality'
by R. Gordon Wasson

Entering The Circle: Ancient Secrets Of Siberian Wisdom
Discovered by a Russian Psychiatrist, Olga Kharitidi

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DMT (N,N-dimethyltryptamine) and 5-Methoxy-DMT (aka bufotenine)

Marie Osmond, the drug of a generation:

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Lizard Head wrote:

The Tri-une Brain

"This ordering and examination of three
broad functions of the human brain has
been crucial to recent understanding of
personality, culture and human motivation.
It is pretty much taken for granted as a
foundation for research and practice in
the helping professions today, although it
may not be so well known to the general

"The first scientific paper on the tri-une
brain was written by Paul D. MacLean and
published in 1952, but it took about thirty
years for this knowledge to inform thinking
about human behavior and motivation.

"The overall structure of the perspective is
that there are three seats of knowledge in
the brain: (1) the neo-cortex with its right
and left hemispheres which is the seat of the
'higher functions' such as language, imagery
and reasoning, (2) the limbic cortex which
includes the amygdala and septem and governs
fight-flight responses and other emotional
functions, and (3) a group of elements at the
base of the brain clustered around the brain
stem which process time and space awareness
and other sensori-motor functions of the body.
MacLean called this area 'the R-Complex.' The
neo-cortex is a late evolutionary development
and found only in the primates. The limbic
cortex is common to all mammals. The R-Complex
is shared by reptiles, and hence is sometimes
referred to as 'the reptilian brain.'"


Alien Intoxication

May 3, 2000, 3:00:00 AM5/3/00

| FDA says:
"Great Zulu Shaman And Elder 'Credo Mutwa' gets high on Grey!"
(({... We Rejoin P R O G R A M M I N G ... Already in Progress...}))

Credo Mutwa: ... Far too many people fall into the temptation of looking
upon these "aliens" as supernatural creatures. They are just solid
creatures, sir. They are like us; and, furthermore, I'm going to make
a statement here which will come as a surprise: the Grey aliens, sir,
are edible. Surprised?

Martin: Please continue.

Credo Mutwa: I said, sir, the Grey aliens are edible.

Martin: Yes, I heard that and I'm anxious to....

Credo Mutwa: Their flesh is protein, just as animal flesh on Earth is,
but, anyone who ingests Grey alien flesh comes very, very close to
death. I nearly did.

You see, in Lesotho there is a mountain called Laribe; it is called the
Crying Stone mountain. On several occasions, in the last 50 years or so,
alien craft have crashed against this mountain.

And one last incident was reported in the newspapers not so long ago.
An African who believes that these creatures are gods, when they find
the corpse of a dead Grey alien, they take it, put it in a bag, and
drag it into the bush, where they dismember it and ritually eat it.
But some of them die as a result of ingesting that thing.

About a year before I had the experience from the Inyangani Mountains,
I had been given, by a friend of mine in Lesotho, flesh from what he
called a sky god. I was skeptical.

He gave me a small lump of grey, rather dry stuff, which he said was
the flesh. And he and I and his wife ritually ate this thing, one night.
After we had eaten this thing, sir, on the following day, exactly, our
bodies erupted into a rash which was like nothing I had experienced in
my life before.

Our bodies were so full of the rash and urticaria, it was as if we had
small pox. We itched, the itching was horrible, especially under the
arm-pits and between the legs, and the buttocks. Our tongues began to
swell. We could not breathe. And for a number of days, my friend, his
wife and I were totally helpless, secretly attended by initiates who
were studying under my friend, who was a shaman.

I came very close to death. There was bleeding from nearly every
orifice in our body. We passed blood, much blood when we went to the
toilet. We could barely walk, barely breathe. And after about 4 or
5 days, the rash subsided, then the pealing of the skin took its place
now. Our skins began to peal, in scales like that of a snake shedding
it's skin.

Sir, it was one of the most terrible experiences I had undergone.
In fact, when I began to feel better, I think that my being abducted
by the Mantindane was the direct result of my having ingested flesh
from one of these creatures. I had not believed that what my friend
was giving me was flesh from a creature. I assumed it was some kind
of root or herb or whatever. But, afterwards, I recalled the taste of
the thing. It had a coppery taste, and had the same type of smell
that I was to encounter in 1959.

And, after the rash went down-while I was still peeling and we were
smeared from head to foot with coconut oil by the initiates, every
day-a strange change came over us, sir, which I am asking all people
of knowledge who would read this in your country to try and explain
to me. We went crazy, sir, utterly crazy.

We started laughing like real loony tunes. It was ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha,
day after day-for the slightest things we started laughing our heads
off, for hours, until you were nearly exhausted.

And then the laughing went away; and then a strange thing happened,
a thing which my friend said was the goal which those who ate the
flesh of a Mantindane wanted to achieve.

It was as if we had ingested a strange substance, a drug, a drug
like no other on this Earth. Suddenly, our feelings were heightened.

When you drank water, it was as if you had drunk a wine of some kind.
Water became as delicious as a man-made drink. Food began to taste
amazingly. Every feeling was heightened, and it's indescribable-it
was as if I was one with the very heart of the universe. I cannot
describe it any other way.

And this feeling of amazing intensity of feeling lasted for over
2 months. When I listened to music, it was as if there was music
behind the music, behind the music. When I painted pictures-which
is what I do for a living-and when I was holding a particular
color on the tip of my brush, it was as if there were other colors
in that color. It was an indescribable thing, sir. Even now I cannot
describe it.
[e.g. ]
Great Zulu Shaman And Elder Credo Mutwa

The Queen of Cans and Jars

May 3, 2000, 3:00:00 AM5/3/00
Alien Intoxication <> wrote:


Iguano Don

May 4, 2000, 3:00:00 AM5/4/00
The Queen of Cans and Jars wrote:
> Alien Intoxication <> wrote:
> > Dr. Mediocrities wrote:
> > >
> > > \|/
> > >
> > > John F. Winston wrote:
> > >
> > > >
> > > > An interview with a Reptilian being.
> > > >
> > > > The Lacerta File I --

> > > > To use a term you will maybe understand: the other species came not
> > > > from this universe but from another "bubble" in the foam of the
> > > > omniverse. You would call it maybe another dimension, but this is not
> > > > the right word to describe it correctly (by the way, the term
> > > > dimension is generally wrong in the way you understand it.) The fact
> > > > you should remember is, that advanced species are able to "walk"
> > > > between bubbles by use of - as you would call it - quantum technology
> > > > and sometimes in special ways only by use of their mind (my own
> > > > species had also advanced mental abilities in comparison to your
> > > > species, but we are not able to do the matterstring/bubble changing
> > > > without technology, but other species active on this planet are able
> > > > and this looks to you like magic as it had to your ancestors.)

> > And this feeling of amazing intensity of feeling lasted for over
> > 2 months. When I listened to music, it was as if there was music
> > behind the music, behind the music. When I painted pictures-which
> > is what I do for a living-and when I was holding a particular
> > color on the tip of my brush, it was as if there were other colors
> > in that color. It was an indescribable thing, sir. Even now I cannot
> > describe it.
> > [e.g. ]
> > {((Snipped))}
> >
> >
> > Great Zulu Shaman And Elder Credo Mutwa
> >
> hmmm.


...27 April 1992
© Space Studies Institute
Gerard K. O'Neill
Self-Replication of General Purpose Production Machines

The concept of self-replicating machines was addressed
particularly by John von Neumann.


© New York University Environmental Law Journal, 1997
Symposium on the Environmental Law Aspects of Space
Exploration & Development
Lawrence D. Roberts


© The Tucson L5 Space Society

There has to be a point in going into space or mining materials on the
Self replicating machines??, what for???
all pie in the sky isnt it??. no point to it, no reason for doing it!!


Dr. Michio Kaku is an internationally recognized authority in theoretical
physics, author and educator. He is an advisor to NASA regarding starship
propulsion systems. During The Prophets Conference - (Santa Fe, NM,
weekend of April 14-16, 2000), Professor Kaku stated the following:

"Personally, and this is a view shared by Paul Davies*, a friend of mine.
Personally we believe that we have already been visited; and chances are
they're on the moon, OK.

"If we were an advanced Type 'Three' civilization, (A 'Type One'
civilization is a civilization with the power of a planet; they can control
the weather, they control earthquakes, volcanoes. They have cities on the
ocean; they have all planetary power at their disposal, that is 'Type One'.
Eventually they exhaust the power of a planet and they go to their nearby
star. 'Type Two' they play with solar flares, they play with stars, they
ignite them, they play with them. When Jr. wants to borrow the starship Dad
says "sure, just put a few White Dwarfs in the gas tank" and off you go!
'Type Three' Eventually a civilization exhausts the power of a star and
they go to the galaxy; they harness the power of the black hole at the
center of most galaxies. They are 'Type Three' - truly galactic in power
and scope) we wouldn't send Captain Kirk, going from planet to planet,
because it would take too long. What we would do is send what are called
Von Neumann Probes (?). Von Neumann Probes are self -replicating machines.
They land on a moon, create a factory that creates thousands of copies of
themselves that shoot out to other moons, land on the moon, create
thousands of copies of them and shoot out again. OK. Each time they land on
a moon they leave an alarm clock waiting for a 'Type Zero' civilization to
attain 'Type One' status, which would be interesting for a 'Type Three'
civilization. Now, this was also the basis of a feature length movie. Who
can tell me the name of the movie based on the idea that these
civilizations land on a moon, create thousands of copies of themselves that
are sent off to other moons and like a virus, colonize a galaxy in a very
brief period of time? The movie is 2001. The movie 2001 is perhaps the most
accurate description of an encounter with a 'Type Three' civilization, OK."
Michio Kaku, Ph.D. - The Prophets Conference - Santa Fe, April 15, 2000.
[See also -- ]

Erik Davis' - Techgnosis

Interspecies Global Mind
by Howard Bloom
"...It is said that we have enraged nature by tearing at the pattern
of her tracery, and for this transgression we shall be punished mightily.
But we are nature incarnate. We are made up of her molecules and cells.
We are tools of her probings and if, indeed, we suffer and we fail, from
our lessons she will learn which way in the future not to turn. For all
that lives and all that ever has is part of a collective brain, a neural
net of the most sprawling evolution-driven, worldwide,
multi-billion-year-old interspecies mind."
From: The History of the Global Brain XX

"ISMDA 2000"

Selected Call for Papers
Conferences "AI General"

Perhaps interesting conferences in 2000:

Paul C.W. Davies - Physicist and author
The Fifth Miracle: the search for the origin of life
Interview about The Fifth Miracle

iBS: Can you tell us a little bit about your new book, The Fifth Miracle?

Paul Davies: In a nutshell, it is about how, where and when life came to
exist. Life is the most amazing phenomenon in nature, but we are still in
the dark about its beginnings. The central claim of the book is that life
started deep under the ground, perhaps on Earth, perhaps on Mars, maybe
both. I discuss the evidence for the remarkable microbes that are currently
being discovered living deep in the Earth's crust, and conjecture that they
are related to the earliest life forms. I also develop my theory that
microbes can jump from Mars to Earth, or vice versa, by hitching a ride on
rocks blasted off by cosmic impacts. This leads me to believe there
certainly was, and maybe still is, life on Mars, deep beneath the surface.
The conclusion of the book is that we are making rapid progress towards
understanding where and when life started, but the how part remains deeply
and tantalisingly mysterious.

iBS: Can you explain in more detail the concept of biogenesis?

PD: Biogenesis means the origin of life. We would like to know how
lifeless chemicals can transform themselves into a primitive living
thing, spontaneously, without the need for a miracle. How can it
happen? What processes take place? Many chemists believe in the idea
of a recipe for life - a list of substances to mix together in an
appropriate sequence, rather like baking a cake. They hope to make
life in a test tube by following such a recipe. I think this approach
is a mistake, for it is to confuse the medium with the message.
The secret of life lies not with the stuff of which it is made,
but its information content. DNA, for example, is a genetic databank.
A gene is a coded set of instructions. Such concepts transcend
chemistry. The origin of encoded information is not a problem of
chemistry. Chemistry alone will never explain such a thing.

iBS: Throughout the book you use computer terminology - is it meant
to be interpreted metaphorically or literally?

PD: I mean it quite literally. Mother Nature discovered digital
computing over three and a half billion years ago. The living cell
is an incredibly powerful and refined information processessing
system - a supercomputer if you like. In fact, there is now a
burgeoning industry seeking to use DNA for computing purposes.
In the past people thought of organisms as some sort of peculiar
substance - magic matter if you like. In fact, life is extraordinary
not for what it is made of, but for its informational capabilities.
In short, the secret of life lies with its software content, not
its harware.

iBS: Do you believe that advances in IT lead to better
understanding of the universe?

PD: In recent years it has become fashionable to regard natural
phenomena in terms of information processing. This echoes the
Greek concept of the cosmos as a manifestation of geometry, number
and harmony, because musical instruments were the pinnacle of
technology. In the late European Middle Ages, clocks were the latest
technological marvel, and Newton gave us the notion of the clockwork
universe. Then in the nineteenth century the steam engine took pride
of place, and the universe was seen in thermodynamic terms as a
gigantic machine slowly running out of fuel and dying. Now in our
time the computer is the icon for a cosmological model.
Some scientists even declare that the entire cosmos is a vast
computer! These attempts to capture what the universe is about
using a single metaphor seem rather naive, yet it is refreshing
to see the informational aspect of nature stressed as an antedote
to its material aspect. Materialism, after all, is responsible for
much of the anti-science feeling nowadays.

iBS: Your own views and perceptions seem to have changed (evolved?)
from your earlier books. Could you give one or two recent examples
where your own ideas have shifted or been replaced by new ways of

PD: I have not changed my basic philosophy much, but I have sharpened
my thinking on matters like whether it is meaningful to attribute a
purpose to the universe. I have also become less sure that physicists
are on the verge of discovering a unifying superforce or grand theory
of everything. This goal remains a long way off, I think.

iBS: In the Fifth Miracle, you seem to be saying that information
(or the complex organisation of information) is as important to
the development of life as any particular molecular combination
(e.g. quasi crystals that require some sort of long-range
organisation). If so, do you believe this is a matter of chance
or a matter of design?

PD: I believe that the universe is an exquisite and felicitous mix of
chance and law. When it comes to the origin of life, I am unhappy
about simply waving one's hands and muttering 'chance', because it
doesn't actually explain anything. One might as well say 'it's a
miracle!' and leave it at that. However, none of the laws that we at
present know and love compel matter to evolve towards life, so if
life does emerge more or less automatically from lawlike principles,
then these principles have yet to be discovered. In my heart I believe
that life is written into the fabric of the universe in a very clever
way, so that it will emerge with likelihood wherever there are
earth-like conditions, but this is just a speculation. Nobody knows.
Whether my speculation is tantamount to design is another matter.
Design is a loaded word and must be used carefully. I believe that the
laws of nature of ingenious and creative, and facilitate the
development of richness and diversity in nature, life being just one
aspect of that (consciousness is another). An atheist could accept
these clever laws simply as a brute fact, but for me they are suggestive
of a deeper, more pruposeful side to nature. I have explained what I
mean by this at great length in my earlier book The Mind of God.

iBS: In the final chapter you write, "For 300 years science has been
based on reductionism and materialism, leading inevitably to atheism
and a belief in the meaninglessness of physical existence." Do you
consider The Fifth Miracle as an attempt to shift the scientific
community's point of reference concerning the origins of life?

PD: Since my books God and the New Physics and The Mind of God established
me as a scientist unafraid to tackle religious issues, readers have come
to expect me to relate the topics of my books to 'the meaning of life'.
In The Fifth Miracle I have dealt with a whole new set of topics, and in
the final chapter I attempt to link up with the philosophy I have been
expounding in those earlier works. Whether the book will shift the thinking
of professional scientists is less clear. I hope I have provoked some of
them to think about their subject matter with a different slant, but at the
end of the day, what matters in science is the experimental evidence.
Any amount of philosophising is no substitute for hard facts. If we could
just discover one bacterium on another planet, and be sure it had arisen
independently of earthlife, it would instantly transform our world view
and prove that we live in a bio-friendly universe. The philosophical
implications would the be clear and sweeping.

iBS: Do you believe the underlying laws of physics will one day explain
the existence of life in total?

PD: I am sure that life formed by natural processes; it did not require
a genuine miracle. I also feel (in my heart - as I said earlier) that
there are law-like principles that coax matter towards life under suitable
conditions, even if my head tells me that there is as yet no evidence for
this. If I am right, then life will be the manifestation of laws of nature.
However, chance will certainly play some part. It clearly played a part
in the course of rvolution once life got going.

iBS: Do you forsee that separate disciplines such as physics, chemistry,
biology, quantum mechanics, and mathematics will all be joined in a grand
unified theory of understanding the universe one day?

PD: Grand syntheses are very beguiling, and many of my colleagues are
working on the unification of physics. I am attracted to the idea that
all of nature is the manifestation of some deep and beautiful principles,
so that disparate disciplines might be linked intimately at a fundamental
level. Physics has made some progress towards uncovering these linkages,
but we have a long way to go before we find common principles that will
bring in biology too.

iBS: What would you consider to be the hot areas of research these days?

PD: The latest fad is quantum computation. If a quantum computer could be
built it would enable us to compute things that are effectively impossible
using normal computers, however large they may be. Towards the end of The
Fifth Miracle I float the half-baked suggestion that maybe the origin of
life has something to do with quantum computation occurring naturally.
Who knows?

iBS: What is your next project?

PD: I should like to understand the nature and origin of information.
It seems to me that information is what links life to physics. If we
can undestand the dynamics of information as well as we understand the
dynamics of matter, we might solve the riddle of biogenesis, and much
else besides. What intrigues me is that quantum mechanics has its own
version of information, so-called qubits as opposed to bits. I'd like
to know how the two are related. This may not relate to life at all,
but then again it just might!


"Joy is deeply worried that these technologies collectively
create the ability to unleash self-replicating, mutating,
mechanical or biological plagues..."


Birdlike dinosaur discovery bolsters evolution theory
by Terry Spencer
DANIA BEACH, Fla. - Scientists have identified what may be
the most convincing evolutionary link yet between dinosaurs and
birds: a 75-million-year-old creature with a roadrunner's body,
arms that resembled clawed wings, and thin, hair-like feathers.

The Florida Institute of Paleontology unveiled the first recovered
skeleton of the species - bambiraptor feinbergi - on Thursday...


"The Mission of the GRAND PLANETARY ALIGNMENT as we will celebRAte
it as WORLD ILLUMINATION DAYS, May 1-16, 2000, is reflexively
bonded into the earth community building of the STAR PORTS.
Hence, Earth Bases will be established whereby the life streams of the
various members of the Space ConfedeRAtion may have a place to anchor and
enter this world. Each geographical sector we pilgrimage to will have a
site determined for the establishment of an Earth Base for the eventual
Star Port and Landing Pad. This will be in preparation of the mass
landings to occur in 2012.


A fossil find with legs to stand on.
Research shows snakes' origin may be on land.
by Alexandra Witze / The Dallas Morning News
A 95-million-year-old snake with legs, found with fish teeth in its
belly, reveals how snakes may have evolved on land and then slithered
into the ocean, the researchers say.


New device reads chemical makeup in real time
A group of researchers led by chemistry professor Dor Ben-Amotz
has developed a Near-Infrared Raman Imaging Microscope, called
NIRIM, which uses laser light to analyze composite materials
thousands of times faster than current methods. The instrument
reads the color changes produced when a laser interacts with
molecular vibrations, a process known as Raman scattering, to
fingerprint a sample as it is being viewed under a microscope.
"It's like having a robot with eyes capable of seeing the chemical
structure of what it is looking at," Ben-Amotz says. "Instead of
saying this is a piece of plastic, it says this is a piece of plastic
made of high-density polyethylene." [...]


Spielberg's next movie projects will have high-technology themes
LOS ANGELES - Steven Spielberg's next directing project will be A.I.,
the long-in-the-works apocalyptic film about robots that possess
artificial intelligence that the late Stanley Kubrick was planning to
direct. The Warner Bros.-DreamWorks project, being written by
Mr. Spielberg, has been slated to start production July 10 with plans
for a summer 2001 release...


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