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Jan Knowlton

Aug 8, 1998, 3:00:00 AM8/8/98
Janice Knowlton, who collaborated with true crime author, Michael Newton, to
write "Daddy Was The Black Dahlia Killer," Pocket Books mass mkt. paperback
(1995) reaching out to anyone in media, past and present, who may know about
the cover-up that was put in place between Los Angeles law enforcement, The
L.A. Times and Hearst papers, to suppress the identity of the real killer of
Elizabeth Short, the Black Dahlia. George (Georgie) Knowlton, who ran a
child sex ring (Smut, Inc. or its like) in Hollywood, using Janice at age
nine, and a younger child, kept for summer etc. of 1946 in Hawthorn apt.
hotel (with all modern) conveniences: for pedophiles such as MGM producer
Arthur Freed, someone with last name, Disney, and others, to molest; as
well as a newspaper owner, and an L.A. cop, etc.---was allowed to go free to
kill again till his death in 1962.
Deputies and cops have corroborated the long-repressed memories of
Janice Knowlton, who was forced into recalling the past traumas by a surgery
and hormone therapy which researchers now confirm can access memory.
New proof has been received, thanks to Donald Gibson, former L.A.
sheriff's deputy who was given the Black Dahlia file in 1949 to confirm
George Knowlton's name as suspect, and some people high up in the Democratic
party; as well as former L.A. DA, Buron Fitts, a Dr. George Hodel (who
molested his own daughter, Tamara); and others.
Contact me, Janice Knowlton at or P. O. Box 9001, Anaheim, CA
92812 if you want to help in bringing about justice, over fifty years past
due for Knowlton and her family.

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