Crazy neocons to have US attack Iran before election according to member of Russian Duma

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Aug 28, 2008, 5:40:28 AM8/28/08
Crazy neocons to have US attack Iran before election according to
member of Russian Duma

South Ossetia a Prelude to Iran? Duma Deputy Sergey Markov (be sure to
watch the youtube video of the interview with the member of the
Russian Duma via following URL):


Scroll down to the last response below by Sergey Markov about Iran
attack taking place before the election:

Duma deputy warns of 'McCain paranoia'§ionid=3510302

Wed, 27 Aug 2008 16:58:33
By Afshin Rattansi, Press TV, Tehran

The following is an exclusive Press TV interview with Russian Duma
Deputy Sergei Markov on Russia's recognition of the breakaway Georgian
regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia as independent states:

Q: I noticed across the wires that the United States says Russia's
recognition is unacceptable.

A: I think now the United States' administration work not for the
United Stats' interests but for the interest of Republican
presidential candidate John McCain and Dick Cheney, who without any
real cause started the war in Iraq and is ready to start a war with
Iran. They want to create an impression of the cold war with Russia.
From our point of view South Ossetia and Abkhazia, which have never in
their entire history been a part of independent Georgia, have more
right to independence than Kosovo. The United States imposed
independence of Kosovo on Serbia. It was not a matter of vote.

Q: One of John McCain's advisors is a lobbyist for Georgia, but
Senator Obama is not. It seems that both US presidential candidates
are criticizing Russia.

A: Yes. They are criticizing Russia because they are afraid that
Russia, as a military country, can create some kind of a milieu of
problems for the West while solving its own problems through military
means. That is Senator Obama's reason for criticizing Russia. But
McCain criticized because he is a crazy militant and wants war. It is
“McCain paranoia”.

Q: But what is Moscow's next move? Will it go to the Security Council
to seek UN representation for Abkhazia and South Ossetia?

A: Yes at the Security Council, it is a possibility to work out a
decision, and I think the Security Council option will not work but
then the United States will try to create another military action, we
don't know where, we suppose either against the Islamic Republic of
Iran or civil war in Ukraine.

Q: I will go back to Iran in a minute. But President Medvedev did
reach an agreement with President Nicolas Sarkozy and yet the French
where quick to say that Russia was breaking its word. Do you think it
also strains relations between Moscow and Paris?

b>A: I think that the interests of the European Union and Russia are
equal because we want to have decent security. But the United States'
current administration is against better relations with the EU. I
think a small crisis is possible.
Q: You said the United States could very well bomb Iran. Do think it
is the end of glasnost began by Mikhail Gorbochev?

A: We have no glasnost. We have systemeical transitional of a country
from totalitarian soviet system to the modern system. And our main
schedule is the modernization of the country and we will continue to
do it and we will try to do it. Not for Washington not for Paris,
Brussels and Belgium but for the Russians, and we will do it.

Q: Mr. Markov, just on that point about Iran, you said the United
States might attack Iran. Do you think an attack on Iran would be in
the next few months?

A: Yes. I think any attack against Iran would happen before the
presidential elections. Washington has two goals for wanting to bomb
Iran. One is to crush nuclear capacity and second to stop Barrack
Obama election and allow neocons to control Washington.


Don't Let the Neocon Agenda Get US into Wider Middle East War (Click
on the pic of Joe Biden at the following URL to access the youtube and
take a look at the comments section at the bottom there as well):

Here is a tiny URL for the above one:

Neocons Put at US at Risk for Nuclear War with Russia:

Here is a tiny URL for the above one:

PNAC NeoCon Agenda puts US at Risk of War with Russia :

Here is a tiny URL for the above one:

Here is a tiny URL for the above one:

Warnings to Russia from Joe Lieberman and Lindsey Graham

And None Dare Call It Treason—McCain Advisor's Georgia Connection




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Aug 31, 2008, 12:09:51 PM8/31/08
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>Crazy neocons to have US attack Iran before election according to
>member of Russian Duma

Death to Iran!

Bomb Iran NOW!

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