Re: Ousted Colorado Senator Cannot Admit Defeat Caused By Hatred Of 2nd Amendment

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Democrat Dementia

Sep 21, 2013, 12:01:25 AM9/21/13
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Hell Stomper <> wrote:
> I am sure that by now you have heard about the historic recall elections that took place in Colorado. This shows us that there are certainly still some voters who value their basic rights and protections as guaranteed under the 2nd Amendment. The funny part about all of this is the fact that now former Senator Angela Giron STILL does not seem to get the message! Actually, my opinion is that she does understand deep in her heart what actually happened, but it is just simply too hard for her to admit in public yet.
> We understand, Angie, and we also want you to make sure that the door does not hit you on the way out! Take your gun-hating libertard policies and go back on home. The voters of Colorado have spoken and you and all your other left wing cronies will get the message or go down in defeat one by one.
> To me the really funny part of all this is simply how she tried to explain away her defeat, like it was all a conspiracy or something. If you want to get a nice chuckle out of this also, take a look at a video of her trying to explain what happened. Simply hilarious. I love the fact that the interview would just not let her get away with trying to put this defeat off on same faceless conspiracy or confusion. Seriously, watch little Angie’s face when the reporter steps in to cut her off as she starts going down that road.
> According to Angie, yes. She just simply cannot understand, accept, or admit that her defeat was because she simply refused to vote the way her constituents desired. In other words, she did a bad job of representing the interests of those she represented. If you vote pro gun control in a district that you know is NOT pro gun control, then the people of that district not only have the right, but also the obligation to institute proceedings to get you kicked out of the Senate. Score one for the freedom loving and independent people of the state of Colorado!
> During this interview, Giron tried to blame her defeat on voter suppression. In other words, a majority of voters (who she obviously presumes would have been sympathetic to her plight) were kept from coming out and voting. She said that there was a lot of voter confusion and that it was not clear exactly how the election would work, including whether or not a mail ballot would be used. As she claimed, 70 percent of all voters in Colorado actually vote by mail, so this was an important point in her mind. She also said that voters were confused not only about how to vote, but also where to vote.
> I guess she thinks that all of her voters are just idiots. Certainly it is not that hard to figure out how to vote and where to vote.
> What do you think…did Ms. Giron lose her recall election due to voter suppression, or is she just crying over spilled milk? Is this a message being sent across the nation that freedom loving, gun owning Americans are no longer going to take attacks on their 2nd Amendment rights sitting down?

Thank you Colorado for showing others the way.


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