Bilingualism has ruined Canada. Do you know how and who did the deed? #1

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Dec 29, 2004, 11:04:11 AM12/29/04
Lester Bowles Pearson's vision of Canada

".The French in Canada are a nation in the sense that they are a separate
people. But I see no way of holding our country together unless English
Canada adopts a new attitude towards the intention of our French-speaking
compatriots to maintain their identity, their culture and their language as
a special fact within Canada. Those who persist in telling us that we must
do away with this idea, that we must insist on talking about our country,
race, and nation as one and indivisible-- these are the real separatists.
" (Vol.3,pp236-38 Mike: The Memoirs, Person wrote: )

What a typically political and irrational Liberal statement to make. He is
saying unless we make the country
bilingual and bicultural we are separating Canadians. Or if we try to bring
all Canadians together under one language and all other languages including
their cultures are encouraged we are separating Canadians. We all swallowed
this lie for the sake of our Francophone fellow Canadians. The Official
Languages Act has divided Canada and it's people and it is time we brought
it all back together again by reversing the damage of this Act.

I recommend the reader get the book listed below, from which the excerpt
above is taken, and, after reading it you will understand how the English
speaking peoples of Canada have been mislead by our politicians into a
policy that favours the Francophone to the exclusion of all the rest of
Canadians. I was shocked when I read it because I recognized many of the
issues and today we are experiencing the results.

Farewell the Peaceful Kingdom - The Seduction and Rape of Canada, 1963 to
Author: Joe C. W. Armstrong
Publisher: Stoddart Publishing Co. Limited
Published: 1995
ISBN : 0-7737-2870-8

Do you feel marginalized and discouraged? I found a site that was very
encouraging - Language Fairness National at
Register for their news letter as it will keep you up to date. Send the
link to family and friends.

Joining forces with this group is the only hope for English speaking

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