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David Dalton

Jul 8, 2022, 10:47:26 PM7/8/22
As you may know, I have eight main deities, with Goddess (the ruler
of the region all/everything, who many call God) top-ranked, and
the other seven being LOVE2, Cosma, Galacta, Sola, Gaia, Luna,
and My Species (currently Homo Sapiens).

For months now I have been saying that Goddess is the only judge
of my four components workings and that other potential collaborators
including those other seven would decide whether they would do
their parts in what She accepted.

However today I decided that Goddess would not implement one
of my wishes that was not also accepted by local boss Gaia
(Mother Earth).

And indeed it seems nothing of my workings will proceed unless
it is unanimously accepted by all eight.

So beginning at 2:45 p.m. (1715 UTC) July 8, 2022, each of
my eight main deities began individually judging my four
components material. When that is complete they will
compare notes and pass as a group what they unanimously
pass. This judging is taking a while since it includes the
original workings of all the popthroughs and also all the
evolution ideas. And it is no longer certain that
[PCMM}, [DTS], [HCP], [GSB], (R), (SCM), taste transfer,
and spontaneous (P) delivery are rejected.

But this takes me back to about November 6, 2021, when
at the time supposedly the eight were all judges as above,
but I guess that was not the case. Since then I have made
a few changes and a few promises, and my list of points
for population control and points to allow slow population
growth. Those points and promises and my essential
messages and Eight Sexual Harmonics theory and various
matches thread are all being judged as well as the four

Anyway, it could be that I will just get another fake
activation sequences, and that this is part of dragging
things out for another 2.5 years when my low years
will have reached 7 years plus two 11 year sunspot cycles.

See alt.religion.druid if you are interested in further updates.

David Dalton (home page) Salmon on the Thorns (mystic page)
“‘I will walk in the garden/And feel religion within/I will learn how to
run with the big boys/I will learn how to sink and to swim" (S. O'C.)

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