Shawn Mendes's mental health problems

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David Dalton

Jul 28, 2022, 1:39:19 AMJul 28
Shawn Mendes has just cancelled the rest of his lengthy world
tour since he wants to get focus on overcoming mental health.

I theorize that his mental health problems could be due to an
incompatible relationship, perhaps with a lesbian (woman
attracted just to women) who is pretending to be bisexual
or straight.

However it should be now be the case that bims and straight-type-1
males no longer have one-way attraction to lesbians.

But regardless of whether Shwan Mendes has been in an
incompatible or partially compatible (compatible, but less
than optimally sexually compatible) relationship, his mental
health would benefit immensely from an optimally compatible

And during my 2021 accurate matchmaking period I divined
that Shawn Mendes is bim (male attracted to both genders)
and is optimally compatible e.g. with straight-type-2-F (female
compatible only with bims but would have friendship attraction
to gays who are happily gay) Charlotte Cardin, who had an
old lock that has been recently dissolved, so she is now able
to get (a) bim(s) other than her old lock.

David Dalton (home page) Salmon on the Thorns (mystic page)
“Mary walks down to the water’s edge and there she hangs Her head to
find herself faded a shadow of what she once was" (Sarah McLachlan)

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