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Jul 30, 2010, 2:19:18 PM7/30/10
There seems to be a lack of knowledge about the new Weezer album
coming out on 9/14 so I'm trying to fill people in with what I know.

It's called Hurley. It has a picture of Hurley from Lost on the
cover. It's on Epitaph. It comes out 9/14/2010. The tracklist (as
of now) is:

2-Ruling Me
5-Where's My Sex?
6-Run Away
7-Hang On
8-Smart Girls
9-Brave New World (possible Iron Maiden cover?)
10-Time Flies

No word on if there'll be a vinyl version of it yet.

Here's the press info on it:

"Weezer return to their indie rock roots on Hurley, their first
release on Epitaph and the start of a new chapter in
the band's storied career. In many ways, Weezer have always been the
unlikeliest of pop-rock bands, earning
major radio and video play for leftfield singles like "Undone – The
Sweater Song" and "Buddy Holly," songs
that hardly seem calculated to become radio hits. It is exactly this
"uncalculated" quality that the band returns
to on their eighth album. Hurley is as warm and embracing as the
glowing smile on actor Jorge Garcia's
face that graces the cover, as ragged and endearing as fan favorite
Pinkerton, as bold and hooky and open as
"Pork and Beans." In other words, Hurley is in the classic tradition
of the best Weezer albums, clever and
confessional and quirky and hugely sing-along."

Get excited. Or get bummed out. Cause this is either going to be
awesome or it's going to suck hard.

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