Bearing The Devil's Mark

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Magister Matt G. Paradise

Nov 20, 2007, 10:25:36 PM11/20/07
The long-awaited release date for BEARING THE DEVIL'S MARK, the debut
authored book from Purging Talon Executive Director and Church of Satan
Magister Matt G. Paradise, has been set for Christmas Day 2007.
However, pre-orders for the book will begin on the 23rd of November:

from the back cover...

"Bearing The Devil's Mark is a bold and no-nonsense treatise on the
subject of Satanism -- not from the perverse pen of bitter and jealous
Christians or even their pagan counterparts, but straight from the
Satanic perspective itself! Through both personal observation and
established fact, Bearing The Devil's Mark taps into the vein of the
world's most feared religion and presents its undiluted insight on the
human condition. Sex, love, politics, technology, the God religions,
and more -- all brought to you by someone with over 25 years of
actively living the Satanic philosophy."

and a quote from Peter H. Gilmore, High Priest of the Church of Satan...

"[Bearing The Devil's Mark] is a well-wrought and welcome volume! You
emerge from these gathered musings as a starkly misanthropic
curmudgeon, and your tart observations are just the proper lashes
deserved by the objects of your attention. Bravo!"

Other details...

Bearing The Devil's Mark
ISBN: 978-0-6151-7668-0
200 pages, 6" x 9" softcover, perfect binding
Front Cover Photo by Melanie Laetitia Mantis
Cover Image: “Sigil of Apocalypse” by Diabolus Rex

Pre-orders will be handled directly through the Purging Talon website ( ) from its Books section. The benefit to
pre-ordering is that you will be first in line when the book ships...
the earlier you buy, the earlier your copy will go out. And it also
contributes to quicker restocking during the early weeks of the book's
release, which makes everyone happy.

In the meanwhile, we would appreciate your participation in the
promotion of this book. Here are some utterly painless ways in which
you can do that...

1) Join The BTDM MySpace page ( ) as a friend, and ask your
friends to do the same. On our MySpace page, you'll also find an ad
graphic that you can post on your website or MySpace page. Just follow
the posted directions. And we'd rather you hotlinked to the graphic (as
the directions ask) rather than host it yourself because we will be
updating the graphic as we get closer to release date. Ideally, we
would like each and every person who is a member of the Purging Talon
MySpace group (or any of our MySpace pages, for that matter) to also
join the Bearing The Devil's Mark MySpace page. Please consider it. It
only takes a minute and it would be greatly appreciated.

2) If you're on MySpace, consider also putting BTDM in your Top 8
Friends. Visibility is going to be everything in the promotion of the
book, so we would be incredibly psyched to see us posted high in your
MySpace Friend list: the higher, the better. (You might also want to
subscribe to BTDM's MySpace blog as well, seeing as we'll be posting
any updates and press on the book there. A text link to do so is
provided on the page.)

3) Discuss the upcoming book on message boards, chat rooms, and
newsgroups. Of course, you should always make sure there are no rules
against unauthorized promotional posts wherever you decide to do this,
but we'd really like to get the word out about this book. Feel free to
use the ad graphic's code mentioned in #1 as well so people know where
to go for details.

4) Tell even your offline friends about it. Because some people might
never run into news about BTDM on the Internet and YOU might be the
only link between them and the book.

I should tell you that I am incredibly thrilled to be finally releasing
this 14-year collection of my writings on Satanism. And perhaps you'll
be equally as thrilled to read it. Thanks to all who buy it, read it,
promote it, and of course, a special thanks to those who have supported
Purging Talon for all of these years. Hail to you!
Ever Forward!
Magister Matt G. Paradise - Church of Satan

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