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Jesse Goyette

Sep 25, 2000, 3:00:00 AM9/25/00
I don't think this qualifies as a Spam because I'm not going to try and
say how good my band is or anything: there is actually a point to this far
beyond standard self-wanking.

My band, DESOLATE HEAVEN, needs a new guitarist.

The four current members of the band have been together for about 4 years
but due to factors both in and beyond our control we've never really done
shit. Our songwriting and performing skills have grown in that time and
we now feel that what will help us the most is a like-minded lead

Our most obvious influences include The Cure, Rush, Tool, Hum, and Floyd.
Bands that we're into (other than those) include Radiohead, The Moody
Blues, Dream Theater, Yes, Pearl Jam, and a bunch of others.

If you are a musician in the above mentionned areas, you can check out our
website (which should be up for a little while still) at

you can find some mp3's of really poor quality that may give you some idea
of our current sound, or you can email me at

Please don't reply here...if you read my previous post, I won't be here
after today. Which also means...FLAME AWAY. You can check my band out on
the web and say we really suck here, I won't care :)


I play bass.

cvik+ 50mg

Sep 26, 2000, 3:00:00 AM9/26/00

Jesse Goyette <> wrote in message

> My band, DESOLATE HEAVEN, needs a new guitarist.

and a new name, i would say


Sep 26, 2000, 3:00:00 AM9/26/00
On Tue, 26 Sep 2000 15:26:18 +0100, "cvik+ 50mg" <>



Feb 23, 2018, 10:37:35 AM2/23/18

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