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May 12, 1994, 1:50:55 AM5/12/94
I just got back from the concert here in Denver. They were excellent.

I heard Brian Dewan for the first time and thought he was very funny
despite being more than a little morbid. That electric zither he plays
has such an interesting sound that I hardly noticed that he was
playing solo. The audience seemed quite receptive to him even dancing
a jig during his song about satan recreating hell as Texas.

The new band has certainly influenced the TMBG sound, intensifying the
ordinarily mellow-sounding Giants.

They played most of the favorites (Don't Let's Start, Instanbul,
Frankenstein, Birdhouse, Lucky Ball and Chain, Particle Man, Purple
Toupee, Statue, Dig My Grave, She's Actual Size, Racist Friend, The
Guitar, I Palindrome I) two off of their latest (Spy and the Sun one)
and a few off John Henry (Dirt Bike, Snail Shell, Bed of Flowers ???).

The John Henry tunes sounded very good. They seemed more similar to
the songs of Apollo 18 than to the earlier albums, which makes sense.

I was mildly disappointed that the Security Guard's Parent's Favorite
Song section of the show didn't work out. Flansburgh attempted to get
the attention of a security guard but he had earplugs or something. He
said that the particular guard didn't have any parents and they played a
spontaneous song instead. It was quite strange but very funny.

I'm sure someone has asked this before but does anyone know who the
faces (of a little girl and a man smoking) are? They used them on the
Conan O'Brien show as well, I think.

So long as we live there is the great peacock tail of probability,
growing out of the next moment. --Zelazny

paul cantrell

May 12, 1994, 10:56:43 PM5/12/94
Indeed, the concert in Denver was great.

Brian Dewan was fun, although I thought it took him a few songs to really get
rolling, and I did get a bit tired of just the zither sound once in a while;
a back-up band or especially a wider range of zither effects would really do
great things with his act.

His songs were great. I can see why Johns like him. I especially loved
"Wastepaper Basket Fire."

The crowd was small enough that I was easily able to get close up and in on
the stage action. It was great. They're really lively and fun!

And yes, as said, the security guard thing didn't work out. One
of the guards was mildly rude to me after the show; perhaps they aren't the
best-humored folks around. I think it was not earplugs, but just that they
were too shy or arrogant to take part. In any case, Flansburg said that it
wouldn't work because neither of them had parents. What wit!

John Henry will be great, I think. It's hard to tell, though, with live stuff
what the actual album will be like.

Great show. All you folks who are near cities upcoming on the tour, bend over
backwards to go!

(And yes, by the way, what are the two pictures of? I know that one is off of
Why Does the Son Shine...who are they?)

Paul Cantrell Cant...@CS.ColoState.EDU

"Les grandes personnes ne comprennent jamais rien tout seules, et c'est
fatigant, pour les enfants, de toujours et toujours leurs donner des
explications." --Antoine de Saint-Exupery

May 14, 1994, 3:37:54 PM5/14/94
Brian DeWan's no newcomer if you look around a little. You may notice that
Lincoln's cover art was done by him, and he did do a few tracks of Fingertips!


paul cantrell

May 15, 1994, 7:59:54 PM5/15/94
In article <2r39ai$>,

<> wrote:
>Brian DeWan's no newcomer if you look around a little. You may notice that
>Lincoln's cover art was done by him, and he did do a few tracks of Fingertips!

Yes, he also did the picture of the accordian on the inside of Misc. T, and
he's been on the Hello Club docket, of course.

Once again, does anybody know where the pics of the girl (also in Why Does the
Sun Shine?) and the man with the cigar are from?

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