U-20 as sound expander

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Mar 12, 2014, 5:31:47 AM3/12/14
Hey folks,
I hope someone is still here and can help me.
I have a good old u-20 at home and I love the sounds of it.
Unfortunately some keys are dead. I tried to repair it and used some tutorials i found on the web. It worked then for some weeks but since a while one octave is dead again :(
I didn`t want to open the U-20 again so I decided to use my second MIDI Keyboard as controlling unit and only use the U-20 as a sound expander and connected them via MIDI.
So here is my question:
When I play the keys of my second Keyboard I hear the sounds of the U-20 - great- But it does not always play the sound I have selected on the U-20. For example, If i use the Rhythm play mode I always hear the standard drum kit, no matter what drum kit is actually selected on the U-20...
Am I doing something basically wrong? I don`t get it how to setup the MIDI config of the U-20 in that way, that the keys will just playback the sound which I have acutally selected on the U-20... is this possible?
I hope someone can help me...
Thank you very much in advance,


Apr 6, 2014, 8:54:31 AM4/6/14
среда, 12 марта 2014 г., 11:31:47 UTC+2 пользователь Tyr Yggdrasill написал:
That can be due to the flat wires block, going from the keys to mainboard. It can be damaged (the stuff aove, that carries electrical signals). As they are flexible there could appear some clefts. You have to replace that block of wires or recover them with special liquid
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